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Chapter 05: The Scarfaced Pacifist

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Five: The Scarfaced Pacifist.

Draco Malfoy fell to the ground in an unused bedroom in Malfoy Manor that had been converted into a dueling area. A large cut was opened on his cheek as his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange stood over him, her wand in her hand and sending another borderline lethal curse towards him, which Draco just barely had the presence of mind to duck.

“Pathetic, to your feet, Draco,” said Bellatrix in a cool voice. “You’re dueling skills are below average as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had five year olds put up more of a fight.”

Bellatrix shot a bone shattering curse right at Draco’s sternum but the Malfoy heir managed to put up a shield charm. The curse struck the shield, shattering it and knocking Draco backwards. Draco pulled himself to his feet and Bellatrix sent a cutting curse right towards Draco’s wand hand. Draco screamed, his wand falling from his hand and his hand dripping with a thick stream of blood. The Malfoy heir began to look horrified at the sight of his own blood.

“Can’t stomach just a little bit of your own blood, Draco?” taunted Bellatrix. “I’m almost ashamed to call you my nephew. Maybe this should snap you out of that unfortunately habit. CRUCIO!”

Draco Malfoy gave a loud, blood curdling shriek, as his limbs twitched involuntarily. He was seconds away from reaching for his eyes to claw them out, but Bellatrix had released the curse, causing Draco to fall to the ground in discomfort.

“Fight back, pretend that I’m Harry Potter!” shrieked Bellatrix, attempting to egg her nephew on. “He ruined your life and at this rate, he would roll over you in a duel in seconds flat if you put up this pathetic performance. Come on Draco, think of your father, as pathetic as he might be, left in Azkaban thanks to Potter!”

Draco popped up, pointing his wand, he was going to prove his worth as a Death Eater.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” yelled Draco Malfoy but Bellatrix lazily conjured a shield in front of her, causing the green light to strike the shield, shattering it into a thousand little pieces.

“Killing curse with your opponent’s resistance not worn down, shows very poor form even if you did show the necessary killer instinct,” lectured Bellatrix as she raised her wand. “CRUCIO!”

Draco screamed once again, but his screams didn’t leave the room. His agony went on for what seemed like hours, but was really only slightly less than thirty seconds. Draco dropped to the ground, his face drenched in sweat and scratches all over his face where he was attempting to claw it off.

“I don’t see the point of this, Aunt Bellatrix,” said Draco in a slightly snide tone of voice. “The Dark Lord has entrusted me with killing Harry Potter and I think it is rather premature of you to assume that I don’t have a plan that will lead to the downfall of Harry Potter.”

“Your father thought he had Potter trapped in a corner with his little scheme and look where he is now,” replied Bellatrix in an icy tone of voice. “You fail to remember that for all of his faults, Harry Potter was sorted in the noble Slytherin house. He is the most dangerous threat the Dark Lord has ever faced, he has pulled himself up to the position of the leader of the Slytherin house, he has quite a few supporters that will be willing to assist him against our cause, and is in fact an expert duelist. The Dark Lord acknowledges this much, so it would be foolish of you not to.”

“I can beat Harry Potter!” yelled Draco angrily. “As I told you, I have a plan that can’t fail.”

“Your mother said that she thinks that you might be like this, simply because the Dark Lord has given you this task, and thus has given you reason to have an inflated view of your own abilities,” said Bellatrix calmly. “Not to mention, every single time you’ve had an altercation with Potter, you’ve been completely embarrassed and outclassed by that son of a Mudblood.”

“Not this time, Aunt Bellatrix, Potter is human and he has a very prominent weakness that I can exploit to lead to his end,” responded Draco angrily. “Of course, Mother is worried. Anyone in her position would worry if they thought their son was being put in danger. But the fact is, Harry Potter will be nothing but a crumpled heap at my feet when I am through with him.”

“You might have convinced yourself of that fact, Draco, but that doesn’t make it a truth,” responded Bellatrix calmly, in a nearly sane tone of voice.

“The Dark Lord has faith in me,” said Draco, as he barely managed to deflect a curse that his aunt had unexpectedly thrown at him.

“He may but if you fail, you will be punished severely,” said Bellatrix. “You should be really to completely justify his faith, as the Dark Lord detests being incorrect.”

Before Draco could say anything more, Bellatrix hit him with a banishing curse, sending Draco flying right into a wall. Draco yelled in pain as several bones in his arm cracked.

“We’ll leave today’s lesson at that today, but I would strongly suggest putting as much focus on your dueling as you do running your mouth, Draco,” concluded Bellatrix. “As pompous as your father was, he was a fairly competent dueler and could back up his boasts more often than not.”

Bellatrix turned her back on her nephew, pushing the door open without bothering to acknowledge Draco’s face as he lay on the floor, nursing his wounds. Draco felt Azkaban had rattled his aunt’s brains too much. He had constantly told her that he had a plan to put Harry Potter in his proper place. Bellatrix’s idea of a plan would be to torture her opponent into insanity, but as a Malfoy, Draco had something a bit more sophisticated in mind for Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived would be exposed as an over hyped, below average, filthy half blood and Draco Malfoy would succeed where every other Death Eater had failed.

Draco Malfoy would be known in history as the undisputed defeater of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived and would be honored in the highest esteem by the Dark Lord.

Despite not being caught in the center of the conflict with Lord Voldemort, the American Wizarding Government was rather busy protecting the security of their country by reinforcing the barriers around the country notifying them of any unauthorized magical people entering the country, along with the wards keeping anyone with a dark mark from even stepping one foot inside the United States of America. Aurors were being trained twice as hard, with recruitment being stepped up and the American magical schools putting a greater emphasis on Defense Against the Dark Arts. There may be a time where Lord Voldemort would decide to come after the American magical people, so they needed a fighting chance against Voldemort, his Death Eaters, dark creatures, and other assorted minions that he had under his control. Despite all the added precautions, Voldemort no doubt had curse breakers working for him that could find a way to shred the anti-Dark Mark wards if he put his entire focus on battling the magical people on this side of the world.

Alexandra Morgan, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Wizarding Government, entered her office looking a bit tired and weary. She hadn’t gotten much sleep in what seemed like weeks and had just got back with a very intense meeting with the Canadian and Mexican Ministers of Magic about the North American policy against Voldemort. The Canadian Minister of Magic, Clarence Juster seemed to be much in favor of doing all that the Canadian Ministry could to keep Voldemort out. Unfortunately, the Canadian Ministry had their own problems to deal with, as they had an influx of vampire attacks over the past few months and there was strong suspicion that those vampires had sympathies with Voldemort’s cause, if not out right aligned with the dangerous Dark Lord. Canada was barely a blip on the magical world power structure, but they did have a decent amount of skilled Aurors that had a similar training program to their American counterparts.

Mexican Minister of Magic Juan Alonso was a different story all together. He seemed to think that Voldemort was not much of a threat at all. A short, ill-tempered, and quite nasty man, Minister Alonso was rumored to have several opinions that Voldemort would agree with. He had imposed harsh laws limiting the rights of muggleborn witches and wizards in his country. Anyone would even spoke up against him was accused of treason and prosecuted with extreme prejudice. Many muggleborns and non-supports of the Alonso run Minister of Magic had fled to the United States, given the American Wizarding Government a huge headache in sorting out who came into the country through the proper channels and who came into the country illegally. That led to a whole mess of problems that the American Wizarding Government could not afford to encounter should Voldemort and his forces plan an attack on American soil.

Alexandra sank into her chair with a weary look on her face, as her friend Lily Potter sat across her.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, Lily,” said Alexandra in a weary voice. “It’s been a busy last couple of days.”

“Yes, I heard about some pro Voldemort supporters out on the west coast,” said Lily calmly.

“From what I’ve heard about what happened during Voldemort’s first reign of terror, there were a lot of people who bragged about supporting Voldemort, but in reality they were a bunch of young kids trying to rebel against authority,” said Alexandra. “Of course, that’s not to say we haven’t had our share of real threats, people who aren’t quite Death Eaters, but attack innocent people in the name of Voldemort. Just last week, an entire family of Muggles in Florida was tortured and then killed them by a trio of young men wearing homemade Death Eater robes and masks. The two year old was mutilated beyond all recognition, and whatever was left of his body was found impaled on a fence just a few miles away from there.”

Lily looked revolted but decided to press on with something that she had been wondering.

“Are these copycat Death Eater attacks very common?” asked Lily.

“No, not really, because it is well noted that these witches or wizards would be put on trial for their crimes when we catch them and if convicted under Vertitaserum, powerful magical blocks would be put on them by the American Department of Mysteries and they would be thrown in a Muggle jail,” explained Alexandra.

“A fate worse than death for a pureblood,” said Lily, nodding in understanding.

“Still, a few isolated incidents aren’t too much of a problem, as long as we catch who is responsible,” said Alexandra. “I’m just worried about the problems coming from both North and South of here. I’ll be honest, vampire attacks are on the rise in Canada, the Muggles up there are starting to suspect that something is not right and the Canadian Ministry is struggling to track down the leader of these Canadian vampires who is coordinating these attacks.”

“But, are they supporters of Voldemort or just willing to spill Muggle blood because of their natural instincts?” asked Lily.

“Maybe, but I don’t want to speculate too much until I’m entirely sure,” said Alexandra tensely. “I do know that Alonso down in Mexico is all but a Voldemort supporter.”

“Yes, I’ve heard, he doesn’t like muggleborns at all and seems to regard Muggles as nothing but tools for slave labor,” said Lily darkly.

“Pretty much, and many are terrified of speaking out against him,” said Alexandra. “Some have spoken and no one has ever seen them again, alive anyway. Many muggleborns have fled the country to avoid being accused of crimes they never committed and sentenced to death. If Voldemort is going to try and break through, he’ll do it at the Mexico/United States border. Alonso would throw a festival if Voldemort walked into his country.”

“Mexico and America magical relations are not exactly that good anyway,” replied Lily.

“Quite right, especially after Mexico lost a good chunk of their land to the United States back in the middle of the 19th century,” confirmed Alexandra. “Still, at least relations were cordial for a time, but ever since Alonso became Minister, Anti-American sentiment has risen among many Mexican witches and wizards.”

“If Voldemort invades, do you think Alonso and his Aurors will stand side by side with him?” asked Lily.

“I’m prepared for the possibility,” answered Alexandra. “Juan Alonso, from all stories, seems to bully people when he is sure there is no way they can’t strike back harsher than him. He doesn’t have the resources to try something with the American magical population but if he could hide behind Voldemort, then I’m sure he’ll have no problem getting his two cents in if Voldemort and his Death Eaters try to invade us. Unfortunately, my hands are tied and I can’t really have my Aurors do anything until I have concrete proof of what Alonso would and wouldn’t dare to do against us. He might just be attempting to scare his people into submission by planting hints that he could bring Voldemort down upon them at any time but I doubt that Alonso would turn Voldemort down if he requested his government’s help.”

Alexandra paused for a few seconds, before shaking her head, causing her dark hair to whip from side to side for a brief period of time.

“But, Voldemort will be sure he has sufficient resources and a full idea of what he needs to break and with the defenses being altered every couple of months, we might be able to buy some time to prepare, Mexican Ministry assistance or not,” said Alexandra. “But enough about that, Lily, I heard that you managed to secure the position of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.”

“Well, it wasn’t much of a battle, Dumbledore had few other options,” said Lily with a bit of a satisfied smile. “I heard that Dumbledore’s original plan was to get Horace Slughorn out retirement to have him teach Potions again and move Snape over to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts but Slughorn seemed to enjoy his quiet life away from Hogwarts too much.”

“Well, Slughorn’s not as young as he used to be,” said Alexandra. “Still, he taught the art of Potions well enough, it’s just too bad I was abysmal in that subject and only barely scraped an “A” on my O.W.L.”

“And there was the good old Slug Club,” said Lily fondly. “It’s amazing how many of those people in that Club went onto fame or infamy, depending on what path they took in their life.”

“Still, Slughorn taught at Hogwarts years and years before we went, he looked about ready to retire and did in fact a couple of years after we left,” remarked Alexandra. “He earned his retirement through but the poor students of Hogwarts are stuck with Snape as their Potions Professor. He might have been top of the year in his Potions N.E.W.T. but I don’t see him as a person who would be fit to be a teacher. Snape didn’t care for children for much even when he was one”

Lily decided not to acknowledge Snape’s name being brought up by her friend.

“Still, Dumbledore had few options, so he had to reluctantly go to the only person who had bothered to apply for the position last year,” continued Lily calmly. “I think Dumbledore might have rather dragged Lockhart out of St. Mungos and have him take another crack at teaching the class but his hands were pretty much tied on this issue and he reluctantly offered me the position.”

“Really, how so?” asked Alexandra curiously.

“Harry’s been leaning on the Ministry heavily about having a competent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Dumbledore decided to just avoid another altercation with the Ministry, after he was just reinstated as Chief Warlock and give me the spot as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” said Lily. “Harry thinks and I agree that Voldemort is preparing for a coup and a full fledged takeover of the Ministry of Magic and eventually Hogwarts. Obviously, getting Lucius Malfoy in there was just to give Voldemort a closer view of what he needs to do to roll over the Ministry. It really could happen at any time but unfortunately younger generation has been crippled because of lack of proper practical training in defensive magic.”

“And let’s face it, Auror enrollment is down in Britain over the past forty or so years thanks to the spotty Defense Against the Dark Arts training,” said Alexandra. “There have been some excellent teachers, some fair teachers, and teachers who couldn’t tell their wand from a stick on the ground.”

“Yes, remember the teacher in our fourth year,” said Lily with a shudder. “He could barely do a simple levitation charm and didn’t even know the incantations for the most basic Defensive spells. He ran crying at the end through, after he was attacked by a group of upper year Slytherins.”

“Led by the charming Bellatrix Black, soon to be Lestrange, if I remember quietly” replied Alexandra. “He was a wizard in the prime of his life and he couldn’t defend himself against five sixth and seventh year Slytherins. Turned out that he was very nearly a squib and the only one who wanted to take the job after what happened to the teacher in our third year.”

“Didn’t he go into the Forbidden Forest one night and never return?” asked Lily, screwing her eyes shut in concentration.

“No, that was the sixth year teacher,” said Alexandra. “The Third Year Teacher received that cursed necktie that strangled him in the middle of the Great Hall right during Breakfast one day. Too bad, he was a fairly competent teacher. He was just a bit foolish in not checking to see if that necktie had any dangerous spells on. ”

“Yes, well it’s a good thing that I’m paranoid enough to scan any and all mysterious packages I receive,” remarked Lily dryly. “Call me insane, but I think that after I’ve barely survived against so many Death Eaters and Voldemort countless times, it wouldn’t be wise to tempt fate.”

“I thought you didn’t really believe in fate, Lily,” said Alexandra.

“Well after he acted during my first five years at Hogwarts, I didn’t believe that I would ever date James, let alone marry him but I guess I was proven wrong on that too,” said Lily fondly. “Still, even with this position, I still have to officially stick to the approved Ministry of Magic spells.”

“Officially maybe but I’m sure you’ll find a way to work around that,” said Alexandra.

“Of course, I’ll be attending the meetings of Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Art study group and assisting in teaching some advanced spells that the Ministry just grudgingly teaches their Aurors,” remarked Lily. “I have no hesitation in saying that the people who would latch onto any chance for extra defense training, while signing a loyalty oath with consequences against betraying the oath. Having seen the magic on the contract in question, Harry didn’t really leave any room for loopholes.”

“How is Harry, anyway?” asked Alexandra.

“Stressed out,” said Lily. “Remember how I was during my N.E.W.T. year, when I was trying to balance both a full close load and a secret double life as an Unspeakable?”

“Yes, I do vaguely remember something about that, you were a bit moody,” replied Alexandra with a bit of a smirk. “Sirius might remember a bit better, after you hexed his hair off when he accidentally walked into an empty classroom during a private moment between you and James.”

“Hey, it grew back,” said Lily, laughing briefly. “But he should have knocked first anyway. It is common courtesy to do so when a door is shut.”

Lily and Alexandra shared a laugh at a more innocent time, before they stepped out of Hogwarts, which was safe most of the time, unless of course someone had a Dark Lord wanting their head on a platter.

“Still, Harry’s been shut up in his room, alternating between the Wizarding Wireless and the Muggle News, trying to pick up hints that might point him to what Voldemort’s up to,” explained Lily. “Plus, he’s worried about Hermione, she’s still in St. Mungos and the Healers don’t know when she’ll recover.”

“And let me guess, Harry decided to blame himself for this,” said Alexandra, looking at her friend. “Like a certain other someone I know, that couldn’t reach my house in time when Death Eaters decided to torture and kill my entire family.”

“I should have gotten there in time, the spy that was working in the Department of Mysteries did tip us off,” said Lily in a depressed voice. “Unfortunately, I was working on a project in a warded room and was a little late finding out.”

Before this unpleasant trip down memory lane could continue, the intercom on Alexandra’s desk to cackled to life.

“Begging your pardon, Madam President Morgan, but Agent Bishop is requesting your presence, it is most urgent,” declared the voice on the Intercom. “He’s waiting for you in the library area.”

“Bishop again, this is the third time this week,” muttered Alexandra in a bit of an agitated voice as Lily’s eyes grew wide at hearing the words “Agent Bishop. “Lily, you’ve heard of Bishop before and don’t approve.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of him,” said Lily grimly, remembering how Bishop had captured Raph, Mikey, Don, Leo, and Harry during the confusion of the Triceraton invasion of the previous year. He had managed to extract a sample of magic from Harry and had fully prepared to dissect the four Turtles, had it not been for the timely interference of Master Splinter, Hailey, and Ginny. Bishop had escaped with mutated DNA samples along with a small bit of concentrated magical energy. “It’s a long story Alexandra, but exactly why would he want to meet with you?”

“He’s wants our help on some kind of alien defense system, he is the head of the Earth Protection Agency, who are supposed to keep out alien invasions,” explained Alexandra. “Waste of tax dollars if you ask me, they weren’t worth a damn when the Triceratons invaded last year. Still, the Muggle President has requested that I meet with Bishop because some of his ideas might be nullified by the protective wards the American Wizarding Government. He’s not making any headway but I might as well get this over with.”

“Right,” remarked Lily grimly. “Just be careful.”

Alexandra nodded before remembering the reason why Lily came here in the first place.

“Oh and the information Harry wanted is in the blue folder on my desk, you can take it on your way out,” said Alexandra quickly, before she pushed her way through the door and walking, to meet her Auror guard on the way to see Agent Bishop.

Harry Potter barely managed to straighten his legs and land on his feet, after being flung up into the air. For the second time, the Boy-Who-Lived found himself face to face with a mysterious mercenary, who had appeared out of nowhere. The Mercenary shot a pair of Kusari-Gama chains from his sleeves, wrapping around the arms of the Boy-Who-Lived, and attempting to pull him forward into an attack but Harry instinctively shot a wandless melting charm through the chains, causing the chains to morph into a pile of liquid metal. Harry quickly took advantage of his attacker’s momentarily confusion, leaping over the head of his attacker. The attacker turned around and Harry flung a pair of daggers at the attacker, who managed to twist them in mid air expertly, before throwing them back at Harry. Harry threw himself on the ground, as the daggers sailed over him and clattered to the ground.

The attacker rushed at Harry, aiming a kick at the side of Harry’s head but Harry grabbed the attacker’s foot and pushed him off, before leaping up and connecting with a vicious punch right to the lip of the attacker! Harry grabbed the attacker by the throat but the attacker dropped down, kicking Harry roughly in the chins. Harry winced in pain and the attacker flipped Harry over onto the grass. Harry pulled himself to his feet and the attacker grabbed Harry by the arm and flung him to the ground. Harry got right to his feet and narrowly avoided a kick to the ribs, before pulling out his double edged sword. The mercenary tossed a shuriken to the side, knocking the weapon from Harry’s hand. The resulting impact caused Harry to stumble backwards and Harry made a movement to go after his weapon, but the attacker grabbed Harry and tossed him to the ground.

“Sixty seconds,” hissed a voice that only the mercenary could hear and the mercenary pulled a katana out, rushing Harry with it, but Harry conjured a stone shield in the blink of his eye wandlessly.

The sword sliced the shield cleanly in half but Harry had used the distraction to dart behind the mercenary and kick him right in the back. The assassin flew towards the ground but did a handstand and sprung back, kicking Harry right in the chest. Thankfully, Harry managed to put up a partial shield charm before the assassin struck, so Harry found himself knocked off balance as opposed to having any lasting injuries. A pair of quick strikes knocked Harry for a loop but only for maybe less than ten seconds. Harry pulled himself up and prepared to spring into the attack on his assailant.

Before Harry could attack, the mercenary was engulfed in blue light. Harry attempted to get to him to slap a tracking charm on him before he vanished but unfortunately, the assassin disappeared quicker than Harry could aim his wand at him.

The first time that Harry was attacked seemed to be an isolated incident but a second mercenary attack led Harry to believe that the fact he was getting attacked was far from a coincidence. Harry had a strong suspicion that Voldemort might be behind this in some fashion. Whether it was directly or quite indirectly through other Death Eaters sending these mercenaries after him, Harry didn’t have the foggiest notion to exactly how.

The only good thing that came out of this latest attack was that at least Harry had managed to walk away from it with only a few bumps and bruises. Still, it seemed as if he could only get lucky to touch his attacker on a couple of occasions. It seemed over the past weeks, Harry couldn’t have success against any of the dangerous threats that he came up against. It was by chance that he managed to survive his encounters with the king size mousers in the floating city of Beijing, he barely managed to save Hermione from being killed by Death Eaters, the Squib Inquisition had reached the lair before Harry and his brothers had, forcing Harry to modify their memories. The evil demon sorcerer Savanti Romero had knocked around Leo, Mikey, Raph, Don, and Harry, just barely defeated by a fluke cheap shot from behind. Then the fusion of the Ultimate Ninja and Drako the Dragon had Harry and the Turtles had their mercy, before Lord Simultaneous intervened. The pair of fiends still escaped with the Time Sceptre and worse yet, Harry couldn’t defeat two hired mercenaries. They were skilled but about pretty much the same as the Shredder’s Elite Guard, who Harry had no problem holding his own with after the first couple of encounters.

Each of these failures, setbacks, gnawed at Harry like a parasite. Maybe his early successes were against Voldemort, Shredder, and others were forced. Maybe he his luck was dangerously close to running out. Even through he hadn’t voiced it to anyone, Harry’s confidence was taking a huge hit by these recent setbacks.

Harry looked up, shaking his head at the billboard with the face of Oroku Saki plastered on it. The billboard no doubt put across the many things that Saki had done for the city, all in the name of his own gains, Harry thought quite bitterly. The same city that Harry and his brothers had worked from the shadows to protect had been eating out of the palm of one of their most deadly enemies. In his more bitter moments, Harry thought those people as a bunch of ingrates, who seemed to travel with popular opinion. The majority of the people of New York City were like the British Magical World in many places. They were swayed very easily by popular opinion as it was reported in the media and leaned to be quite ignorant as well.

Harry heard a van skid to a stop and a loud screaming noise. His eyes darted forward, wondering if he should bother or not. After all, why should he save someone who would likely hail Oroku Saki as some great hero and wouldn’t believe his true nature if it was staring them in the face?

Still, Harry reluctantly moved forward, sneaking in the shadows, his curious nature getting the better of him. Sure enough, he saw a very harassed looking man dressed in black, being shoved to the ground by two thugs who laughed wickedly. Harry naturally recognized them at once.

“Purple Dragons,” hissed Harry angrily, before moving forward.

“Hurry up with securing that truck, you mugs,” said Sonny, a roughneck gentleman who was put in charge by Hun to lead the Purple Dragons, due to Hun working more closely with the Shredder as of late. “We need to get this experimental weapon; some schmuck will pay a fortune for it.”

“Right boss,” declared a rotund member of the Purple Dragons, known as Two-Ton, as he climbed up and prepared to start the van but a shuriken flung out of nowhere, striking the side of the truck.

Harry rushed forward to grab Two-Ton by the shirt and in a burst of surprising strength flung the Purple Dragon to the ground. Sonny looked at Harry with wide eyes for a few seconds, before looking at the other three Purple Dragons who had joined him for this theft.

“Dusty, Ramrod, Spike, get that little twerp!” ordered Sonny in a loud voice and sure enough, two of the Purple Dragons rushed forward, but due to being nothing more than strong arm thugs, Harry managed to calmly trip them up.

The third Purple Dragon swung a pipe at Harry, who ducked the swift and used his weapon to slice the pipe in half. The Purple Dragon had a dumb founded look on his face so Harry grabbed him by his throat and threw him right through the windshield of the truck! Shrads of glass flew everywhere and Harry turned around caught unaware a beefy punch to the stomach by the recovered Two-Ton. Harry doubled over in agony, as Two-Ton dragged Harry over holding him still, allowing Sonny to rush over and kicked Harry hard right in the side when he was virtually helpless. While Harry sunk to the ground, the wind knocked out of him from that kick.

“Let’s get while the getting is good!” yelled Sonny, as the Purple Dragons quickly scrambled to the truck, Ramrod, Spike, and Dusty staggering in the back, while Two-Ton and Sonny climbed into the front, just as Harry pulled himself to his feet, as the Purple Dragons sped away, nearly wiping out two parked cars in the process.

Harry wasn’t going to let them get away that easily. The Boy-Who-Lived quickly removed his Firebolt that was strapped to his back behind him, before mounting himself on it. The wizard shot off after the van on the speed of light, carefully attempting to aim his wand and ready to get in position to blow out the tires, stalling the Purples Dragons.

The Purple Dragons cackled at their handy escape but their glee slowly turned sour when the doors in the back blew open due to a blasting spell.

“That damn kid doesn’t know when to give up,” grumbled Sonny. “Can’t you find something to blast him off that fancy little flying ride or something, boys?”

“Uh, got it right here,” declared Ramrod stupidly, pulling the only weapon aboard from a crate in the back of the van. It was a laser weapon with a glowing light tube mounted on the top, nearly blinding those in the truck with bright illuminating light. “Wow, I wonder what this thing is powered by. I’ve never seen something that’s so bright.”

“Never mind that, just blast the little scar faced punk and put that thing away, it’s nearly blinding me,” declared Sonny in an irritated voice and Ramrod pointed the weapon towards the meddlesome brat that was following them.

Harry closed in fast but he saw one of the Purple Dragons point a weapon at him and send a large straight glow of blue light right at Harry. At first, the weapon looked like an oversized flashlight and Harry dove straight towards the truck.

The light from the laser gun blasted Harry, illuminating his entire body. Harry began to feel a little light headed and his broomstick was knocked off course, spiraling towards the ground. The Boy-Who-Lived and his broomstick dropped to the ground, landing swiftly on a patch of grass.

The Purple Dragons cheered triumphantly as they saw their attacker laid face first in the grass as if in a deep sleep. Ramrod carefully slipped the weapon back in the trunk as the Purple Dragons sped off, back to their warehouse headquarters.

The fingers on Harry’s right hand twitched as the first signs of life began to come back to the Boy-Who-Lived since he was knocked out of the air.

Just outside of Earth, a very battered Triceraton air ship with graffiti painted on it zoomed from side to side randomly, with about a dozen scarred and surly Triceratons cracking their knocks.

“Boss, I think we’ve managed to get away from Traximus,” replied one of the Triceratons roughly.

“Good, that simple saurian thinks he can keep us from reestablishing the glorious regime of Prime Leader Zanramon,” growled the lead Triceraton. “I was the Prime Leader’s chief torturer and now thanks to Traximus’s out of date thinking, I am out of a job. Forced to live as a rogue, an outcast, a mere felon, salvaging whatever scraps of meat I can get my hands on.”

The Triceraton smashed his fist angrily down on the table, cracking out.

“Navigator, where is our location?” asked the Triceraton leader.

“You think I’ll talk to you after you forced me to fly this ship by gunpoint,” growled the Navigator. “The Triceraton Republic will bring you rogues to justice, you can’t escape them forever.”

“Tell us the location worm,” declared the nasty Triceraton known as Gruel.

“If you must know, we are passing the planet known as Earth,” declared the Navigator reluctantly.

“Earth, home of those four terrapin creatures and that scar faced, messy haired, human who helped bring down our glorious Prime Leader,” growled the Triceraton Leader. “Perfect, we have the Doomsday device and we’ll put it to good use after all.”

“But what of the human rulers of Earth?” asked one of the Triceratons.

“We’ll crush them if they stand in our way,” declared the leader severely. “The only problem standing in our way would be the four terrapin creatures and their human friend. The terrapins we can handle but the human managed to short circuit Zanramon’s Triceraton Mind Probe by the force of will. If anyone can shut down the Doomsday Device, it would be him.”

The Triceraton Leader looked thoughtful for a second.

“Call the feared space pirate Captain Dread and put a little work his way, he owes me a little favor anyway,” declared the Rogue Triceraton Leader, to one of his subordinates, whose eyes widened at the name but said nothing and just nodded before doing as he was told.

Lily made her way home from the American Wizarding Government Headquarters, pushing open the front door. She saw her daughter Hailey sitting on the couch, reading one of the rare Defense Against the Dark Arts texts that Harry had managed to duplicate from the library of Salazar Slytherin deep underneath Hogwarts.

“Man, whoever came up this curse must have had a sick mind,” muttered Hailey in disgust, before noticing that her mother had arrived home. “Good afternoon, Mum.”

“Good afternoon, Hailey,” said Lily looking around. “Do you know where your brother is?”

“Went out for a walk, might have stopped down at the lair to see the others,” said Hailey in a bit of an absent minded look, turning the page of her book.

“I just hope Harry hadn’t ran into trouble,” said Lily fretfully, looking at the door worriedly for her son but fortunately seconds later, the door opened and a smiling Harry bounded into the door, with a noticeable spring in his step.

“Afternoon, Mum, Hailey, beautiful day outside isn’t it,” declared Harry cheerfully with a smile, as he bounded over cheerfully and engulfed his mother and sister in a hug that would have made Mrs. Weasley cringe.

“My, Harry, you’re in quite a good mood today,” gasped Hailey. “Do, you think you can let us go so we can breath?”

Harry slowly let his mother and sister loose, with a bit of a sheepish look on his face. Lily looked up into her son’s face, with a bit of a perplexed look. It seemed that his face was full of life and his lightning bolt scar had completely vanished from his forehead. Lily suspected something and pulled out her wand, pointing at the person who walked through the door. She had a strong suspicion that this might be someone under the Polyjuice Potion doing a horrid job at imitating her son.

“What have you done with Harry?” asked Lily calmly, as she pointed her wand at him.

“Mum, I think you’ve been working too hard, I’m right here!” exclaimed Harry in an astonished voice. “Maybe you should take a couple of days off, have a little time to yourself, and not be so wound up.”

“Okay, if you’re Harry, then what is your Animagus form?” asked Lily, choosing a question to ask that only a handful of people would know.

“A raven,” declared Harry promptly, without any hesitation.

“Harry, I’m sorry but I had to check,” replied Lily relaxing her wand arm. “It’s just you’ve been a…”

“Quite moody and irritable,” supplied Hailey.

“Yes, but now you’re smiling,” said Lily in a confused voice.

“Why shouldn’t I be smiling?” asked Harry. “Life’s a blast, there’s nothing to worry about, nothing at all!”

“Harry, do you think I could look into your mind with Legilimency?” asked Lily in hesitation.

“Of course, but I don’t think what the big problem is,” replied Harry calmly.

Lily gently prodded into Harry’s mind, but it seemed as if there were only happy memories on the surface, nothing regarding Lord Voldemort. The way Harry was up to this afternoon would indicate that Voldemort would always be in the forefront of his thoughts.

“Harry, what exactly happened to you before you got here?” asked Lily.

“Oh, I was chasing some Purple Dragons and got blasted with some kind of experimental laser weapon that they found off the back of a truck,” declared Harry in a nonchalant voice. “It’s no big deal really.”

Lily nodded slowly, but the fact that she had found out exactly what happened to Harry might prove to be useful lately. Harry, when he heard no further instruction, exited the room.

“This new Harry is a lot more pleasant to be around, if I might say so myself,” replied Hailey calmly. “At least we know he won’t work himself into a meltdown.”

A part of Lily agreed that Harry could stand to be in this state for a while, but a more logical part of her brain reluctantly cancelled out her own maternal instincts.

“No, as much as I like to see my son in a good mood, it might not be a good idea to have him in this state,” replied Lily fretfully. “We need to get our hands on that weapon that the Purple Dragons used on Harry and find someway to reverse the effects.”

A brief moment of silence was broken by a loud shrill siren in the air right outside the Potter residence.

“Now, what,” muttered Lily, as she looked outside, to see a large air ship descend down on the rooftop right across the street. “Hailey stay indoors, no matter what.”

“Why?” asked Hailey in a confused voice, before looking outdoors and seeing a group of severe looking Triceratons exit the vehicle, unloading a large crate, before one of them used a laser that seemed to make it levitate effortlessly in mid air. The Triceratons activated jet packs, before gliding through the New York sky with the crate a ways in front of them.

Elsewhere in the city, in the warehouse above the lair, Don, Mikey, Leo, and Raph had heard the same alarm and had exited the lair to investigate the source

“It can’t be,” muttered Mikey.

“No, Zanramon was removed from the position of Prime Leader, Traximus said that the Triceraton Republic would be reformed,” said Leo.

“No, I don’t think these particular Triceratons are working for the government,” said Don in a logical voice. “They might be rogues, supporters of the old regime.”

“So why would they come to Earth of all places?” asked Mikey.

“I’ll give you five good reasons,” declared Raph. “Since they think Professor Honeycutt bit the big one, who do you think they blame for the regime of Zanramon collapsing.”

“Us and Harry,” replied Leo darkly.

“I say we go and get Harry, because he might want to know that we saw this,” declared Raph.

“He could have already saw it, Raph,” said Leo calmly.

“Not if he had his mind on other things, like, oh I don’t know, Lord Voldemort,” responded Raph.

“Right let’s go,” ordered Leo and the four Turtles snuck off, trying not to meet any Triceratons before they reached Harry.

At his underground government base just slightly outside of New York City, Agent Bishop walked calmly to the table, clutching a book that he had managed to smuggle out of the American Wizarding Government Headquarters. While coordinating the alien defenses was very real, Bishop saw no reason why he should not undertake other endeavors. He had removed a few books that had multiple duplicates, to work on an experimental weapon. Once he got this weapon completely stabilized, it would be able the hold off smaller alien invasions. It was only a temporary solution until Bishop managed to complete his army of genetically modified super soldiers.

One of Bishop’s subordinates entered the room with a frantic look on his face.

“Agent Bishop, I have an urgent message for you!” declared the subordinate quickly.

“What is it?” asked Bishop coolly.

“The weapon that you had moved here was hijacked by hoodlums,” declared the subordinate in a shaky voice.

“I was under the impression that the only person who knew about the shipment of that particular device into this city was the Mayor,” responded Bishop calmly. “Get some men and recover that device, it is not to be used in the hands of common street thugs. They won’t be able to handle the power.”

The subordinate nodded fearfully as a loud alarm echoed through the government headquarters. Bishop walked over calmly and pressed a square blue button, showing images of Triceratons moving through the sky, with an unmarked crate.

“Triceratons,” remarked Bishop calmly.

“What now, Agent Bishop?” asked his subordinate, as he watched the images on the screen

“My orders have not changed, recover the weapon,” replied Bishop in an icy tone of voice and the subordinate walked off fearfully before Bishop could say anything further.

A couple dozen children played happily on a playground on New York City. A dark cloud slowly descended on their day as a large spaceship, with a large image of a skull and crossbones plastered on the side. A large laser canon swung forward, blasting a set of swings out of the way, causing several of the children to run in every which direction. The ship descended to the ground on the space that it had been cleared. The exit hatch swung open, causing a stairway to descend downwards. A large figure, nearly eight feet tall exited from the ship, with a nasty look on his face. The right side of his body was completely covered in cybernetic alterations, having been blown cleanly off. His left side of his body showed disgusting yellow skin with disfiguring scars. He was the feared space pirate, Captain Dread.

“So, this is Earth,” declared Captain Dread savagely, look at the few children who were so paralyzed by terror that they didn’t run for their life. “Such disgusting specimens.”

Captain Dread had a job to do so he walked off in preparation to destroy this human as the rogue Triceraton faction had requested.

Lily moved towards the door, with her sons Invisibility Cloak and her wand, hoping that she could track down the weapon used to drastically alter Harry’s personality. Before she could leave, the door opened once again. Lily raised her wand before relaxing when she saw the four Turtles entering the house cautiously.

“Close that door behind you,” said Lily quickly. “Triceratons are here and I don’t want to risk any chance they might come looking for Harry in here. Especially in his current state.”

“Current state?” asked Don.

“Harry got attacked again by another mercenary,” declared Raph. “That’s what happened and he’s badly hurt. It must be been after he left the lair.”

“No, Harry’s not physically injured,” said Lily calmly. “He was pursuing Purple Dragons who had apparently stolen an experimental weapon. What the weapon did, I have no idea. However, Harry was struck with the weapon and he went all strange.”

“Exactly how strange?” prompted Leo.

“Well he was coming up all smiling and happy, I thought it was someone doing a bad job impersonating him at first but it was in fact Harry,” answered Lily.

“So, Harry’s not right in the head and to top it off, we have Triceratons coming to the city,” summarized Raph.

“Yeah could this day get any worse?” asked Mikey.

At those words from Mikey a loud booming voice from some undetermined point of the city began to echo loudly.

“Citizens of the planet Earth and most importantly, those four terrapin nuisances, hear me!” growled the amplified voce. “We have a Doomsday Device that will be armed to go off within two of your Earth hours. This Doomsday Device will reduce your planet to nothing but mere ashes floating inside the vastness of space. The device will only be deactivated when the four terrapin creatures that brought down the regime of our glorious Prime Leader surrender themselves to us.”

The voice faded into nothingness as the four Turtles exchanged horrified glances.

“They tell us but they don’t give us the slightest clue of where we’re supposed to surrender,” said Leo.

“Let’s not surrender, let’s pummel their horned hides to a pulp!” said Raph, who looked ready for a fight.

“Listen, we don’t even know where this Doomsday Device is, we need to find that and shut it down first,” declared Don in a reasonable voice.

“Don’s right, we can’t go after them without knowing where the Doomsday’s Device is, it would be suicidal and we’d be putting the entire planet in grave peril,” said Leo.

“You four can worry about the Triceratons, I need to find that weapon and restore Harry back to normal,” responded Lily.

“That could be a little problem,” said Hailey who walked into the room, with a piece of parchment in her hand. “Read this.”

Lily took the paper from her daughter, reading it out loud.

“Everyone, this place is getting a little dull, so I’ve decided to leave and catch some thrills,” read Lily. “After all, I can’t very well stay inside on this lovely day, so I’m going to go and enjoy life. Catch you all later, Harry.”

Lily let the note drop to the floor.

“Despite his lax attitude, Harry’s appeared to retain some of his ninjitsu ability, being able to sneak out like that,” remarked Lily in a worried voice.

“Which means he might not be in any state to defend himself against Triceratons!” exclaimed Hailey in a fearful voice.

“That means someone’s going to have to track down Harry,” said Leo.

“I’ll do it,” said Hailey quickly but Lily shook her head no.

“No, Hailey, you can’t put yourself in danger, as capable as you all, those Triceratons are resistant to magic and can barely be put down even by the most skilled of opponents,” said Lily. “If anyone is going to go after Harry, it’ll be me.”

“Wait a minute, I thought you were supposed to go after the weapon so you could return Harry back to normal,” said Hailey.

“Don, Mikey, track down the Purple Dragons and get that weapon,” ordered Leo, deciding to take charge. “Raph, you’re with me against the Triceratons.”

“Now Hailey, I want your word that I am not to catching you leaving this house,” said Lily, just as everyone moved out the door.

“Yes Mum, you have my word,” replied Hailey as she watched everyone leave.

On the building with the Oroku Saki billboard, a dozen spray paint cans were levitated magically by Harry who had a gleeful look on his face, as he began to make some alterations to the image of Saki on the billboard. Saki’s image soon appeared wearing a multi colored afro. Harry stepped back, with a proud look on his face as he surveyed his work.

“Now, that’s art,” declared Harry in a jovial voice. “I now like that billboard a lot more right now.”

Harry walked away to move towards his Firebolt but the billboard behind him blew into thousands of tiny pieces. He spun around, to see the face of Captain Dread staring at him. Harry looked as if he wasn’t bothered and began to mount his broomstick.

“So, the threat that the Triceratons wanted me to take care of,” growled Dread in disgust. “Easiest capital I’ve ever made.”

Dread pointed his cybernetic arm towards his opponent.

“A simple cleaning utensil will not help you now, boy,” declared Dread savagely and he blasted a jet of blue light from a concealed laser from his arm but Harry calmly pulled out a mirror to check his reflection.

“This is a beautiful day indeed, my hair looks simply fabulous!” declared Harry happily, as the laser deflected off the mirror right back at Captain Dread.

The feared space pirate was blasted backwards off the side of the building by his own laser as Harry didn’t bother to glance over his shoulder. He instead zoomed off on his Firebolt, zigzagging recklessly from side to side, with no regard for his own health.

Captain Dread pulled himself to his feet, the space pirate had few scratches on him.

“This human child seems to be a bit more than meets the eye, but no matter, Captain Dread never gives up after the first failure,” declared Dread, as he stormed off, in pursuit of his target.

In the Potter residence, Hailey stood up in her room, wondering whether or not she should go and try and help her mother look for Harry. Hailey swore she wasn’t to leave the house but something told her that there was something she could do to help.

Hailey reached into a trunk that was charmed shut to keep prying eyes out, looking at her Black Phantom disguise. Conflict resounded through her mind, debating on whether or not to put on that particular disguise. It was one thing against petty criminals but against a dangerous alien menace, it was an entire story all together. Harry said she improved a lot in both magical and ninjitsu fields, but something told Hailey she might be a bit in over her head.

Then something struck Hailey. If she was in the same position, Harry wouldn’t bother thinking of the risks. Her brother was good at thinking on his feet and making up a plan on the fly when he had to. Hailey resolved to try and do the same thing, no matter how in over her head. The thing that strengthened her resolve was that she was the same age that Harry was when he had to hold his own with a Lord Voldemort who had returned to full power in a graveyard surrounded by Death Eaters. While Hailey as skilled as Harry, there were few dangers that were on the level of Voldemort.

And Hailey had no intention of breaking her promise to her mother. Hailey was going to sneak back into the house before her mother could even notice she was missing, so technically she wouldn’t be caught.

Hailey pulled out her two way mirror and her wand, activating the tracking charm connected in Harry’s mirror. Sure enough, Harry had the mirror on him, because it lead away from the Potter residence.

Under the guise of the Black Phantom, Hailey made a motion to grab her Firebolt and track Harry via broomstick.

Raph and Leo crept in the shadows in the city.

“These damn horn heads could have that Doomsday weapon anywhere in this city,” grumbled Raph as he held his Sais, ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Leo stopped cold in his tracks and looked around to flashes of blinding red light traveling down the power lines.

“Raph, I think if we follow that energy spike, we might find the Doomsday Device,” declared Leo.

“Yeah, you got a point,” replied Raph. “This piece of technology might be more up Don’s street but even I know they might need just a little bit of power to unleash a Doomsday Device on the city.”

The two Turtles moved forward to locate to follow the energy spikes towards what they hoped was the Doomsday Device.

Hailey checked the mirror. It glowed brightly, indicating that she was getting close to Harry. The fourteen year old girl looked down and sure enough, she saw her brother sitting cross legged on the grass, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, eating a chocolate ice cream. Upon closer inspection, Harry seemed to have used his Metamorphmagus abilities to turn his dark hair into a bright, vibrant shade of green and his eyes a nearly blinding shade of purple.

“There you are,” declared Hailey calmly.

“It’s the Black Phantom!” declared Harry waving cheerfully. “Don’t mind me, I just a citizen just enjoying life. I sure you have some grave skullduggery to uncover or something, so don’t dawdle.”

“Harry, you need to go home, you’re in grave peril and not well,” said Hailey in a fretful voice.

“Oh, c’mon mellow out, who would want to kill someone like me?” asked Harry in a bright voice.

“Would you like me to start making a list?” answered Hailey dryly.

“Now, don’t be so glum, this day is too beautiful for rampant negatively,” declared Harry. “Come down, and maybe I teach you a couple of tricks on that broomstick. I’m always happy to help a novice out after all.”

Hailey got down and pulled out her wand.

“Harry, this is serious,” replied Hailey calmly. “There are…”

A large blast of blinding blue light flew through the air, causing Hailey to roll out of the way.

Captain Dread aimed his cybernetic arm at both of the Potter siblings.

“Hey cool toy, I want to play,” declared Harry cheerfully, eying Dread’s cybernetic arm.

“Playtime’s over weakling!” grunted Dread, sending another laser blast towards Harry, but it struck his ice cream cone.

“No, not my ice cream!” yelled Harry in pure angst, as he threw himself to the ground, looking extremely upset. “That wasn’t very nice.”

Hailey slashed her wand towards Captain Dread, who looked to be aiming to kill this time. The blast of light caused Dread some surprise, but only merely staggered him backwards as opposed to doing the least bit of damage.

“A mere girl can’t match the power the most feared space pirate in the universe, Captain Dread!” thundered Captain Dread, as the pirate shot a net out his cybernetic chest plate, trapping Hailey for the moment.

“The only thing that people should dread is your fashion sense!” responded Harry, eying Dread’s cybernetic replacements. “That look is passé if I may say so myself.”

“You dare mock me, you brat!” yelled Dread, sending a pair of laser blasters which Harry just leapt side to side to avoid.

“Close but nothing,” responded Harry fretfully, pulling out his wand as Dread fired another pair of blasts from his laser which Harry ducked. “Come on Dread, you look a little hot underneath the collar, why don’t you cool off?”

Harry pointed his wand towards a nearby fountain, causing a wall of water to rise towards Captain Dread. Dread was surprised at this onslaught and the water sent him spiraling down the street in a minor flood.

“You haven’t seen the last of me, human!” declared Captain Dread. “Captain Dread will return!”

“Talking in the third person, who in the world does that?” asked Harry, shaking his head fretfully as he saw the Black Phantom manage to free herself from the net. “Now I won’t let the likes of that guy muck up my day, I’m off to enjoy the sights and have a blast.”
“Harry, listen to me, there are Triceratons here, they have a Doomsday weapon, and they are going to destroy Earth in less than two hours, unless it gets deactivated!” declared Hailey frantically.

“Hey, it’s just one measly planet, the entire universe is full of them,” declared Harry, waving this off. “Now, if it gets destroyed in two hours, that just means I’m going to have live life for the moment!”

“Now, Harry, get back here before…” started Hailey but it was too late, as her brother had shot straight up on his Firebolt.

“Catch me if you can, Black Phantom!” exclaimed Harry as he flew through the sky.

Hailey gritted her teeth, her patience with her brother drawing to a rapid end. She placed herself on her Firebolt and shot straight up like a cork, attempting to catch up with Harry. Hailey felt anguished, she had to play the mature level headed one for once and it was eating her up inside.

Leo and Raph looked up at a large abandoned hotel complex, which was glowing a deep shade of red, with a loud humming sound.

“So, that’s where these Tricecreeps are hoarding all of that energy,” replied Raph.

“Now, we need to get in and find the device,” declared Leo.

“And then what?” asked Raph. “Try and shut it down

“Do I look like Donatello?” asked Leo.

“No, mask’s the wrong color,” remarked Raph calmly, with a bit of a grin

“Anyway, we’ll worry about how to shut the Doomsday Device once we get inside,” declared Leo. “Of course, I wonder exactly how do we get inside?”

“I vote for a full frontal assault,” replied Raph and without preamble, he rushed forward, with his Sais aimed, but he ran headlong into a wall of red light, knocked backwards and slid to the ground.

Raph pulled himself to his feet shakily.

“Figures those goons would put in a force field protecting the joint,” grunted Raph before turning to Leo. “Now what, fearless leader?”

“We break in from underneath,” replied Leo, eying a manhole. “Come on, we don’t have much time.”

“Less time then you think, terrapin,” growled a voice and a trio of Triceraton Gangsters appeared, holding laser blasters. “Now come along nice and easy and drop your weapons, or we’ll smear your shells all over the wall.”

At their hideout, a group of Purple Dragons were busy playing cards, with the weapon that they had stolen earlier in the day in the crate just out of reach.

“Boys, this was a great haul today, when we sell this baby, we’ll be living the high life,” declared Sonny. “Just as soon as we find a sap who is willing to buy a weapon that even we Purple Dragons are in the dark about.”

“It blasted that meddling brat good though,” replied one of the purple Dragons.

The wooden doors leading inside the warehouse broke open by a well placed swing with the Bo Staff and Mikey and Don leapt inside, weapons at the ready.

“Not more meddlers,” declared Sonny, before turning to the other Purple Dragons. “Destroy those lizards!”

A quartet of Purple Dragons charged the Turtles. Don sprung up with his Bo Staff, wiping one of the Dragons out with a double footed kick to the face, causing him to fly backwards into a stack of crates. A second Purple Dragon swung a pipe at the Turtle, who ducked and broke open a crate, causing marbles to drop to the floor. Don tripped the hoodlum up, causing the Purple Dragon to skid forward, landing hard on the ground.

The other two Purple Dragons lunged at Mikey but the fun loving turtle leapt out of the way. The two goons stupidly turned around, before getting cracked straight in the mouth, causing them to thump to the ground.

With all four of the Purple Dragons dispensed, Mikey and Don rounded on the leader, who was a bit unnerved at having to fight two trained ninjas without any backup.

“What do you want from me?” asked Sonny in a terrified voice.

“You stole a weapon from a government truck and zapped our brother with it,” declared Don, jabbing his Bo Staff into the chest of the Purple Dragon.

“So, cough it up or we’ll going to have to knock you around,” said Mikey calmly.

Sonny rose to his feet quickly and removed the laser blaster from the box, the blinding blue light filling the warehouse, causing Mikey and Don to shield their eyes.

“Oh, I’ll give it to you alright!” declared Sonny, aiming the weapon at the Turtles before blasting it at them. Thankfully, Don, and Mikey had the presence of mind to avoid the laser striking them and dodged out of the way, causing the moldy wall in the background take the brunt of the attack and turn into wall that might have looked as if it was just built.

Mikey leapt up, cracking Sonny in the ribs with his nunchucks, causing the Purple Dragon to fall to the ground in agony. The weapon flew up into the air, before Don dove forward, catching it. Thankfully, the weapon didn’t get damaged in the assault and the two Turtles left the building to the Battle Shell. They had a bit of a drive to return to the Potter residence from the hideout of the Purple Dragons.

In the sky, Hailey struggled to keep up with her brother as Harry dove and then shot up without any regards to the increasing winds that were picking up and she looked upwards at the storm clouds beginning to form

Harry looked quite at home flying in these bad weather conditions, because Flint had required the Slytherin Team to fly in pretty much any weather, no matter how bad it was. Hailey struggled against the wind as she was only a few dozen feet behind Harry.

“Harry, come down now or I’ll…knock you off your broom if I have to!” yelled Hailey desperately, expecting to run into Muggle aircraft at any moment.

“As if you can catch a flying prodigy like me!” cheered Harry pompously. “I’m the best there is, and you can’t out fly me!”

Hailey had to remind herself that the only reason her brother was acting like this was because his brains were temporarily addled by that weapon blast earlier in the day.

“At last!” growled a voice and Hailey cringed, as an air ship driven by Captain Dread flew, barreling towards Harry and Hailey. Hailey had to dodge off course, avoiding the heavy blasts from the laser cannon.

“Laser showers, the weather forecast said nothing about that tonight!” declared Harry with a frown, before brightening up. “But that isn’t nothing that I can…”

Harry’s sentence was cut off when he was knocked out of the sky by a Laser Blast catching the back of his broomstick. Hailey looked fearful as her brother hurdled towards a junkyard; she dove straight towards the ground as she saw Harry laying face first on the ground, motionless as if in a deep state of sleep. She noticed that Harry’s hair was slowly turning back to normal and his scar reappeared on his forehead.

Captain Dread descended to the ground, standing over Harry, before pointing his laser blaster at his head, his disfigured mouth contorting in a horrified smile.

Hailey made a movement to go after Harry but she saw Harry’s eyes flicker open as Captain Dread armed the laser. The blast went right towards the ground but Harry expertly rolled out of the way and Captain Dread blasted a hole into the ground.

“The hell…” declared Harry groggily, as the last thing he remembered he was chasing the Purple Dragons, before looking up at Captain Dread.

“I won’t miss this time,” growled Captain Dread but as he sent a laser blaster at Harry but with reflexes that were characteristic of the Boy-Who-Lived, a shield appeared in thin air, avoiding the blast.

Harry sprang up and caught Captain Dread with a double kick in the squarely in the midsection knocking him backwards.

“Look, I don’t know who you are but if you think I just going to lay down and let you take free shots at me, then you’ve got another thing coming,” declared Harry, as he countered a net shot at him with a slicing charm. “What do you think I look like? Some kind of fun loving buffoon who doesn’t take life seriously at all.”

Captain Dread rushed at Harry, converting his cybernetic arm into an axe as Hailey cheered silently. Her brother was back to normal and Hailey decided that she better sneak out, because she had a feeling that Harry might not be too pleased in seeing that the Black Phantom.

Metal clanged upon metal as Harry’s blade struck with Captain Dread’s axe arm, the two fighters stared down menacingly.

“You put up a false show boy, you are a bit more complex then I would have first seen,” growled Dread, pushing Harry to the side, and swinging his axe towards Harry’s legs but Harry leapt up and slashed at the back of Dread. “No matter, Captain Dread always wins; a mere child isn’t going to beat…”

Dread was sent backwards with a high powered banishing charm and he struck hard against the fence of the junkyard. Harry eyed Hydraulic Garbage Compactor in the junkyard, an idea forming in his head. Captain Dread made his way to his feet, sending a laser blast, which Harry gracefully avoided. Captain Dread shot a series of arrows from his chest plate but Harry sent a large ball of fire from his wand towards the weapons, incinerating them on impact.

Harry sprang up on top of a pile, parallel to the Compactor and Captain Dread clicked his heels toward before ascending in the air towards Harry, spraying blue mist towards Harry. A dislodged car door was levitated in the path of Dread and the car door turned to solid ice before breaking. Captain Dread dove towards Harry but he missed his target slightly. He spun around angrily, diving at Harry, with laser blaster at the ready. Dread propelled himself towards the Boy-Who-Lived, laser blasting but Harry dropped down, before sending a jabbing motion with his wand behind his back, using a silent vanishing spell on the rockets in Dread’s heels. The unsuspecting Space Pirate dropped awkwardly into the Hydraulic Garbage Compactor. Harry flicked his wrist, causing the controls of the Compactor to be activated magically.

A loud, painful scream was heard as bones and metal compacted together and a large compacted cube slid out of the Compactor, soaked in blood. Harry turned away, before looking down at his Firebolt. The end of the broomstick was blown off and Harry doubted it would fly that well.

Harry cursed when he realized that he had forgotten to take his Portus-Amulet so he couldn’t get home easily. Eying Dread’s spaceship outside of the junkyard, it was clear that taking the ship was the quickest way home other than Apparation and Harry hadn’t quite gotten the hang of that particular form of transportation yet.

Leo and Raph ducked underneath the laser fire of the Triceratons, before Leo leapt up. Two swings of his swords disabled a pair of laser blasters. Raph threw his Sais forward, cracking the facemask of one of the rogues, causing the saurian to gasp, unable to handle the air of the earth. The third Triceraton grabbed Leo by the throat but Raph leapt up, catching the alien in the back. The saurian alien gave a growl, and threw Raph to the ground but Leo leapt up, slicing the back of the Triceraton. The alien gave a loud shriek of pain, before dropping to the ground, blood oozing from his back.

Raph and Leo exchanged satisfied looks before a stun laser struck them in the back of the shells. The two reptiles dropped down to the ground, as a pair of savage looking Triceratons stood over them. Seconds later, the unconscious Turtles were bound in shackles, and taken right inside as captives.

Harry sat in the living room of the Potter residence, with Hailey, Lily, Don, and Mikey filling him on what had happened in the best they could in the period between the time he was chasing the Purple Dragons until his fight with Captain Dread.

“Wait a minute, Triceraton rogues are here with a doomsday device and I go out to have fun, without giving a damn,” declared Harry in a horrified voice. “That weapon must have scrambled any and all logical thought.”

Harry reached over, to examine the laser weapon closely, particularly the blue light that emitted.

“Exactly as I thought, this weapon is infused with a small portion of concentrated magic,” muttered Harry, waving his wand over the weapon. “When it struck me, my mind reacted as if it was hit with a high powered Confundus Charm, thus causing my mind to be completely addled. I bet my wand arm that Bishop had something to do with this little piece of weaponry, but the thing that matters is that it didn’t have any lasting effects.”

“So, how did it wear off then?” asked Hailey

“I’m not sure,” answered Harry calmly. “Maybe the laser cannon that Captain Dread used to blast me out of the sky might have had the right combination of frequencies to negate the effects.”

Harry just sighed.

“We’ll worry about how later, we need to focus our attention on this Doomsday Weapon at the Triceratons claim they have at their disposal,” said Harry calmly.

“Raph and Leo went to see if they could track it down,” explained Don. “We should be hearing back from them soon.”

“Unless they ran into trouble,” remarked Mikey and as if on cue, a large, booming voice echoed through the air.

“Once again, we Triceratons would like to remind you that we have a Doomsday Device that will level your entire planet in less than thirty of your Earth minutes,” declared a large, gravely voice through the air. “Your feeble attempts are laughable, as two of the terrapin creatures have attempted to sneak past our defenses in an attempt to disable our Doomsday Device. They have been captured and we demand the unconditional surrender of the other two terrapin creatures or your planet will be annihilated by our Doomsday Device.”

Harry turned his attention out the window, at a large glowing red mass in the center of town. Instinctively, Harry picked up the experimental weapon before turning to the others.

“Let’s go, we can take Captain Dread’s ship there, there might be something that we can use to breach their defenses,” said Harry in a calm voice, taking charge of an anxious situation like he had many times previously and without another word, Don, Mikey, and Harry made their way outdoors. Time was in fact of the essence.

In the bowls of the Hotel Complex where the Triceratons had the Doomsday Device. Raph and Leo struggled against shackles that bound them against the wall.

“I sure hope your brothers will come soon, I’m looking forward to watching the Doomsday Device blast you all into ashes,” declared the leader of the rogue Triceratons.

“You crazy horn head, the Doomsday Device will wipe you out too!” yelled Raph angrily.

“No, I never intended to live past the detonation, unfortunately we were caught on the Triceraton Homeworld before we could properly set it up on the asteroid that housed the Senate,” growled the Rogue Leader. “You see, this is nothing but a kamikaze mission, but since we can’t blow up Traximus and the rest of those soft hearted honor blinded fools, we’ll have to settle for you terrapins.”

“Exactly who are you, anyway?” asked Leo.

“They call me Sargorth, I was once the Prime Leader’s chief torturer,” declared the Rogue Leader, Sargorth. “But thanks to your meddling, you put me out of a job. Not all of us agreed with the change of regime like Traximus and that traitor, Commander Mozar. It is quite the shame that they had a spy in our ranks that gave them intelligence our plans. He was killed of course but we had to flee the Homeworld and it is by chance we arrived on this miserable mud ball.”

Raph struggled to pull himself free, in an attempt to attack Sargorth but the chains were extremely tight.

“Those other two meddlesome terrapins had best show up soon or all of you Earthlings will pay!” growled Sargorth.

Outside of the hotel, Captain Dread’s spaceship appeared outside of the glowing red complex. Two Triceratons stood guard outside, looking up the ship. One of them removed a remote control, pressing a square blue button, causing a doorway to appear in the force field. Without a word, the two Triceratons exited through the doorway. Another press of the button sealed the force field.

The Two Triceratons moved forward towards the ship, with the exit hatch dropped to the ground, revealing a stairway.

“Captain Dread?” grunted one of the Triceratons poking his head inside the ship and getting cracked in the face with a Bo Staff by Don. The Triceraton staggered backwards and another vicious swing right to the chest knocked it to the ground hard.

The second Triceraton gave a surprised grunt before grabbing Don by the ankles and pulling him out of the air ship. The Triceraton throttled Don but Mikey sprung up, swinging his nunchucks and cracking the Triceraton right across the top of the head. The Saurian staggered, swinging at Mikey but Harry dropped down, cracking both of his feet down across the upper back of the Triceraton, causing the alien to drop to his knees in pain, before Harry spun around and kicked him right in the face, shattering the glass air mask onto his face. The air began to asphyxiate the saurian as it drew in its last several breaths.

Don turned his attention to the force field around the building with a fascinated look on his face.

“Fascinating,” remarked Don. “It looks that nothing can penetrate it.”

“Except this that is,” replied Harry calmly, picking up the remote control device the Triceratons used earlier and pressed the button. The doorway materialized within the force field. “We’ll rush them through the front door.”

“Harry, you know, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and sneak in another way then just calmly walking in the front way?” asked Mikey in a confused voice.

“In theory yes, but they would expect someone to try and sneak in,” declared Harry. “Us just walking inside without any ninja trickery would be something that they might not expect us to do.”

Don and Mikey nodded as they followed their youngest brother inside, hoping they could reach the Doomsday Device in time.

Inside the room with the Doomsday Device, Sargorth tapped his foot impatiently.

“The other two had better show their faces rather quickly or this planet will be charred to a crisp,” grunted Sargorth.

Raph attempted to vainly pull his arm loose and Leo seemed to be trying to find a way to weaken the shackles by rubbing it against the wall behind him.

Sargorth stepped forward to give the ten minute warning to the people of Earth but the door leading to the Doomsday Device room blasted off its hinges. Sargorth whipped out a laser blaster, slicing the door in half.

He saw the forms of Mikey, Don, and Harry standing in the door, weapons at the ready.

“I don’t know how you’ve reached this place, but you won’t stop me!” yelled Sargorth, sending two sharp laser blasts towards Mikey, Don, and Harry who scattered to avoid being blasted.

Harry dodged to the side, sending a slicing spell towards the shackles binding Leo and Raph to the walls. Leo and Raph, happy to be free, quickly grabbed their weapons and surrounded Sargorth, who whipped out a remote control device.

“Don’t move or I’ll use this auto destruct button to accelerate the countdown process, which will activate the device in a blink of an eye!” growled Sargorth in a dangerous voice, waving the device.
The Four Turtles looked on desperately, as Earth’s hopes began to slip away.

Harry however, calmly pulled the experimental weapon that had addled his brains and altered his personality, before pointing it at Sargorth and pressing the activation trigger. A steady stream of blue light illuminated the Triceraton rogue leader in the blink of an eye, causing a blank look to appear in his lives.

“Now listen here,” said Harry in a calm voice, as the others exchanged worried looks. “That Doomsday Device right here is going to destroy us all unless it is deactivated.”

“That’s wretched!” responded Sargorth in a high pitched voice that sounded strange coming from a Triceraton. “Whoever set up a device like that is wretched. I’m going to do my civic duty and dismantle it at once, so no one can ever be hurt by that again.”

The rogue leader walked over, as it began to dawn on the four Turtles what happened and they turned to Harry.

“Harry, that was absolute genius,” praised Don, but their attention was diverting by a loud humming sound on the weapon in Harry’s hand.

“Now what,” grumbled Raph.

“Oh Merlin’s pants, this weapon is not completely stabilized,” exclaimed Harry in a fearful voice, as the blue tube began to turn from green to black to red all the way to purple.

“Merlin’s pants?” asked Mikey in a quizzical voice. “That’s the best you can come up with?”

Harry just waved off his brother’s criticism.

“If the Doomsday Device wouldn’t have wiped us out, this thing just might,” declared Harry in a frantic voice as it continued to flash wildly.

Sargorth stood up, the Doomsday Device having been completely dismantled and the red glowing on the walls began to slowly fade from existence.

“The Doomsday Device will never harm a living soul,” declared Sargorth in a cheerful tone.

“Excellent, now summon your fellow Triceratons, quickly,” ordered Harry and Sargorth hastened to obey, as Harry cautiously tapped the side of the light tube of concentrated magic, which was now glowing a bright orange. A couple of quick taps on the light tube slowly restored it blue.

A group of rogue Triceratons appeared, pointing their laser blasters at Harry and the Turtles on sight, but Harry aimed the laser blaster at him, engulfing the rogue invaders in blue light.

The Triceratons relaxed their positioning, looking completely docile and Harry turned them to issue final instructions.

“Return to your Homeworld and turn yourself into the proper authorities,” remarked Harry calmly and the Triceratons obeyed before turning their backs on the scene and exiting the hotel, without a word. Harry was pleasantly surprised at how well his plan had worked, having made up most of it on his feet as he went.

“That’s the end of that,” declared Leo calmly, as the Triceratons were gone and the experimental government weapon had appeared to stabilize.

Unfortunately, this stability only lasted for a mere blink of an eye.

“No, it’s not!” yelled Harry, as the humming in the laser blaster in Harry’s hand returned and was louder than ever before. The others instinctively backed off, as light tube flashed with more colors then they ever could have guessed. “Stand back!”

The others stood back as Harry cautiously placed the humming, flashing weapon on the ground. With a wave of his wand, a large orb of magical energy encased the weapon. Harry stepped back as the weapon burst into flames within the bubble but there was no magical backlash as the orb contained everything. Harry took a deep breath in relief as there was not a trace of the weapon, magical or otherwise.

“That was too close for comfort,” remarked Raph darkly.

“Indeed,” replied Don.

“But how did you know that would work to contain the magical backlash, Harry?” asked Raph in a curious voice.

“Well, who would know what would work against my magic better than me,” replied Harry in a casual voice, which caused him to earn strange looks from both Leo and Raph who didn’t know Harry’s belief about how that experimental weapon was created like . “Let’s go, I’ll explain on the way back my theories on how that weapon came into existence.”
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