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I become so numb I try not to feel you there

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Normal P.O.V.

I steped outside the bar. It was no longer raining but very cold. I pulled a smoke out of my hoodie pocket and lit it up. I only smoked when I was upset. Jeez I could smoke but I couldn't drink a little. I stood there jumping around like a ninny because I was so cold. I had no money for a taxie or a pay phone. I had left my sidekick at home again. It was almost not worth paying the bills for.

I wanted to go home so badly. Get out of the wet damp clothing take a nice hot bath or shower and then get into bed. Maybe even forget about meeting you know who and get on with my life. Some how in my mind he would always stick. He was diffrent from all the other boys. Not the fact that he was a total ass like all the others form the past but that he was just well diffrent.

I lit my second smoke I was finaly starting to warm up. The numbing sensation was taking over the cold one and I was relaxing. I stoped jumping around and leaned against the hard brick wall of the bar sliding my butt to the cold dirty ground. I could have fallen asleep but HE walked out of the bar doors.

Gerards P.O.V.

I had to go look for her. In my mind I hoped that she had not left yet. I didn't have her number and had no clue where she lived. Mikey would never give me her number I would just loose it. I finaly pushed by all the nasty bodys in the bar making my way outside.

She sat there on the ground. Her eyes were closed and she had a cigaret in her left hand. Once she noticed me standing there she opened her eyes. She didn't look happy to see me.

Normal P.O.V.

He stood there looking worried and frustrated. "I want to talk to you Anastasia is that alright?" I showed no signs of getting up so he took a seat beside me lighting up one of his own cigarets. "I feel really bad for what I said back there will you forgive me?" I didn't believe him. "Why should I believe you Gerard I think first impressions matter alot." He looked a little hurt well he deserved it. "Well Hello then I'm Gerard Wahts your name?"

I got up and put out my smoke. I wanted to walk away but he pulled my arm ever so lightly casuing me to stop and look at him. "Please, I'm sorry forgive me please?"

The voice in my head was yelling at me to turn around and run as fast as I could. "Fine your forgiven Gerard." He smiled that heart wrenching smile. "Thank you." was all he said. I was expecting him to walk away now but he didn't. "Would you like to go some where special with me." Jeez I wonder where that was another bar? "Fine if you pay for the cab and if this place is warm." He laughed "We don't need to take a cab I have my own car." Oh great I'm geting into his car with him.
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