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Cyber reality.

by darkviolet 3 Reviews

Tickle me to tears.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007/11/29 - Updated: 2007/11/29 - 2884 words - Complete


  • you can keep my brother

    (#) bindie611 2007-11-29 07:46:05 PM

    Oh God! That was amusing, yet terrifying. A: the hate community. I mean, seriously, why would you do that? and B: serious and sober Gerard. That also freaks me out. I need a glass of water to absorb all of this into my system. In other words, I loved it, but Gerard is freaking me out. Hahaha, I love Ray though - just don't make us fuck each other! hahahahahah

    Author's response

    who said he was sober?.....
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) cutegirl12356 2007-11-30 05:20:04 PM

    Hey i just started to reading this story...yep all of it that's how good it is....MORE!...I love it!

    Author's response

    aww i'm glad you liked it that much!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) winnie_55 2007-12-02 07:31:44 AM

    This chapter had everything! The romantic bit at the start was really sweet, but I couldn't believe Gerard called her a bitch, especially to defend Liz.
    It was really sad when she found the hate community, and started by that girl who she helped out, that must have hurt. You described her reaction so well.
    The bit at the end was worrying! It makes me worry what's going to happen next...
    But the comments at the end by Ray and Gerard about fan fiction were so funny!
    Great chapter, you just get better and better, can't wait for the next one now! You're nearly at 100 chapters!

    Author's response

    oh yeah i know! can you believe it?! 100 chapters?! i thought that i wasn't gonna make it past ten and here we are...100 chapters already!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) _cranium_ 2007-12-02 01:32:43 PM

    i love the way every chapter seems to take gerard's and skyler's relationship to a new level, or atleast we get to see it from different angles if you know what i mean...
    gerard is being scary.
    especially with this liz thing going on, saying those things scares us. that's sorta what my old man said and hell, we never saw him again. well anyway, i'm worried. it feels like.. i don't know. it feels like it's not just the leaving to japan gerard is acting all weird for, it feels like there something more to it.
    and there probably is.
    and that leads us to my point which is you need to update soon. seriously.
    gerard makes no sense at all. and yeah that would be too much to ask for, i bet gerard will never really make any sense but anyway, i need to know what's going on.

    Author's response

    aw come on you gotta give gerard some credit...he does make sense...sometimes...but yeah i'm glad you picked on the weirdness of what he said cause it plays a certain role in future chapters.
    i love your reviews, they're always helpful.
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) hopeanne 2007-12-03 08:33:50 AM

    I loved how sky tried to trick him into seeing Lizs profile. That was sneaky of her, but she had to do it. But just pissed me off, I mean he got all defensive of Liz, like just because you know? Like hes gotta know Sky is right. He just being stubborn about it. They both are kinda stubborn and immature and in a way theyre perfect for each other.
    Im also worried about Gerard's 'word choice'. It reminds me of when he had those dreams waaaaay back when about something happening to Sky and that whole bit about when she was in the hospital and he got all spacey on her. It seems like theres something hes not telling her.
    I also love how sky is somewhat naive about things. I mean this is set during bullets and the band is HUGE at this point and yet shes still surprised! Like she was caught totally off guard about the hate sites and shit. Its liek shes too trusting in a way.
    But what I like best about the story in general is that its more about her then about the band. Like I like how shes not involved in every aspect of the tours or the shows. Shes supporting him and all the other guys too from a distance. I just wish she'd wake up a little. I mean this whole finding the hate site/fan fic site was like a shock to her.
    And I told you Im worried about what Bob is reading... that last line gave me a bad feeling...

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