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Akatsuki Winter

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Zetsu won't come out of his room. I wonder what's wrong...???

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"Zetsu!!!" Kisame calls, pounding on the plants door. "Get the hell outta there!!! It's been over a week!!!"

"I'm not coming out!!!"

Kisame sighs, then turns to the red haired leader of the Akatsuki. "Okay, what do we do now??? We need someone to go undercover and he's the best, goddammit!!!"

"God???" Hidan calls, popping his head out of his cracked door, completely covered in blood from his latest sacrifice.

"Shut the hell up, Hidan!!!" Kisame shouts.

Tobi begins screaming hysterically.

"Ah!!! Tobi, what are you crying about?!?"

He only gets louder.

Deidara puts a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong now, un??? There isn't a monster under your bed again, is there???"

The Akatsuki cringe.

The last time Tobi came out crying about a monster, they all ended up cleaning blood out of the hallway and rooms. Kakuzu whined and complained about how much money it would cost them if it got into the electrical system and gnawed on any of the wires, so they spent hours trying to find the thing. And when they did find it, it was behind the stove and burnt to a crisp because of Konan, who had been making the boys dinner while they were searching for it. The smell lingered for days.

"Zetsu-san won't come out, Kisame-san is yelling, and Tobi's getting hungry!!! Wha!!!"

The red-eyed devil of the Akatsuki walks down the hallway and disappears into his room, only to return a few moments later.

"Here." he hisses, shoving a lolipop as red as his eyes into the mouth of the masked-freak.

The screams seize. "Wabbit-fravored!!!" Tobi jumps in joy, then scurries into his room, slamming the door rather loudly behind him.

Itachi kicks down the door to Zetsu's room.

The Akatsuki laugh as they stare at the plant who standing beside his bed.

His normally green-ish leaves have turned a light brown and are hanging lifeless over the plant's shoulders. The multi-colored face has turned pink and yellow and looks very sickly.

"Don't laugh at me!!!" he shouts in a very nasaully-sounding voice, then sniffles loudly. "It's winter!!! Plants die in winter!!!"

"Ya, but we aren't that lucky." Konan adds.

AF: I know, okay!!! I've been in a bit of a writing slump over the past two months and now that I'm getting back into it, my sense of humor needs to have a check-up.

Tobi: Tobi thinks it's very good, AF-dono. Tobi doesn't like Zetsu-san. He scares Tobi.

Zetsu: Watch it you little brat!!! A-cho!!! (Sniffle)

Konan: Argh!!! Get away before we all get sick, you creepy plant!!!

Kakuzu: If I get sick, you're the one who's paying for it!!!

Kisame: I second that!!!

Itachi: Idiots...

Kisame: What?!?

Itachi: He's sick because he's a plant. Are we plants???

Kisame: No... But---

Itachi: Exactly.


Tobi: Tobi will see you all later!!!

AF: You're not supposed to talk after I say my closing, Tobi!!!

Tobi: Tobi is sorry!!! Please do not hurt Tobi, AF-dono!!!

AF: I won't hurt you, Tobi...

Hidan: But if he doesn't shut the fuck up I'll make him into a sacrifice!!!

Tobi: *shrieks*


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