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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 12)

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Chapter 12

Frank awoke the next morning to the sun shining in his face,
"Why must there be a sun?" Frank asks no one in parcticular,
"Because someone hates us," Gerard says, sitting up from next to him and stretching, and then kissing him lightly on the mouth.

Frank was in the shower and washing his hair when Gerard told him that he was going out,

"Okay, love you," Frank says,
"Love you too," Gerard says before leaving.

Frank stepped out of the shower and grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped himself in it, looking at himself in the mirror before changing into new clothes. He sat on a couch nearby and his phone vibrated saying that he had a text message. He read was from Gerard.

You'll never believe who I just ran old best friend who I haven't seen in YEARS!! I'm so happy. Here's a pic!'

Frank looked at the picture of the boy.
He had dark brown hair and blue eyes...Frank had to admit...he was hot. And that bothered Frank, he read the rest of that message.

'Hot isn't he? We were friends when we were really young. I'm bringing him over to meet you. See you in 10.


Frank sighed,
How could Gerard do this to him?

Didn't Gerard know what this made him feel like?

~10 minutes later~
Gerard's POV

You walked up to the bus door with Brent trailing behind you. You opened the door and let Brent in.

You went off to look for Frank, but didn't find him anywhere.

"Hey Mikey! Where's Frank?" you yell, you were getting worried.

"Not here? I didn't know he'd left," Mikey says, you got a VERY worried look on your face.

your phone vibrating scared you, but you picked it up and answered it,

"Hello...oh...hey Brendon...What? He is?...Oh thank God...he scared me so bad...didn't even tell me he was leaving...okay...what? Yeah...see you there...bye," you say, hanging up your phone.

Apparently...Frank was talking with Brendon and Ryan...Brendon said he was'd have to talk to him about that later.
You and Brent drove down to the cafe that was a couple of miles away and parked a little far away. You got out of the car and walked quickly through the doors of the restaurant...looking for Frank.

You saw them in the booth on the corner, you walked over there quickly and kissed Frank on the cheek.
Brent followed suit behind you, stopping when he saw you kiss Frank.

Frank's POV
You saw Gerard come rushing in and kiss you on the cheek, you smiled sadly.
You saw Brent following behind him, he was even cuter in person.

"Frank...this is Brent, Brent...this is Frank," he says, introducing you.
Brent reached his hand out and you shook it lightly.
Gerard sat next to you and Brent sat on the other side of him,
"What's wrong?" he whispers to you,
"I'll tell you later, when we're alone," you whisper back.

You, Gerard, Brent, Ryan, and Brendon all decide to go out to dinner that night at a casual restaurant. You changed into some TIGHT black pants and a short-sleeved black shirt with a black jacket and you did your hair how you would normally do it. You do your makeup as well and walk out to the living room...where you see Gerard and Brent hugging.
You didn't do anything...your body couldn't make you do anything. You just stood there, watching your boyfriend hug someone else. It bothered you...really bad.

"Hey Frankie," Gerard says, walking over to you,
"Hey," you say quietly, not able to look him in the eyes.

You all get in the car and you sit in the passenger's seat and Gerard drove...and ironically...panic! at the disco's 'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off' was on. You smiled and sang along to the words until you got to the restaurant where you were meeting Brendon and Ryan.

You all got out of the car and you walked on ahead without waiting for Gerard and Brent, with Gerard casting you a weird glance. You walked in and immediately found Brendon and Ryan in the corner booth, making out. You smiled and walked over to them,

"Hope i'm not interrupting anything," you say jokingly, they smile,
"Nothing we can't continue later," Ryan says, looking at Brendon seductively. You smile and roll your eyes.

You sat on the opposite side and started looking at the drink menu... you were probably going to just have a beer. You needed it right now. You watched as Gerard came in and sat next to you,

"Are you okay?" he whispers to you,
"I'm fine," you say, going back to the menu.

The waitress comes back and immediately starts flirting with everyone...but you especially. You all ordered and she brought you your drinks. The second she put your beer down, you drank it.
Gerard looked at you strangely,
"What is up with you?" he asks
"Nothing, i'm fine," you say.

~After Dinner~
Brent had to leave. Not that it bothered you. You watched him get a cab to the airport and smiled after him, walking back to your car with Gerard. You two drove back to your hotel in silence...until you got to your room.

"Okay...what is wrong with you tonight?" Gerard asks, sitting you down on the bed.

"I told you...nothing," you say, still unable to look him in the eye.

"I'm not falling for that, now tell me what's wrong," he says, a hand now on your cheek.

"I guess I was just jealous, I mean...I walked out of the bathroom earlier and saw you and Brent hugging earlier...and it hurt...bad. I really don't know how to explain it, but it just hurt," you say, looking over at a wall.

Gerard turns your head to look at him, "Babe...if you were hurt...why didn't you tell me?" he asks
"Because I didn't want to offend Brent. I mean I saw how hot he was when you sent me that pic and it bugged me all night," you say, looking at the floor.
Gerard tilted your head to look at him again,
"Well...if it makes you feel better, you're the only guy that I have eyes for and you're the only guy I'll ever have eyes for. Okay?" he asks, you smile

"...Okay..." you say, looking into his eyes now.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you lightly. You smile and kiss back, wrapping your arms around Gerard's neck, pulling him forward. He smiles into the kiss and licks your lips gently...asking your permission to enter your mouth. You happily granted it and explored his mouth while he explored yours as well. You felt yourself being pushed gently, you opened your eyes and saw Gerard pushing you back onto the bed. You smile and wrap your arms around his waist now and he kisses your neck roughly, making you gasp quietly...your breath coming faster now.

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