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Looking As Innocent As Possible To Get To Who

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Chapter 47-

By Monday, I was more than ready to confront Kara.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am going to confront her.

What am I meant to do? Let her get away with it?

Sure, I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing, but I hate the bitch. Everything she does just pisses me off… And there’s no way in hell I’m going to let her steal my boyfriend.

No matter how unhappy I am with him at the moment.

And, I’m not going to use violence.

Yes, I know. Hard thing to ask for me, but hell, I’m going to try. Really. I will try.

I walked into the school grounds and saw a worried look on Mikey’s face as I ignored Gerard.

From the corner of my eye I saw Gerard fighting with himself whether to talk to me, or play my game and just pretend I wasn’t there.

Good won over the bad when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

I turned around slowly, knowing instantly who it was, and where this was going.

I looked into Gerard’s hazel eyes, feeling some of whatever I was feeling at the moment wash away.

“I’m sorry.” Gerard whispered, sadness in his eyes.

I looked around carefully and took a firm hold of Gerard’s arm.

I lead him away from everyone else so we could get a little privacy.

I let go of Gerard and sighed, looking down at the dirt.

“You probably hate me at the moment, don’t you?” Gerard said quietly.

“I wouldn’t say ‘hate’.” I mumbled, still looking down.

“I’m really sorry Rachel. I really am… I have no idea why I felt that way, but it’s nothing. Really. I-” Gerard started.

“Gerard, you can’t just expect me to go on like everything’s fine after you tell me that your ex-girlfriend kissed you, and you enjoyed it!” I said.

“I never said I enjoyed it.” Gerard said evilly.

“Well, you sure made it sound like that!” I said.

“You tell me to tell you the truth, and when I do, you get pissed off anyway! I can’t fucking win!” Gerard said a little louder.

“Well I wasn’t fucking expecting you to turn around and say you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend!” I hissed.

“I never said anything like that!” Gerard defended.

“But you were implying it!” I said.

“No I wasn’t.” Gerard said childishly.

“Gerard, saying that when your ex-girlfriend kissed you, it felt right, is fucking implying that you still have feelings for her!” I said loudly, almost full on yelling at him.

“You know what Rachel? Yeah, okay, I still have some feelings for Kara! But they’re nothing compared to how I feel for you! You mean more to me than anyone else ever has and probably ever will!” Gerard said loudly.

I stood in front of Gerard, looking at him with a look of anger and disgust.

I walked of hurriedly, not bothering to look back.

Scarlet stood up immediately as she saw me basically run off from Gerard.

She walked towards Gerard quickly.

“What the fuck did you do?” Scarlet asked Gerard evilly.

Gerard sighed and walked off in a different direction from everyone else.

Scarlet quickly ran to me.

“Where are you going?” Scarlet slightly puffed.

“That bitch is gonna get it.” I said through gritted teeth.

“You said you wouldn’t do anything.” Scarlet warned.

“There’s more than one way to scare someone.” I said simply, breaking into a fast walk.

“Do you really want to end up with another detention? The teachers are getting sick of it, they’ll take a stand sooner or later.” Scarlet said in a pleading tone.

“I don’t give a fuck what they do to me! As long as I talk to Kara.” I said.

I flew open the door to the year 11 corridor.

And much to my joy, Kara was there, by her locker with a group of friends.

I took a deep breath in and tried to calm myself down.

I was going to handle this like an adult. No violence, just talking. Reasonable talking…

I can do that can’t I?

I took a step and walked towards the ‘popular’ girls.

“What the fuck do you want emo?” One of the most snottiest girls I have ever met, said.

“Kara, can I talk to you for a minute?” I said politely.

The girls that were surrounding their ‘queen’ snickered loudly.

Kara just simply looked around smiling, before answering a kind “Sure.”

We walked with some distance apart until we got to the other end of the corridor, were it was deserted.

“Why are you doing this Kara?” I asked tiredly.

“Doing what?” Kara asked in a fake shocked tone.

“You know what… Gerard?” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, Gerard.” Kara said dumbly.

“I’m guessing he told you about him kissing me yesterday.” Kara smiled triumphantly, like she’d just won a medal or something.

“What he told me was the other way around.” I said, trying not to be affected by her words.

“Well, he was lying.” Kara sang.

I ignored her comment.

“Kara, just leave him the fuck alone. He doesn’t want you.” I sighed.

“If he doesn’t want me then how come he went all shy and red after he’d kissed me? Seems like typical boy behavior towards a girl who they like.” Kara said smartly.

“He didn’t kiss you Kara. Get over yourself.” I said bitchily.

“My, my, he certainly has you wrapped up. Makes you believe anything he says.” Kara smiled.

“Look, I have no idea why you want Gerard so much, but whatever reason that is, you need to let go of it. He’s mine. Back. The. Fuck. Off.” I said harshly.

I gasped slightly when Kara leant forward to press her lips against my ear.

“He may want you now… But I can certainly change that…” Kara whispered.

“You touch him, or go anywhere near him, I swear to god, I will hurt you… I’ll make you pay Kara Price.” I threatened.

Kara laughed loudly.

“Like I said, I will get what I want… And what I want, is Gerard.” Kara said all princess like.

I gave her a questioning look.

“I’d make the most of your relationship Rachel, because when I’m done with him, he’ll never want to go back.” Kara snickered and walked off.

“You don’t believe what I said when I said that I’d hurt you?” I called out.

Kara stopped in her tracks and turned around slightly to face me.

“You don’t believe me, try me… You’ll be sorry.” I warned.

Kara gave a snobby laugh and walked off.

“Fucking stupid whorey bitch.” I muttered under my breath.

I walked off towards Scarlet, who was perched up against the wall, looking suspiciously sneakily in the direction of where Kara and I were just standing.

“You, didn’t hit her?…” Scarlet said slowly, sounding completely shocked.

“See? I can do some things without resorting to violence.” I said proudly.

“Ten bucks says you threatened her.” Scarlet said dully.

“Okay, yeah, I did. But it was well needed. I mean, she kinda threatened me as well.” I said, thinking hard.

“So now all that bullshit’s over with… Wanna tell me what all that bullshit was about?” Scarlet hinted.

I rolled my eyes and sat on the last step outside.

“Fine.” I huffed.

Scarlet clapped giddily and sat beside me.

I told her everything, much to my pleasure.

Hold for the sarcasm.

And when I was done, I could see that Scarlet wasn’t too happy with the one we call Gerard.

She narrowed her eyes out in front of her and said a simple, but low “I’m gonna kill him.”
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