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Starless eyes for heavens sake

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“Hey, guys can I talk to you about something?” Bob said, locking his front door and walking down the steps, ready to walk to school.
“Sure, Bob. Are you finally coming out of the closet?” Frank laughed, making everyone giggle.
“Sure Frank. Im gay and im in love with you,” Bob mocked, “No dudes, Im being dead serious, my mum is hell pissed with me.”
“Why, ‘sup?” Mikey asked, rising one eyebrow at Bob.
“Well, I know this is a bit of a sensitive subject, and I don’t know the best way to put it, but is there something any of you want to tell me? Or tell the group?” Bob said quietly.
“You sound like a fucking teacher,” Frank smiled.
“Very funny Frank, but Im being serious. Is there nothing any of you are expecting to happen in a few moths time?” Bob asked.
“What are you talking about, man?” Gerard asked, laughing.
“Do you want me to put it simply for you?” Bob raised his eyebrows at Gerard.
“Yes, it would help. And why the fuck are you looking at me like that?” Gerard looked freaked out by Bobs stare.
“I think he likes you,” Frank giggled, still on the subject of Bob being gay.
“You sure? Because it could be quite embarrassing if you weren’t planning on anybody knowing.” Bob said.
Why was he acting so weird?
“Bob you scaring me dude, what’s wrong, just tell us already.” Gerard said.
“Okay,” Bob took a deep breath in, “Well, you all know how my mum lost her baby at the start of this year?”
“Yeah,” we all said in stereo.
“Well, she had a spare pregnancy test in the cupboard, and on Sunday morning, after the party, she found it in the bin, used.” He looked around the group, concerned.
My stomach felt like it was going to fall out of my ass.
Frank choked on air.
“What does this have to do with us?” Gerard looked puzzled.
“The test was positive guys, and you and your girlfriends were the only people in my house that night.” Bob looked around at the rest of the guys.
I backed away, scared that they would find out my secret.
“Dude, none of us have knocked up our girl. I swear.” Mikey said.
“Yeah, the only two of us who have done it are Gerard and Sarah, as far as I know,” Ray chipped in.
Everybody turned and stared at me, apart from Frank who pulled a face at me as if to say ‘fuck, now what are you gonna do.’
“Woah. You don’t think it’s me now, do you?” I asked, trying to look innocent.
“Well, you and Gee are the only ones who have had sex, out of all of us.” Bob said with his eyes wide.
Mikey bit his lip and swallowed.
“I…I…” I couldn’t find words.
“Look guys, its not us okay. We haven’t done it in ages, so it can’t be, can it?” Gerard explained, and then looked over at me.
“No,” I replied simply, trying to act as though I was disgusted that they ever though such a thing.
“Right then, its all settled,” Gerard said, “It’s not me and Sarah, so it must be somebody else.”
“Well it’s not me and Christa, we’ve only just got together and we haven’t done anything.” Ray passed on the look of concern to Frank.
“Don’t look at me. Jamia and I have done stuff yeah, but we’ve never actually done it,” Frank shrugged his shoulders and looked at Mikey.
Mikey was lost for words for a moment.
He eventually found his tongue and said, “It’s not me and Alicia, we’ve not done it either.”
He looked over at me, worried as we reached the school gates.
“Well guys, somebody who was at that party took a test and it was positive, and it wasn’t Katlyn because we haven’t done it either.” Bob sighed, “Weird. Anyway, see you guys at lunch.”
Bob and Ray waved as they walked in the direction of their first class.
Gerard and Mikey waited for Frank and me, but Frank wanted to talk to me in private. I felt scared about what he was going to say to me.
“Give us two minutes babe,” I said, kissing Gerard on the cheek before he and Mikey walked around the corner.
“What’s going on Sarah?” Frank asked.
“What?” I looked confused.
“Why wouldn’t you tell them it’s you who took that test? Why don’t you want them to know?” He questioned me.
“Im just not ready to tell them, that’s all. I don’t think Gerard is ready to know yet either.” I lied.
“Sarah. If it was Jamia, Id want her to tell me straight away so we can discuss our options before it’s too late.” Frank put his hands on my shoulders, “You have to hurry up and tell him. I heard what he said, about you two not having had sex in ages, so you must be a few months along already. Your times running out if you don’t want another baby just yet sweetheart.”
I looked down at my feet, “Im scared to tell him, Frank. Im scared of what he will think of me. What have I done?” I began to cry.
“Sarah, honey, it’s alright. It’s not your fault. It’s alright to feel this way, but don’t blame yourself for anything, its Gerard’s fault just as much as it is yours.” Frank hugged me.
“But it’s not his fault, it’s all my fault.” I cried.
“What?” Frank looked mystified, “how can it be just your fault?”
“It’s not Gerard fault.” I sobbed.
Frank understood what I was getting at, slightly, and stepped back, bewildered.
“You mean? Who?” he asked.
“Mikey.” I wiped my eyes and walked away before he could say anything to me.
I spent the first half of my music lesson in the toilets, crying my heart out, telling the girl in the mirror all of my problems and worries.
What have I done?

I dreaded the gig that the guys were playing later, where I would see them all. I dreaded going home where Frank could lecture me on this thing with Mikey.
I dreaded everything that was heading my way, these next few months.
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