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Prophecies and Plans

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Dumbledore has his plans for the Potters safety, unfortunately SOMEONE has been spending too much time with Moody...

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Summary: I always wondered why the Potters stayed in Britain when they were told to go into hiding. I always assumed that Voldemort's sphere of influence was restricted to The British Isles and parts of Northern Europe. In this story I'll explore what could have happened if, upon hearing of the prophecy the Potters were to take more drastic measures to ensure their safety and the safety of their unborn child: Moving to America. Not just anywhere in America, but an out of the way area near a small village in Missouri. What will happen? Will this rambling summary ever end?

A/N: I'm looking for a beta and perhaps a Britpicker. Please Review, it's my first attempt, and I need all the constructive criticism I can get. Please no flames, I'll ignore them anyway, but I'd rather not waste my time sorting them from the genuine reviews.

Disclaimer: I am an overweight American Man living with his parents. If the sounds like an accurate description of J. K. Rowling to you, send me your name and address and I'll send over some nice men in white suits to keep you company.

Chapter 1: Prophecies and Plans.

July 20, 1980

Albus Dumbledore was worried. Earlier that month, he had witnessed a prophecy, one with very troubling implications. It wasn't the prophecy itself that had the troubling implications. Rather, it was the person who had been caught eavesdropping in the middle of it: Severus Snape, suspected Death Eater, and, as it turned out, nemesis of James Potter, the father of one of the possible subjects of the prophecy.

It had taken two weeks to narrow down the list of possible subjects, but at this point it was down to three families, but that could change as the child had to be born at the end of July, not the beginning of August. He hoped that only one of the three would be born in July, thereby allowing him to focus all of his efforts on just one child.

Two days ago he had spoken with all three sets of parents-to-be, with two of them accepting his plan to hide out in houses protected by the Fidelius Charm. The Potters, however, had not. Lily asked for two days to come up with an alternate plan, after which they would return and present it to him. It would then be up to Dumbledore to decide which plan was the better one.

It had been two days and James and Lily would be arriving any minute now. Albus ceased his pacing of his study when the portrait next to his door announced that the gargoyle had admitted James and Lily. When he saw the Potters approach the door charmed to allow the Headmaster, and only the Headmaster, to see through it, he waited until James was just about to knock, and said, "Come in."

Suppressing a chuckle at the unnerved glance that passed between the two as they opened the door, he motioned for them to sit in a pair of comfortable chairs in front of his desk.

"Lily, James, let us skip the formalities and get straight to business," Dumbledore said as soon as they were seated. "what plans have you managed to come up with?"

Lily replied, in a slightly unsure voice, "We're going to move to America, purchase several properties in populous cities, and several more in rural areas. Many, but not all will be under the Fidelius. We will be taking Peter and Sirius with us, and they will each be Secret Keepers for several properties, to be chosen randomly, as will the property we choose to live at. We will inform you of our final decision as to where we will live, along with who the Secret Keeper is for that Property.

Albus thought for a moment. This was a brilliant plan. He had a feeling that there was more, but that same feeling told him that they wanted to keep this secret.

"Alright, I'll help you, on two conditions. First, you son, and any further children you have, attend Hogwarts."

"That was already our plan. We want them to learn from the best," replied James immediately.

The Headmaster looked relieved at that, "Second, I would like you to satisfy my curiosity by telling me which one of your brilliant minds came up with the plan."

Lily spoke up, "I came up with the idea of moving to America, but the numerous houses were James's idea." She leaned across the table and whispered to the headmaster, "He's been spending way to much time with Mad Eye."

"Now, how will you be getting to America? Since you cannot use the Floo Network or portkeys at such an advanced stage of pregnancy without hurting the baby, and muggle airlines do not allow women over eight months pregnant to fly, I assume you are going to wait until after the boy is born, am I correct?"

"No, I've recently developed a potion that can delay childbirth by several hours, but does not work once labor begins, and builds up to toxic levels after only a few doses. That combined with a glamour charm, and a few well cast Notice-me-nots, should work to get us to the States." Lily responded

Over the next three days, James, Sirius, Peter and Dumbledore bought nearly fifty houses, warding all of them, and putting all but ten under Fidelius. Upon returning to the U.K., The four men, plus Lily put the names of every Property they put under Fidelius in a hat and selected one at random.

The property they selected was just outside of a small village in the southeast corner of Missouri.

"Remind me which one that was again," requested James

"The one at the ass end of nowhere," Responded Sirius before Peter could respond.

"It's outside a small village named Kelso, and the nearest Wizarding neighborhood is 120 miles north in St. Louis," specified Peter, the Secret Keeper for the chosen property.

By the night of July 28, The Potters were settled in and beginning their new life in America


Some final thoughts: Right now I'm just winging it, but if I start having trouble I'll work on an outline. I plan on following the books, but that could change. It will be DH compliant.
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