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Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

by Clell65619 16 Reviews

Harry Potter and the Marvel Universe. 5 year old Harry accompanies the Dursleys on a Business trip to Stark International, where an industrial accident kills all of Harry's living relatives. A very...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Sci-fi - Characters: Harry,Hermione,Neville,Padma - Warnings: [V] [?] - Chapters: 17 - Published: 2007/12/07 - Updated: 2011/09/08 - 101582 words


  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) daled73 2009-05-31 10:19:33 AM


    You got you wish and another Chapter is up.

    Be gentle with Clell....he's not the fastest writer, and he has several different WIP stories which he rotates among.

    This one, Sun Source (where he crosses HP with "The Destoryer"), "Distaff" where he's in a universe where everyone (except Luna) is sex reversed and he has his 'twin sister' Harri, and several others.

    So just set up for notifications and wait for updates.
  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) Merlin8719 2009-11-02 03:22:39 AM

    An excellent addition to an already great story. Am eagerly looking forward to your next update.
  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) misteryman526 2010-05-11 08:52:01 AM

    Brilliant! Possibly the best fanfic for HP that I've read. I look forward to the next chapter.
  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) jimnjoye 2010-06-06 05:09:27 PM

    Terrific chapter from a terrific story. I particularly liked the Sirius Black parts, although I hope it’s not going to lead to an untimely death for an amateur crimefighter. The testimonials were hilarious.
  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) StoryMagnet 2010-10-01 10:09:43 PM

    I'm not a comics geek but I love Iron Man, so discovering this was /fantastic/... until I found it's incomplete! Pleeez, some more?! What will it take to get you to drop everything else and write only this and Distaff Side?

    I would, if anything, dial Harry back ever so slightly. It would be great if he would be ignorant now and then, or even act his age once per term. Talk Like A Pirate was a good example--let the kids be kids more often!

    I'm puzzled how he can flirt so effectively with H&P, yet be so clueless with Julie. Either he's Tony Stark's rakish Mini-Me or he's 12--toggling between them didn't work for me.

    Yet for those objections, this STILL ROCKS.

    Author's response

    - I'm just over 1k words for the next chapter...

    - With Hermione and Padma (and Susan and Hannah) he's goofing with friends. With Julie he was deep into his very first case of 'in love' Quite the difference.
  • Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

    (#) DomNymph 2010-11-07 08:23:22 AM

    I wasn't to sure i was gonna like this story at first. I usually don't get too into crossover fics but this story is quite captivating. I always wanted a story where Harry and company bring mundane tech to Hogwarts.I am liking the way Serious is being portrayed and think the way you have Harry advanced in his logic and reasoning is quite skillful. I cant wait for new chapters. Ill be watching...

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