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Everything Goes According To Planned (or not)

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Six Flags. ;o Yeah, I've never been there, so forgive me if my facts are off.

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Jon, Spencer, and Brendon jumped out of the car and ran inside the gates, rushing to the first ride they saw.

Ryan and Jaclynn laughed from the white van they used for touring. Ryan then turned to Jaclynn. "Jac, I know you kissed Brendon." Jaclynn stopped, and to Ryan's surprise, smiled. "Ryan, trust me. It meant nothing." And to prove it, she kissed Ryan lightly on his lips. "I love you," she said simply. Ryan stared at her. He was thinking that, at that moment, he had never seen anyone more gorgeous than Jaclynn. "I love you too."

They got out of the car and ran towards the gates of Six Flags like little children, holding hands and laughing. Ryan picked Jaclynn up and spun her around, placing a kiss on her nose.

They spent the rest of the day having fun and acting like little children, but very much like two teenagers in love with their little kisses and whispers.

At the end of the day, everyone met back at the van. "Let's go to a night club!" Brendon shouted, jumping up and down. Everyone groaned, but Jon said, "Why not? Tomorrow is the last day of fun before the tour really starts." Everyone agreed and they all piled into the van, heading towards a night club.
It's true! I'm not dead!

This chapter was short, but the next one will make up for it. I promise. ;)
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