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Haven't Seen Nothing Yet

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Gets a bit naughty in this one ;)

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Chapter 49-

“So, I’m guessing things are good with you and Gerard now, aye?” Mum asked sarcastically as I walked through the door the next morning.

“Why would you say that mother?” I asked innocently, sitting down on a chair either side of the bench.

“Well, you wouldn’t really stay the night at your boyfriend’s house if you were upset at him.” Mum pointed out with a smirk on her face.

“True.” I shrugged.

“So, everything is good with Gerard now?” Mum guessed.

“Yes! You already know that!” I moaned childishly.

“I’m just making sure!” Mum mocked.

It fell briefly silent.

“So why’d you forgive him?” Mum asked suddenly, throwing some bacon onto the hot and oily frying pan.

“I can’t stay mad at him.” I replied.

“Come on, it’s got to be more than that.” Mum laughed.

“He, said some things.” I hinted.

“Like?…” Mum hinted.

“Just, how he felt… It was really sweet and romantic. I had to give in.” I shrugged.

“Aww…” Mum cooed.

“You better keep your hands on that one Rachel… You don’t find many guys that are willing to blurt out their feelings as easy as that.” Mum said seriously.

“I plan to keep him.” I laughed.

“He can be a handful though.” I mumbled, resting my chin on my open hand.

“Are you sure it’s him and not Kara?” Mum asked, looking at me.

I shrugged.

“I think it is.” Mum laughed.

“Yeah. Nine times out of ten it is…” I giggled.

“God I hate that bitch.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Hate is a strong word Rachel.” Mum warned in that motherly tone of hers.

“Yep. And it’s just the right one too.” I said cheerfully.

“I don’t want you using it.” Mum mumbled, turning away.

I turned my head quickly towards Matt’s room as I heard a loud crash.

“What the fuck is that boy doing?” Mum muttered, setting her spatula down and making her way across the kitchen.

I saw Matt stumble out of his room.

“Oh, my little brother. How have you been? It’s been what, two days?” I commented jokingly.

Matt grunted.

“What are you doing back so early anyway?” I asked.

“Dad dropped me off early, he had to go somewhere today.” Matt mumbled, walking over to the fridge to get himself a drink.

“Don’t do it Matt. Get a glass.” Mum warned; her back turned to him.

“How’d you know I was going to do it?” Matt whined.

“Cause I know you. You’re too lazy to get a glass, so you drink out of the bottle.” Mum smirked.

Matt scoffed and walked around the other side of the bench to retrieve a glass.

“Oh, Dad said he’ll be coming by to talk to you after school.” Matt said, suddenly remembering.

“Why would he want to talk to me?” I asked, shocked and annoyed.

“I dunno. That’s what he said. He told me, to tell you. I’m only the messenger.” Matt shrugged.

I wrinkled my brow in concentration.

Matt and my Dad had been keeping contact since Dad and Mum split. Who knows the fuck why, but it’s his decision I guess.

Matt wasn’t exactly fond of the idea, still, but he’s grown to it. He still feels a certain hatred towards Dad for what he did to Mum and I and this family, but my brother’s the type of person to forgive and forget. Quite the total opposite to me.

“I’m having a shower.” I announced, getting up off my seat and heading towards my bedroom.

“Your breakfast should be ready by the time you get out… You take long enough.” Mum said.

I walked into my room and realized what an actual mess it is.

I had clothes everywhere. To the point where I didn’t know what was clean, and what was dirty.

I sighed and walked over to my bed, and searched through a small pile of clothes to find my uniform.

I finally found my plain white button up shirt, and my red and black tartan skirt that was my uniform underneath it all.

I flung them over my left shoulder and headed out towards the bathroom, making a mental note to at least tidy up some of my clothes when I get the time.

“Don’t let it get to ya Rachel. I’m sure it’s nothing.” Mum said; her back turned to me as turned the bacon over.

I opened my mouth to say something like ‘how did you know?’, when Mum interrupted.

“It’s a mother thing. You’ll understand when you have kids.” Mum answered an invisible question.

I grunted something and proceeded to my awaiting shower…


I walked into school, Gerard’s fingers entwined with mine.

Scarlet walked over to me first, with a puzzled look on her face.

“What happened to being mad at him Rachel?” She muttered at me as we walked forward, my hand still attached to Gerard’s.

“Well I’d gotten over it.” I muttered back at her.

She turned her head and gave me an even more puzzled look.

“I’ll explain later.” I sighed.

“Why do you care anyway?” I asked loudly.

“I was looking forward to having a go at him.” Scarlet replied shyly.

I laughed.

“Well, there’s still Kara we have to take care of.” I pointed out.

Scarlet pulled a tough face and nodded.

We met up with the others and walked in silence.

“What have we got first?” Scarlet asked no one in particular, but knowing I was going to be the one that answered.

“Health and a selective.” I said.

“What’s my selective?” Scarlet asked seriously.

“Sport for girls.” I sighed.

“And after recess?” Scarlet asked.

“Double maths. And then English and Graphics last two.” I sighed.

“You know my timetable better than I do.” Scarlet giggled.

“I have to! How else are you going to learn your education?” I laughed.

“I know everyone else’s timetables better than my own.” I laughed, shaking my head.

“You’ve only forgotten it a couple of times. Not that many.” Scarlet laughed.

“Eh.” I shrugged.

The bell for the start of section meetings rang.

“Off to sections!” I announced loudly.

We all walked as a group together, until we got to the school building, before going our separate ways to our lockers.

I slammed my books down on the desk before sitting down for health class.

When our teacher, Miss Petch, was sure that all of the class was seated, she announced our new topic.

“So, for the remainder of the term and school year, we’ll be learning sexual education.” Miss Petch said.

I burst out laughing.

Naturally, the whole class turned to look at me.

“Glad you find that so funny.” Miss Petch smiled.

I snickered and controlled my laugher and smiled sweetly back at Miss Petch.

Miss Petch was one of the only teachers in the school that I liked. And she was one of the only ones that liked me back in return. Which was always nice.

She had long, wavy blonde hair that mixed nicely with her sun-kissed tanned body. She was tall and slender, and, honestly, had quite a big pair of breasts. With a killer smile that showed off her perfectly straight, white teeth, she was the typical type of teacher guys would fantasize about during class.

I calmed down just as Gerard quickly passed a folded piece of paper over to me.

I looked at him strange and opened it secretly and quietly.

Maybe we could actually learn something in sex ed this time round?: Gerard wrote.

And what do you mean by that?: I replied.

I passed the note over to Gerard, as Miss Petch briefly explained the ‘human reproductive system’.

“We do this every year! We know it already!” I whined at Miss Petch.

“Then I guess I know who to go to for answers then.” Miss Petch said sarcastically.

I scrunched up my face.

I looked down at my desk and saw the note in front of me.

I smirked and slid it off the table and into my lap.

I opened it silently and read.

The different sex positions they show, we could maybe give a try?: Gerard suggested.

I snickered loudly and began to giggle.

Gerard looked over at me and winked.

I don’t think they show us sex positions Gerard.: I wrote in return.

I slid it over to him and took my focus to the board.

“Now we’re just going to do a quick activity, were all the people on each table are going to work as a group, and try and come up with the most slang names for the reproductive organs as possible.” Miss Petch announced, grabbing a pile of coloured paper and starting walking around to each of the tables.

Gerard through the note back quickly.

I grabbed it off the table just in time as the teacher came around.

“Pink, blue, green or purple.” Miss Petch said lifelessly.

“Green!” Tegan shrieked loudly.

“You don’t think that this is just a little to babyish for us? Most of us are seventeen. We’re in year eleven. Not seven. We know all of this crap. We learnt it in grade six for god sake!” I complained.

“It’s part of the curriculum. We have to quickly go through the basics every year before we go onto the more complicated stuff.” Miss Petch explained before walking off to the next table.

I looked around and unfolded the note.

Well, they get more and more in depth and complicated every year. I thought, ‘they showed us how to put condoms on plastic dicks last year, they might at well show us how to use them this year.’: Gerard replied.

I burst out laughing softly.

No, Gerard. No.: I wrote.

I slid the note into Gerard’s awaiting hand and turned to look at Lily, who was drawing a line down the middle of the page, to split it up into ‘male’ and ‘female’.

Gerard gently nudged my side and handed me the note.

We were sitting next to each other, yet we were still passing notes. Stupid, huh?

I opened it carefully and read Gerard’s new message.

So, we’ll just have to figure that out ourselves. Huh?:Gerard replied.

My eyes widened.

Who said we’ll be doing anything like that Mr Way?: I wrote quickly.

I slid the note under Gerard’s book and paid my attention to my friends.

I tuned in just in time to hear my friends yelling out random, but hilarious slang terms.

“Could you imagine if Frankie were here? He’d be able fill the whole sheet of paper on his own!” I laughed.

“Yes, we’re just lucky the little retard is younger than us. And not in the same class.” Scarlet said evilly.

I laughed loudly.

“We act just as immature as him sometimes though.” I pointed out.

“True, but it’s fun… And it’s who we are.” Tegan shrugged, scribbling hearts on the table in pen.

I felt something drop onto my lap.

I smiled as I opened it.

I did. And what I say, goes, sugar.: Gerard wrote.

I rolled my eyes and put pen to paper.

Oh really now? We’ll just have to see about that then won’t we?: I scribbled.

I slammed the note onto the table and turned away from him.

“Five more minutes!” Miss Petch said loudly to the class.

We will. Oh, we will.: Came Gerard’s quick reply.

I quickly wrote down my reply to hurry up and try finishing this conversation in fear of being caught.

You might be, but I won’t.

The process of replies quickened.

Why not?: Gerard asked.

Because I don’t wanna.: I teased.

Don’t make me make you.: Gerard warned.

And how would you make me?: I tested.

Man, this was fun.

You’ll see.: Gerard played along.

Well aren’t you naughty?: I teased.

Oh, I can be very naughty Rachel, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

“I suggest you put that note away Rachel, or I’ll take it away from you and read it out to the class.” Miss Petch called out over the class.

My eyes widened.

I folded up the sheet of paper and began to shred it. Making sure it was humanly impossible to read it.

I heard Gerard giggle softly.

“And you just wait till I come out. You get me started, and there’s no slowing me down… I can be very naughty Gerard, very, very naughty… You haven’t seen anything yet.” I whispered in Gerard’s ear seductively.

Gerard shuddered slightly and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Great, now I’m getting a boner. Nice going Rachel.” Gerard muttered so only I could hear.

I laughed.

“Not my fault you can’t control your reproductive organs.” I teased.

Gerard shifted around awkwardly.

“You better hope no one sees.” Gerard muttered at me.

“No one’s gonna see. Unless you get up.” I whispered.

“You better hope so.” Gerard said.

He placed his head on the table and closed his eyes.

I guessed in an attempt to calm things down a bit.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking, and when the coast was clear, I smirked and reached my hand under the table and gently into Gerard’s lap.

“Oh my god!” Gerard gasped.

“What?” Ray asked loudly.

“Nothing.” Gerard ground out as I began to rub slow circles on the small bulge in his pants.

Ray looked at Gerard strange and turned his glance back out the window, where it was previously before Gerard distracted him.

“Rachel, you need to stop that, now.” Gerard said sternly but quietly.

I smirked at him and put a little more pressure on him.

Gerard bit his lip and slammed his head down on the table.

I giggled and Ray turned his head again and looked at Gerard bewildered.

“What the fuck is up with him today?” Ray asked.

I laughed louder.

I took note of the slight breathing change Gerard had forsaken.

I was surprised that no one had noticed that my hand was in my boyfriend’s lap, practically teasing him.

The plus side to sitting up the back I guess.

Gerard suddenly grabbed a tight hold of my wrist and stopped my actions.

Gerard turned his head slightly, still pressed against the table, so he could look at me evilly.

“Stop.” Gerard said.

I gave a knowingly smirk before pouting childishly.

“Whatever. Your loss.” I said smartly and took my hand away from Gerard and folded both arms over my chest.

I leant back in my chair and relaxed a little.

But as I looked over at Gerard, I could tell he was anything but relaxed.

I grabbed a scrap piece of paper.

I quickly wrote: ‘In a bit of pain are we Gerard?, before passing it to him sneakily.

Gerard wrote a quick reply and handed it back to me.

I need to cum so bad.: Gerard wrote

I couldn’t help but laugh.

I felt a hand collide with the side of my arm.

“This is all your fault!” Gerard hissed.

“You keep thinking that.” I smirked.

“At this rate, I’m going to need to jerk off in the fucking toilets!” Gerard whispered softly.

I bit back a giggle.

“You sure you don’t want me to do it?” I teased, playfully siding my hand to Gerard.

“NO!” Gerard hissed, slapping my hand away loudly and painfully.

“I just need to think of something else.” Gerard whispered, turning his head so he could rest his whole head on the table again.

Gerard closed his eyes once again, and I saw him try his best to concentrate getting rid of his little ‘problem’.

I silently laughed to myself.

That was more fun than I thought…
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