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Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

A few weeks had passed and Mya avoided Gerard…he was trying to contact her but she was having none of it.

Mya had noticed something.

No disturbance in 6 weeks…and by that she meant she hadn’t had a period for 6 weeks.

Why had she only just realised this?

She started to talk to herself like a moron; “I can’t be pregnant! No way! 6 weeks…that’s a bit late…I’ve never been this late before…Oh God!”

Mya started to worry herself…could she actually be pregnant?

Thing is her and Gerard only did it once and they never used a condom…plus one time her and Matt didn’t use one…

“SHIT!” She shouted out loud. If she was pregnant…who was the Dad?!

Mya decided there was only one option…go and get a pregnancy test.

She quickly grabbed her keys and drove to the local shopping market to get one.


When she got back Mya quickly ran upstairs to go and find out.

She followed the instructions and had to wait 5 minutes after.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” She said to herself. “What if I am pregnant? I can’t be I just know I can’t and I’m not! What if I am though…I mean how am I gonna cope…how am I gonna find out who’s the Dad…how will I tell Matt…or Gerard”

Gerard…she couldn’t be! He was already gonna be a Father to someone else’s, Mya didn’t want him to be the babies Dad if she was pregnant…he would obviously choice Irina and his baby over hers.

1 Minute

2 Minutes

Oh God hurry up!

3 Minutes

God this was taking long!

4 Minutes

Nearly there…

5 Minutes

“About time!” Mya said opening her eyes.

She stared at it…

“Oh My God!”

[I realise it's short but y'kno i have uploaded 2 chaps in under half an hour so it makes up for it [Y] R && R]
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