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Origami Rabbit

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Tobi's scared of something under his bed... Konan's on the computer...

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Anime Freakette here!!!
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Anime Freakette
Tobi walks out into the main room where the rest of the Akatsuki are seated and takes a seat in his rabbit-blood-covered chair and looks down.

"What's wrong, un???" Deidara asks.

The masked freak looks up and whispers, "Tobi hears a monster under his bed."

"It's just the heater..." Pain says.

Kakuzu barges into the conversation after hearing the mention of something that could prove to be a waste of money. "Heater??? And just WHO THE HELL'S paying for THAT?!?"

Itachi sighs, but remains out of the conversation.

"Noone is." Konan pauses in her work on the origami swan before her. "We use water as a fuel source, remember?!?"

"There really IS a monster under Tobi's bed, he swears!!!" Tobi breaks down into tears.

The Akatsuki sigh. "Fine."

So they walk to Tobi's room, Pain leading the way with a scared Tobi hiding behind him.

Konan kneels beside the bed and puts a hand on the top.

"See, there's nothing to be---"

A random rabbit jumps out and scrambles as fast as possible out of the room, leaving bloody pawprints going down the hallway.

"So THAT'S where that went. Tobi was looking EVERYWHERE for it!!!"

From that day on, whenever the Akatsuki heard strange noises coming from Tobi's room or he said there was monster, they just walked away.
Pain walks past Konan's room and stops when he sees her on the computer. "Konan, what are you doing???"

"Surfing the net."

"I know that!!! I meant, what for?!?"

"I'm looking up origami instructions"

AF (Anime Freakette) : I KNOW!!! It's TERRIBLE!!! But it's my first ever comedy story. I mean, everyone has to start SOMEWHERE right???

Tobi: Tobi likes eating rabbits

AF: We know Tobi.

Tobi: Would AF like some???

Ponders the idea, then shrugs
AF: why not???
Takes rabbit and begins eating stomach
AF: Not bad, Tobi!!!

Tobi: Tobi knee AF would like it!!!

Konan barges in
Konan: I do NOT look up how to do origami!!! It just comes naturally, AF-teme!!!"

Finishes chewing rabbit
AF:Really??? Then what's that piece of paper sticking out of your purse???

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