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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 10)

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so what did Brendon want? And why is Frank so nervous?

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Chapter 10

Gerard awoke the next morning to the sun shining on his face,
"mmmmm," he says, rubbing his eyes and stretching, and then looking at the sleeping figure that was Frank Iero holding him around his waist. He smiled and brushed all the hair out of Frank's face and kissed his lover's forehead...instantly waking him up.
"Morning Gee," Frank says, smiling at Gerard.
"Morning Frankie," Gerard says, standing up to get a change of clothes for a shower.

~5 hours later~
Gerard looked at the clock, and saw that it was almost time to go meet Brendon.
"Hey Frank...hurry up it's almost time to go meet Brendon!" he yells to Frank, who was still getting ready.

~Frank's POV~
You heard Gerard yell for you to hurry up, it was almost time to meet Brendon. You frowned at this, why was going to meet Brendon so important? It's not like Brendon and Gerard were together...were they? No...they couldn't be. Gerard would never do that to you. You hoped

~Normal POV~
Gerard smiled as Frank came out of their room,
"Ready?" he asks, gently taking hold of Frank's hand,
"Ready as I'll ever be," Frank says, walking with Gerard down the street so they could hail a cab, which they did, and caught a ride to 54th street.

~At the Cafe~
Gerard and Frank walked into the Cafe hand-in-hand and looked around for Brendon...and saw him in a booth away from the crowd.
Gerard and Frank walked over to him and he got up and hugged them both,
"I'm so glad you guys are both here...I need to talk to you both," he says.
"What is so urgent?" Frank asks, really wanting to know why Brendon had called Gerard.
"I'm in love with someone," he says,
Both Gerard's and Frank's eyes widen in shock,
"That's Great! Who's the lucky girl?" Gerard asks,
"That's just's not a girl," Brendon says, Gerard raises an eyebrow,
"Then who is it?" he asks
"It's...ryan," he says, blushing and looking at the floor.
"I KNEW IT!" Frank yelled, smiling in victory.

Brendon just blushed again,
"But...the problem is...I don't know how to tell him," he says,
"Aw...that's so cute!" Gerard says,
"How did you tell Frank?" Brendon asks, ready to learn how to tell the love of his life that he did love him.
"Well i was really pissed one day and I had my hands covering my face and frank came up and started talking to me and one of the things I told him was that the guy i loved would never love me back and he told me not to sell myself short, maybe the guy i loved did love me back and then he took my hands away from my face and kissed me," Gerard says, wrapping one arm around Frank's waist.

Brendon smiled, "That's clever Frank...thanks for coming guys. So glad i found some friends to talk about this...well...i think i better be going. See you guys later! Bye!" Brendon yells, waving and smiling at Gerard and Frank, who wave back and take off down the street to hail another cab.

~Back at the Bus~
Gerard and Frank walk back onto the bus,
"Ah...that's a relief," Frank says, falling onto the couch.
"What do you mean?" Gerard asks,
"Nothing...I just...nevermind," Frank says, looking away.
Gerard turns Frank's head so it was facing him, "Tell me Frankie," he says, concerned.
"It was nothing...I just didn't know why you were so excited to go see brendon, I thought there was something going on there...but I was WAY off," he says, looking away again.

Gerard smiles, " should know that I would never hurt you. I love you too much to hurt you," he says, turning Frank's head toward him again, and kissing him.
Frank instantly found himself kissing back and wrapping his arms around Gerard's waist. Gerard put all of his weight on Frank, causing Frank to fall onto the couch, so they were laying on top of one another.
Frank felt Gerard lick his lips, asking for permission. Frank granted him that permission and felt Gerard's hands going up and down his sides, causing Frank to moan. They would have gone further...if they hadn't been interrupted by the door to the bus opening.

........So who opened the bus door?........
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