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Someone out there loves you

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“Gerard, wait.” Mikey yelled across the street, “fucking wait up dude!”
”What the fuck do you want?” Gerard snapped, still speeding through the streets of Belleville.
“I want to talk. Look, sloe down already. Gerard. Damn you wait, listen to me,” Mikey began to get frustrated.
“Why should I listen? What for? So you can hurry back and fuck my girlfriend again?” Gerard screamed back at Mikey, before entering the newsagents.
“Gerard, than meant nothing, just forgive me. Infact, no, don’t bother about me, I don’t give a shit. Just forgive Sarah. She loves you to death Gee, believe me,” Mikey pleaded with Gerard, trying to calm him down.
“Dude, I don’t know how you can say that. Of course it must have meant something; otherwise you wouldn’t have done it. And anyway, since when have you been able to read Sarah mind? How the fuck do you know she fucking loves me?” Gerard scanned the aisles in search of a drink.
“I know she loves you because she told me, the night you came home drunk and drugged up. The night we had sex. She told me that nothing more could happen between us, because she loves you no matter how messed up you are, Gerard. You have to believe me bro, it was my fault. I had just broken up with Cassie and I was lonely. Don’t blame her; she loves you more than life itself.” Mikey explained, following Gerard around the shop.
“Well if that’s what she said, im sure she won’t mind me getting smashed tonight then,” Gerard replied.
“Gerard no. Please don’t, just…” Mikey began.
“So you lied, she won’t still love me? Liar Mikey, liar.” Gerard raised his voice.
“No, I swear I didn’t lie. Sarah is stupid enough to love you for being the motherfucking pathetic cut you are, but I don’t. I hate you for it. I helped you get over all of the drink and drugs before, don’t throw all that shit back in my face dude,” Mikey got mad and began to shout.
“Aha, my old friend,” Gerard said, paying no attention to his brother, and picking up two bottles of vodka.
“Im not gonna let you buy that, Im not letting you throw away your life.” Mikey began, taking the vodka from Gerard’s hands, “I would kill to have what you have. I love Sarah, but its you that she wants, fucker, so keep hold of her, before you loose the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”
“You’re such a jerk off Mikey. Get over yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get a life and grow some balls,” Gerard laughed in Mikey’s face, grabbing more vodka bottles and taking them to the counter to pay.
“”Fine fucker, kill yourself then. I don’t give a flying fuck anymore, but Sarah does. Just think what you’re throwing away. Your son, Tyler. Just think what he will think of you, when he gets older and is able to understand what an alcoholic, drug addicted asshole of a father you are,” Mikey screamed.
By this time, the shopkeeper was getting uneasy, and was not prepared to serve them.

Gerard and Mikey left the shop.
“So what are you gonna do, Mikey? Follow me about and get my ass kicked out of every shop and bar in the whole of fucking Jersey?” Gerard shouted, storming off down the street.
“You bet your ass I am. If that’s what I have to do to make you realise, you can’t just throw your life in the trash bro,” Mikey yelled twice as loud, still following Gerard.
“Look dude, your shitty little plan aint gonna work. Lets just go to a bar somewhere and talk. Is that what you fucking want? Will that get you off my case?” Gerard tried to reason with Mikey.
“Alright, one drink. Let’s talk this whole thing through. But you have to promise me that you will listen and not have more than one drink.” Mikey put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, slowing him down.
“Okay okay, just fucking hurry your ass up. I need a drink.” Gerard groaned, lighting a cigarette.

The brothers made their way to the bar ‘Rygh’s’ in an alleyway somewhere in the backstreets of the town.
They knew Gerard in there, and so the boys got let in straight away at the door.

“Hey Gee man,” the barman said, “haven’t seen you in ages, wherever you been?”
“Long story Duke, but im back now.” Gerard smiled, slapping hands with the man, “This is my brother Mikey, get him a drink and the usual for me.”
Duke winked and pulled two pints for them.

“Doesn’t he know that im only 16? and your 17…” Mikey whispered.
“Fuck off Mikey.” Gerard sighed.
“No, you said we would talk.” Mikey crossed his arms.
“Alright, alright, talk.” Gerard said.
“Right, I know this is hard for you to take in but…” Mikey began.
“Damn right it is, I mean, if she had slept with somebody else I wouldn’t have cared too much, but for her to do it with you and the get pregnant again on top of that, its just too fucking much,” Gerard said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, and then necked his beer.
“Get me vodka, Duke.” Gerard shouted.
“Coming right up,” he held up his thumb.
“I thought you promise you would only have one drink,” Mikey protested.
“You must have heard me wrong. And besides, one more wont hurt, just cool it,” Gerard said, taking his second drink from Duke.
Mikey sighed and took a drink.

Ten pints and four vodkas later, both Gerard and Mikey were pissed out of their brains.
“Look dude, how many fucking times do I have to tell you? Stop kicking my goddamn chair!” Gerard stood up and turned to face the man sat deliberately annoying the drunken 17 year old.
“What you gonna do bout it, dick’ed?” the man stood up and put his face centimetres away from Gerard’s.
“Oh shit,” Mikey hiccupped.
“Im gonna wipe the fucking floor with your motherfucking ugly face,” Gerard shouted, before pouncing on the man sending glasses and tables flying across the room.
“Take it outside boys,” Duke interrupted the fight.
“Do as he says Gerard, leave it bro,” Mikey pulled Gerard off the man and dragged him outside.
“I don’t need you Mikey. You’re just a kid; I can handle this shit on my own.” Gerard slurred trying to re-enter the bar to finish off what he had started.
“No, dude. You can’t go back in there, I wont let you,” Mikey pushed Gerard backwards, a little too hard.
Gerard slammed into the wall.
“That’s it motherfucker,” Gerard yelled, diving on Mikey, braking his glasses and bursting a few blood vessels in his nose.

Meanwhile, back at the Way’s family home, I sat with Tyler, Donna and Don, worries shitless about the boys.
It was 2:15AM, and I was starting to fear the worst. I had called home and explained that I was staying over at Gerard’s, but I had not explained how he and Mikey had been gone since lunch time and both of their phones were switched off,
Donna and I sat worrying our asses off whilst Donald paced up and down the front room.
After waiting another half hour, we decided to go looking for them.

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