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A Betrayal Of Time

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Kratos emerges from the portal of time, not at his chosen destination, but in a new and different world and time.

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Kratos felt something wasn't right the moment he leapt out of the portal of time. He wasn't back at the Island of Rhodes, nor did his surroundings look anything like ancient Greece. No, he was now in a place of unknown orign, a strange and obscure enviroment unlike his own.

He was on a snowy mountain peak, overlooking miles upon miles of snow capped ridges, and rocky tundra. Kratos walked cautiously to the edge of the cliff he was standing on. He looked down, only to see miles and miles of white and craggy spurs. He frowned, displeased and frustrated.

Kratos still had his Icarus wings, he could soar from ledge to ledge, but the whipping wind would be an impossible adversary for him. He opted to use the blades of Athena, to scale the mountain side and find solid ground below.

Just where was he though? If this was not Greece or Mount Olympus, than where was he?

"Gaia?! Athena?! Answer me!" Kratos bellowed, staring angrily at the sky.

He didn't truly expect an answer, for wherever he was, it was out of the gods reach and time.

"You, stay where you are!" shouted an unfamiliar voice.

Kratos turned to see a strangely clothed man, followed by two others of the same dress and garb making their way to his location. They wore what looked to be fur and leather tunics, with light armor and helms. They were armed with curved swords, like falcata's, and had worn shields.

"Who are you, and what do you want?!" Kratos shouted at them, his voice echoing off the cliffs and peaks.

"Just stay where you are, and you won't get hurt stranger! We are unde order by Lord Bohan to capture and question anyone who is not of allegiance to his rule!" the strange man replied as he moved closer to Kratos.

Kratos took a few steps back, not liking the mans tone or explanation.

"Do you not know who I am?! I am Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, the God of War!"

The group of men looked at each other in confusion, unsure of how to approach this odd man who looked as white as the snow around them. He had strange red 'tattoos' on him, as well as being dressed in only a tattered loin cloth and sandals.

"Come on now than, just surrender and you won't be harmed!" said the leader of the group, a tall thin man who was missing most of his teeth.

"Surrender?! Surrender?!" Kratos thundered at them, "The God of War never surrenders! Not to Zeus, not to Athena, not even to Hades himself! "

The group of men stopped their advance, not sure of what to make of this aggressive character.

The leader took a few steps closer,
"You will surrender cur, or we will take you by force! Now surrender or-"

In a flash of steel and fury, the tall leader of the pack was silenced as his upper torso was cut cleanly from his right hip, all the way to his left shoulder. He sputtered, spat up a mouthful of blood, and toppled over.

The others gawked and gasped, unsure of what to do next. To attack this madman, or flee. They chose the latter over the former of the two options.

"And now you flee for your lives?! Like cowardly wolves afraid of the hunt?!" Kratos screamed at the retreating men.

He would not have that, he would not be threatened by them, and them have his enemy run! With inhuman speed, Kratos let lose with his blades again, the long chain guiding the hellish weapons to their targets of soft flesh and warm blood.

The cliffs rang with their screams, the white snow stained red with blood and gore. One of the fleeing men, his right arm amputated from the shoulder down, pleaded for his life.

"No, please sir! Spare me! I'm helpless here, I can't hurt you anymore than those dead soldiers over there! Please!"

Kratos advanced forward, his cold eyes narrowed, his jaw taught and drawn in bitter victory. His blades in his hands, dripping with blood. He drew closer to the man, who desperately tried to crawl away, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

"No, no! I'm only a footsoldier! I'm nothing but a patsy for our Lord!" the man continued to plead, his back now to a cliff.

Kratos now stood over him, his eyes looking down at the helpless wretch.


Kratos silenced him with a quick cross slash of his blades, severing the mans head and sending it bouncing down the steep cliff. His blood poured out and rained down to the valley below.

"Lord Bohan? Who is this man that they speak of?" Kratos said to himself as he sheathed his blades.

He looked around his surroundings again, a vast canvas of white and slate gray. He needed to find somewhere to rest, a place to gather information and possibly find a way back to his domain. He noticed some thin, hardly visible smoke trails not too far from him. He could smell the wood burning, a village possibly? It was a good distance below his position, but Kratos knew it was either that or nothing.

Without another thought, Kratos unsheated his blades once again, and made his way down the cliffs and mountain side to his destination.
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