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Chapter 10

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anime convention...

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November 7th, 2004.

Posted to: GuitarHero

I had an interesting conversation with Bob today about Dave. It went like so:

Me: Isn't he a SPED*?
Bob: No, I think he's Italian.
Me: What?
Bob: He's... Italian?
Me: So?
Bob: Didn't you just ask if he was a spic?
Me: No. I asked if he was a SPED.
Bob: Ohhh. No. He isn't. He's really smart.

I think we're both mentally slow. D:, Bob and I have this weird, new-found obsession with rap music. It's not like we really like it, but that's all we listen to. I don't know; it seems like a good idea to make fun of it.

In addition to that chaos, Bob invited me to this thing called an anime convention. We've been watching anime like crazy lately, and there's an event that happens once a year where a bunch of freaks who like Japanese cartoons dress up as their favourite character, parade around and have pictures taken of them. I'm actually pretty psyched for it. It sounds pretty rad from Bob's description.

However, there's one pitfall. He wants us to dress up too. As female characters. Oh, god.

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Sing4Absolution: Hahaha. You're going to be a woman again! I can't WAIT to see what you look like.
LittleDrummerBoy: I don't care what anyone says. Our characters are WAY awesome.

* = One who attends Special Education.


November 11, 2004.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Today's art class was a little more than interesting. Frank, Bob and I all moved to Mandy's side of the classroom to sit with her, our friend Elaina and Elaina's friend Derek. Derek, Elaina, Bob and I all engaged in a deep conversation about baseball vs. the president. You see, Derek thought that baseball players should be paid more than the president because they do more work than George Bush does. Well, physically they do-- which is what the three of us kept repeating to Derek-- but his job isn't more important. He kept insisting to us that baseball players don't get paid enough. Whatever, though, because this kid is such an idiot. There's no getting through to him.

In class, we were doing this weird project involving glue and buttons. Since Bob was wearing a hoodie, Elaina and Mandy thought it to be a good idea to harass Bob by pouring buttons in his hood when he wasn't looking. I don't know how he didn't realize it, but he didn't until our next class, History, when Mandy (who is in that class with us) told Bob to put on his hood. He obliged and a ton of buttons came tumbling onto his head. Needless to say, it was really, really hilarious. I had a bit of a LOL attack for a while afterwards until our teacher Ms. Rizzi told us to stop. She's such a boring woman. D: I don't understand how she couldn't see the humour in all this. BUTTONS CAME OUT OF A JACKET.

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LittleDrummerBoy: Happy Veteran's Day! And that was NOT hilarious. I was devastated and cried for hours afterwards.
Sing4Absolution: I wish I could have been there! That sounds so damn funny. Oh, and that Derek kid sounds like a serious idiot.
--GuitarHero: He is. He's a serious n00b.


November 20, 2004.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

Well, I just received some interesting emails. One was about breast enlargement, which I don't deem necessary in my life, and the other was from Frank. He sent me pictures from his anime convention thingie that he went with Bob to. Apparently, they had a really good time in spite of the fact that they were dressed as women. Ah, well. We all know very well that the both of them are insane.

Ray and I are kindofsortof creating a plan to have them arranged to be married because they're both so fucking weird. It'd be the best married couple ever. I'd love to see it.

Frank got a picture with the vocalist from Still Life Decay-- Fade. He looks really fucking serene in it. I dont know why, though. I'd be going into cardiac arrest.

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GuitarHero: Right after the picture I spazzed out all over. I just didn't want Fade to think I was crazy.
--KissMyBass: Does someone have a little mancrush?
---GuitarHero: STFU, TROLL.


November 23, 2004.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

I spent my morning making cupcakes for a picnic. Frank came to my house around 3pm and we left at 3.30pm. I fell asleep on the way-- but we got there around 6.45pm. There was some serious traffic. When we got there, we went to get our pre-reg badges. We both chose the Ah! My Goddess ones and went back outside where we then met our online friends Reggie and EJ. Reggie called our other online friend Ai and we set up for the picnic in between the Embassy and Exposition centre. Ai soon came, and brought friends with her. All together we had about 10 people come. A lot of people came to take pictures of us. We really were adorable. Afterwards, we had a bunch of photographers take pictures of us. Eventually, after the photographers were done, we went to line up for the band D'espairsRay.

EJ led us around and tried to find the line. He took us to some backdoor, and we walked RIGHT NEXT TO THE BAND. My heart exploded, I believe. A girl named Charlene came up to us with two of her friends for pictures of us-- and LET US CUT THE LINE. She saved us about 3 hours of waiting. Some time later, since we were on that line for eternity, we got in. Still Life Decay opened up, and Frank freaked out since he loves them. Then Suicide City came on, but we left since we were tired of waiting for the band.


We got there around 12pm and went right for the Dealer's Room. We saw this BEAUUUUTIFUL Asian girl, and followed her around a bit. After some stalking, I asked to take a picture of her. She complied and we started talking. Then after a few minutes we had to go since some girls wanted our pictures. We spent a bunch of money in the Dealer's Room buying random crap, and purchased tickets for a D'espairsRay photoshoot. Eventually, we made out way from the Expo to the Holiday Inn and sat in the courtyard. It was nice out, so we sat and watched a giant mob chase a banana and a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts 2. It was frightening, actually.

After a little while, Ai and Charlene came and sat with us. They got up after about 10 minutes to go to a Lolita/JRock photoshoot. We watched them, and then watched this guy in green with a patch on his head walk around in a big circle staring at us. He was seriously creepy. Afterwards, we went upstairs in the hotel and met up with yet another online friend, Joe. He left soon to go to a Halo tournament and we saw the Green Guy again. Frank and I jumped onto the first elevator and they followed. D: Still staring. We ran in the opposite direction they were going once we got off. We found Joe, and he brought his friend Russell. We sat on a bench and talked for a while, especially about the Green Guy-- who was about 20ft behind us. I saw the beautiful Asian again, and she TALKED FOR A WHILE WITH US. Her friend Danielle talked to us, too, and she was hot also. They then invited us to a mini-picnic. We sat in the grass, the Green Guy and his friend moved to a near-by bench to stalk us, and we talked for a while. Not the Green Guy, the other cool girls.

After the picnic as we were cleaning up, a Heartless came to sneak up on Frank and he had a heart attack. Ting (the Asian girl) tried to warn him, hahaha. We walked through the Holiday Inn and back to the Expo Centre to talk for a long time. Frank, our friends and I spoke about white guys getting cute Asian girls, our ideal mate, how good Hawthorne Heights is (except for Ting, who sadly hates them), and about this creepy voice-changing man who was talking to Danielle. The Green Man and friends walked by us again. After a very, very long time of talking, our new friends went up to the video game room. Frank and I walked around and had people take pictures of us. C'mon, we're were foxy. Well, so we eventually made it to the Holiday again, and sat in the lobby chairs. These guys that were well into their mid to late thirties were talking to us. Not in a creepy way, either. They were telling us about an anime they like a lot. We talked to them for a little while, then made it over to the Expo for the rave.

We saw Reggie again, and then my friend Tim and his friends. About a half an hour after we got back into the Expo, the rave started. Ting called and said that she was coming in, and to meet her at the door. Frank and I made it over to the door to greet Ting, Danielle, Russel and Joe. Haha, Ting was trashed. She was the happiest trashed Asian, though. After much encouragement (or force-- whatever you want to call it) from Frank, I finally went up to the Green Man (who was at the rave) and asked him what his deal was. He told us the reason he was following us for hours was because he wanted to invite us to his party. He called us "mad mack". I didn't like him.

At 12.30am, Frank and I went outside to get picked up to go back to my cousin's house. This obviously drunk guy was trying to hit on us, but then he found out we were seventeen and male. Haaaa.

Sunday was pretty dead. However, Frank and I waited on line for the D'espairsRay photoshoot. God, I had to hold myself back from mauling them with hugs. I STOOD NEXT TO THEMMMM. Again! We danced around with our pictures, and went back into the Dealer's Room to blow the rest of our remaining cash. We wandered into the Artist Alley and Frank got me a pin! I died with happiness. THENNN. Then we found a girl we met at ComicCon. She loves us. We all sat and talked for a little bit, and then we made our way back to the Holiday, where we found Ai, Ai's friend Holly and company. We rode around in the elevator for a long, long, long time. Frank and Holly switched pants. We all assumed personalities unlike our own to scare the unknowing passengers. HAAAAA. At 7.20pm, my mom came to pick us up.


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KissMyBass: What... the fuck? I WANT TO GO, TOO.
Sing4Absolution: I LOL'ed at the part about the Green Man. Looks like someone had a crush on youuuu.
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