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The Last American Cowboy

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Normal P.O.V.

"Do you really expect me to get into that thing?" I was being a little bit of a diva I had to admit but it was a piece of shit on wheels. I couldn't even tell what kind of car it was. "Why not it's perfectly safe and there is lots of gas I filled it up yesterday." I peered through the dirty window. The inside looked worse then the outside like a storm hit it or something. There was empty cigaret cartons every where, empty bottles of booze and a bunch of other shit. "Dude do you drink and drive?" He looked at me like I was stupid. "Do you really think I'm that stupid of course I don't."

I still didn't want to get in. "Fine we can walk it's only about oh I don't know fifteen miles down the road we can freez our asses off on the way." If I was gonna walk Gerard would have to carry me. I opened the door to the car and sat down carefully not wanting to break the seat."See there you go Annie it ain't that bad." I glaerd at him. "No one calls me annie and if you ever do again I'll get your brother to break your legs." He just laughed that perfect I mean horrible laugh and started the car.

"Where are we going Gerard or are you not gonna tell me?" Maybe he was gonna kill me. "Some where warm I promise you that." That didn't help one little bit. "Does your car have a heater wait no thats a stupid question nevermind." He shook his head "Why are you so negative about Jimmy your hurting his feelings". My GAWD he named it to. I crossed my arms over my chest and frowned.

Gerards P.O.V.

Anastasia was so much fun to pester. She was getting pissed off so I decided not to talk for the rest of the car ride. The silence was awkward so I turned on the radio. The bled was blaring from my shitty speakers. She started to sing along with the screaming words. "Do you like the Bled?" I asked. She only nodded her head still singing madly to the song. She looked so cute almost jumping in her seat. I smiled and sang along to.

We were almost there. I was taking her like I had said some where very special to me. My grandmother had taken me and Mikey there when we were younger. I remember my grandmother so well she never left my mind. I missed her so much it hurt like sharp knife was in my stomach and twisting.

"Shut your eyes ok." She did what she was told and closed her eyes. We pulled up to a small building and I got out of the car. I opened her door for her. "Don't be scared trust me alright." She nodded her head. "My life is in your hands Gerard Way do you hear me?" I put my hand on her tiny waist and led her towards the door.

Normal P.O.V.

Gerards hands were firmly on my waist. To tell you the truth I was scared out of my mind but a very little part of me trusted him. I wanted to trust him. I could feel all around me get warmer. We were inside now. Gerard still didn't take his hands off my waist he wisperd something in my ear. His hot breath sent shivers up my spine. "You can open your eyes now."

I looked around me in utter shock. We were in an art gallery. There were dozens of beautiful paintings and sculptors every where. Gerard was about to let me dig a little bit into his past.

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