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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 13)

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...what did happen?...just find out

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Chapter 13

Frank's POV

We left off where Gerard was making you breath faster. Now we continue.

Gerard smiled and ran a hand under your shirt, massaging your chest lightly, making you moan softly. You loved the feel of his skin on yours. You ran a hand through his hair and pushed on the back of his head...telling him to continue.

Gerard smiled and slowly pulled your shirt over your head, kissing your collar bone roughly. You moaned louder and shivers ran down your spine. You loved loved how he made you feel. You wrapped your arms around him and ran your hands up and down his back, kissing his head. Gerard smiled and sucked on your collar bone now, making you gasp and pant and breathe hard.

Gerard's POV

You smiled as you heard Frank moan and gasp, it was really turning you on. You massaged his hips lightly and trailed down to Frank's nipple, licking it and sucking it...making it hard. You heard Frank moan loudly and you smiled again. You moaned softly as you felt his hands run up and down your back gently at first but then they started going rougher.

You ran your hands down to his thighs and massaged hard, making him moan loudly, like...louder then he had been before. You smiled and massaged harder, trailing down his torso now.

Frank moaned loudly and dug his nails into your back gently (Oxymoron?) going down his back, making you moan now.

You ran your hands up to Frank's pant line and teasingly undid his pants, smiling up at him and seeing him smile back. You would've continued...had someone not knocked on the door. "GODDAMMIT!" you both yell at the same time. You open the door to see mikey.

"What do you want?" you ask
"Is everything okay? We heard moans or something like that," he says
"Yeah everything's fine," you say, glancing back at Frank

Mikey smiled and walked away, leaving you two alone. You smiled and walked back over to Frank,

"I hate my brother sometimes" you say
"I do too" he says, running a hand through your hair.

Next chapter there will be more...I PROMISE!
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