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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 11)

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So who did open the bus door? Find out!

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Chapter 11

...the two lovers were interrupted by someone opening the bus door. Who would just randomly open the bus door? It couldn't have been anyone from the band...they were all on the bus. Who is it?

Frank gets off of Gerard and looks out the door only to see the one person he didn't want to see...Alex.

"Hey Alex. What are you doing here?" Frank asks,
"I was just in the neighborhood and thought i'd say hello," he says, "Why? Am I interrupting something?" he asks
"Kinda," Frank says.

Gerard walks over behind Frank and looks out the door.
"Oh hey Alex," Gerard says
"Hello Gerard," Alex says in a seductive tone.
Both of the guys notice this, Frank started to get angry.
"Look Alex. You're a wonderful guy...and I'm sure any guy would be lucky to have you. Any SINGLE guy" Frank says, Alex glares at him.
"...Anyways, Gerard, I have nothing better to do so I was wondering if you'd like to go to lunch with me," Alex says, gerard looks down.
"Alex, did you not just hear Frank? I'm taken...I love him," Gerard says, wrapping one arm around Frank's waist.

Alex looks evilly at Frank but then shrugs and walks out,
"You may think you can get rid of me easily you two...but you're wrong. I'll be back," he says and walks away.

Frank sighs and Gerard pulls him back inside and this time they lock the door. Gerard sits down on the far side of the couch and Frank sits next to him. That's when Gerard decided to kiss Frank on the neck...several times. First, he started at the jaw, and then moved down to the very top of the neck and moved on down to the nape, until Frank moaned with pleasure, Gerard smiled. He'd found Frank's weak spot. He continued kissing that spot for about 1 minute and then broke away...watching Frank get his breath back.

"Oh my god...don't do that," Frank says, still regaining his breath. Gerard smiled at him and kissed him again, this time on the lips, passionately. Frank kisses back happily, wrapping his arms around Gerard's waist, Gerard wrapping his arms around Frank's Neck. why can't it be like this all the time?...cuz people keep INTERRUPTING!!!!!!!!!!!...

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