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My Story at sixteen.

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"Um..hi, Mikey are you okay?" I asked, because usually, when I'd appear, he'd punch my arm, or call me "Cabbagehead", but now, it seemed as if I was someone new, and we just met.

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This is where the real story finally starts. Cassie(Cassandra) Costello is sixteen, and so is Mikey. Cassie finally teaches herself about maturity, and even dressing up. Just like Mikey, she loves rock music, and is just a simple, pretty rocker girl. Although some traces of her tomboyishness is there, she is somewhat turning into a real teenage girl.


"Hey Cassie!" My friend, Lucia called. I was in one end of the hallway, and she was in the other. She ran up to me.
"Um..Hi, Lucia. What's up?" I asked.
"You know that really cute new guy right?" she asked.
"Jeff? The football guy? Yeah, he's in my Chemistry 119 class. Why?" I replied.
"He likes /you /!" she exclaimed excitedly.
"Haha, Lucia, it's too early for jokes, but that's a really bad one." I said.
"Cassie, I'm not kidding. Jeff told Matt, the brother of Annie, who told her boyfriend Kurt, who told Ben, who told his girlfriend Rina, who told Diane who--"
"Gosh, Lucia, get to the point." I cut in.
"Okay, Natalie told me that Jeff liked rocker chics like you. She said that he said that girls like you, you know with the jet black hair, the music, the makeup, the clothing, turn him on." Lucia said.
"That's sick." I replied.
"No it's not. It's cool! That's a compliment." she said.
"No, it's sick. I dress like this because it fits my mood, but if a guy likes me because of the way I dressed, then that's awful. I have to move out of town."
"Oh come on, Cass. You're always so stubborn. No wonder why you don't have a boyfriend yet. You're like majorly pretty, you just don't have the attitude to go out. There are alot, when I mean alot, I mean /alot/, of girls here in school that want your appearance, your hair, your body, your eyes, your smile your--"
"That's nice to know, but really, I'd rather date the month of September." I said.
"Why?" Lucia asked.
"Because it has class." I walked away to Geometry, where I bumped into another annoying friend of mine, Carrie.
"Hey, did you hear about Jeff? He really likes you! Maybe tomorrow I'm gonna come to school in old-school punk. Eh?" she said.
"Oh, gosh, no don't. You're gonna disgrace the name of punk, So just leave it. Eh?" I replied.
"Well, sorry, for your mean attitude. By the way, Mikey was looking for you."
"Oh yeah? Where is he?" I asked.
"Down at Mrs.Brink's classroom."
"Oh, ok. Thanks." I went past my geometry classroom and went to Mrs.Brink's classroom. There I found Mikey and some of his friends.
"Hi." he said.
"Um..hi, Mikey are you okay?" I asked, because usually, when I'd appear, he'd punch my arm, or call me "Cabbagehead", but now, it seemed as if I was someone new, and we just met.
"Yeah, fine. I'm fine." he said rather softly.
"You don't seem. Anything..wrong?" I asked, and went closer to him. I noticed some of his friends smiling, and I gave them the "What happened?" look. all of them shrugged, but I knew they had a secret.
"Nah, I'm good. How'd you know I was here, anyway?" he asked.
"Carrie told me you were looking for me." I replied.
"I was?"
"I don't know. Carrie just told me. Ok, so if nothing's wrong, I'm going now." I said, walking towards the door.
"Cass?" Mikey said.
"You look pretty today."
"Wow..uh..thanks.." I could feel my cheeks turn red, and I saw Mikey's friends smiling. They weren't laughing, or ridiculing, they were just smiling, like they'd agree. This made me blush even more.

"Oh, God. I hate Algebra." I banged my head against my desk. It was only 15 minutes into the class, and I was already losing my mind.
"Um.." the new substitute began looking through a list of our names, "Cassandra Costello. Cassandra, anything wrong?"
"No, everything's fine..Except for.." I began saying but I knew half the class was listening.
"Except for what?" The new sub asked.
"Nothing. Nothing." I replied. I threw my head back and let my hair hit the face of the person behind me.
"Ouch. Your hair hit my eyes." said the person behind me. I turned around. It was Mikey.
"Oh, sorry, Mikey. I forgot you were there." I apologized.
"No need." he replied.
"Gee, Cass, your hair smells like apples. I can smell all the way over here." Carrie said.
"Cassie showers?" Mikey asked.
"Funny, Mikey. Very, very funny." I sarcastically said.
"Um..students at the back, please keep it down, we're trying to work." the sub said.
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