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Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten

As she opened the door, Mya couldn’t resist but smiling at him.

“Hey!” She said sweetly.

“Hello” He smiled.

Mya’s attitude towards him had totally changed from the previous conversation they’d had on the phone.

It was like she was back to her usual self; the way she used to be around him, when they ‘kinda’ dated.

“So, what’s this proposition you have for me?” Mya said trying to get to the point of it all.

Gerard shut the door behind him and took hold of her hand.

They both walked over to the sofa, where they sat down.

“I was thinking about everything that’s been going on…and well I don’t exactly know how to say this…” Gerard said quietly and shyly.

“Oh come on Gerard, tell me…I really wanna know…” Mya said in a little flirty voice.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about what’s happened…and to be honest with you…I don’t know if I did make the right decision…”

Mya was confused, but didn’t wanna show it to him;

“Oh, so what exactly are you trying to tell me?”

Gerard thought before he answered, making sure what he was about to say was the right thing to actually be said;

“I…I wanna be with you…” Gerard stuttered.

Mya couldn’t believe it, was she hearing right; she thought to herself.

“What…?! You wanna be with…me?!” Mya said astonished.

“Yeah…but there’s one thing…” Gerard said making his voice go quieter like, as though someone was listening in.

Mya was still a bit confused, she didn’t know whether he was joking or not;

“Oh what?”

“The thing is, I can’t leave Irina just yet…so it will be a kinda ‘unofficial relationship’…it will only be for a while anyway…”
Gerard said unsure that she would be up for that.

Mya really couldn’t believe what she was hearing now, was he suggesting an affair behind his wife’s back?! She knew it wasn’t the nicest or cleverest of ideas; but it was the only way she would be able to be with him…and like he said, it wouldn’t be forever.

“Gerard Way, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” Mya giggled.

“No…I’m asking you to be my unofficial girlfriend…my bit on the side!” He winked, sexily.

“Does your bit on the side get to fuck you?” Mya said grinning.

Gerard laughed “Of course she does…as much as she wants as well…” Gerard winked.

“Oh really…well I want you now…and I want you good!” Mya said excitingly as she pushed Gerard back and lifted herself onto him.

“I want you to have me now...”

Gerard said uneasily, trying to see the time on his watch;

“…but I haven’t got time…I told Irina I would just be popping out for half an hour...I’ll try and come round real soon though, okay?” Gerard said sadly but rushed.

Mya was disappointed; “Erm okay then…I guess I’ll see you another time, message me, yeah?” She said getting off him.

Gerard leaned in and kissed her for a long period; Mya loved it…it made her mad though, she really wanted to be with him at the moment but she couldn’t; she knew she had to wait.

“Of course I will…love you!” He winked as he got up and walked to the door.

Mya followed him over “Love you to.” She said as she watched him walk out.
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