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Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven

It had been a day, and no messages or calls from Gerard; it started to piss Mya off, seeing as he wanted to be with her, didn't he care?!

She took that back, obviously he cared, he wouldn't of come around and said all that to her for no reason; would he?

As she went to call him she noticed as unread message, from an unknown number;

‘Hi, thanks for the good time at the party…can’t wait to meet up with you guys again, Matt =)’

“What the hell?!” Mya said out loud.

She had no idea who this guy was, she decided to call him.

As she pressed call, she felt her hands tighter around the phone and for some unusual reason she started to feel nervous…her hands slightly sweaty.

“Hello” The voice from the other end spoke up; Mya had no idea on what to do.

She was going to put the phone down when she stopped and actually picked up the courage to talk, she thought to herself;

‘I was the one that made the call in the first place’

“Err Hi…I’m Mya and well you sent a message to my phone and I don’t think I know you?” She said normally.

“Oh, did I? Sorry about that it was meant to go to a friend of mine…I’m Matt…” He said pausing before he said the last part.

“That’s okay Matt” Mya said giggling.

“Oh so you said your name was Mya right?” He said questioningly.

“Yeah…Mya” She said smiling even thought she knew he couldn’t see her.

“Well then Mya I think you have a pretty cute giggle."

Mya was confused; was she flirting with a guy she’d never even met over the phone?!

Plus she was already taken for…well kinda anyway.

“Really? Well I think you have a hot voice…” Mya said flirtatiously.

She didn’t even know why she was flirting back.

“Oh I’m glad you like it…I don’t get complimented often…” He said putting a sad voice on and fake tears as a joke.

Mya laughed. “Aw, what a shame!” You could hear the sarcasm in the voice; “Maybe we should meet up…?”

She couldn’t believe she just said that to a random guy she doesn’t even know!

“Sure…right so maybe if we meet up at yours or mine firstly? I live No.5 Closemore Avenue, okay? He said sounding excited.

Mya thought to herself wondering where it was, and then she knew.

“Yeah that’s cool, I’ll come round later sometime, bye” She said in her high kiddie voice.

[right i realise its short...but i have a big speaking test thursday/friday and i cant remember any of it so i have 2 revise like i thought id upload a chapter cause i dont know when i will be able to next...sorry guys R & R!!]
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