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Black Gloves

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More Turks in Silent Hill...

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“Black gloves, black mask, black shirt, black pants, blue steel, blue vest, he’s dead you next.” Reno was singing along following Rude.

“Are we actually doing anything here or just standing around waiting?” Rude asked, the song was starting to irritate the crap out of him, mostly because Reno insisted on poking at Rude’s head or jacket half way through to point out that he thought it matched him well enough.

“We got told to let the bookie head out of the building and then to think about the idea of questioning who he was meeting. Boss seems to think the dirty ole bastard has been winging cash off the sides in the office over at HQ and that he’s coding some mafia dudes books to hide the figures of how much they are exploiting yada yada.” Reno yawned and looked up at the high skyscraper.

“You know he’d probably be well suited to a Turk then.” Rude smirked as they headed back to the car they had for the stake out.

“Yeah whatever.” Reno jumped in through the open window and in to the passenger side. He lit up a cigarette and picked up the camera again. Rude looked back over to the building and ignored the redhead as he started to mumble the tune again.

Reno woke up several hours later, his back stiff the dream still in his mind. He couldn’t remember what had made him think of it but he did smile a little. The smile faded when he tried to sit up. His body was sore and his head was killing him.

“Reno you’re awake.” Elena smiled and helped him to sit up. “Don’t rush too much. We have put some bandages and stitches in and we’re going to try and use the day light hours to get to the graveyard and in to the church.”

“Okay.” He nodded and looked around. Rude was stood by the large entry doors and hadn’t been able to rest since the redhead passed out. He wouldn’t have done either if asked. His partners’ health was far more important than dozing off. “Rude man take a break I am sure Tseng can cover.”

“We’ve all had some rest apart from Rude.” Elena said softly as she toyed with his ponytail. “We wanted to get there in one piece and we don’t want any more injuries.”

Rude nodded when she spoke and headed to the large reclining chair by the fireplace. He closed his eyes almost immediately and Rufus and Tseng continued to talk about their ideas of what was going on and why. The largest problem they faced was if Sephiroth was involved because he would be a loose cannon.

Rufus was of the opinion they needed to get in the Church and try and find anyone half coherent whereas Tseng felt another trip back to the school to look for records on Alex might be in order. In the end Vincent elected to go to the school while the rest headed to the Church on the outskirts near the graveyard.

The plan was made and the Turks helped Reno to his feet when the sky turned from pitch black to ashen grey. They opened the doors to the Grand Hotel and Vincent slipped out back in to the town proper, whoever this Alex was it was felt that he had been the reason they ended up there. They needed to know what he wanted, what had happened and maybe then they could figure a way out.

Slowly but surely they got Reno to his feet. With his arms around Rude and Elena’s shoulders they moved onwards with Tseng taking point to watch and Rufus with his gun in his hand just in case. They moved through ashen streets and the Turks felt the weight of the sad events of an abandoned town left to rot. There was no sense of achievement to anything that had happened so far.

Reno shuddered as they passed an opened crack in the road. The steam rose up from the coal fire raging beneath. His mind went back to the bloodied walls they had walked through when he and Rufus had fallen through that hole. Rufus was filthy, the pristine look of the President was long gone. He stumbled on with them feeling like he had somehow caused it all.

Exactly what the creation of Silent Hill seemed to be about. Personal Nightmares and own made demons…

Rude was worried, not just for Reno but also for the trip home. He made a silent prayer to Holy that they would not meet Sephiroth head on. They hadn’t got the strength of mind let alone the physical determination, well maybe Tseng and Vincent could hold him off but that would probably resort in more death.

Rufus on the other hand was impatient, wanted answers and wanted back where he could control things. Currently this was not happening and the ShinRa president didn’t like it one bit.

As this happened Vincent made his way to the school in the south west of the town. Midwich Elementary School might have more records and clues on Alex. He kept Cerberus in his hands ready to use the gun if needed and he cautiously passed the Balkan Church before heading up the stairs and to the large double doors where the Turks had been before.

There was a pregnant pause and sigh from the vampire as he headed in to the school and its dark corridors. The smell of the place was off putting to someone with his advanced senses. He grimaced, as he could smell stale urine and the dust of creatures long dead settling against the walls. His heavy metal boots sent a ripple of noise that echoed out and Vincent smirked. If there was anything about with it’s senses it would leave and not try to be foolish enough to attack.

“Alex…” Vincent muttered. He wandered past a group of lockers, which had been attacked with graffiti at some point. The vampire stopped, his red eyes washed up and down it. ‘Freak, monster, outcast’ these things and more had been sprayed. Vincent sighed, he knew the feeling well.

Vincent heard movement and his head snapped around, the vampire’s keen eyesight followed a shadow moving off down the right hand side of the building and he took flight after it. He passed several corridors before he came to a classroom where the door was still swinging from the recent barrage of being hit and the person diving through.

On the other side of the room was a young man with dark brown hair, spiked and messy like he’d just got out of bed. He turned as the larger figure came through the doorway and rubbed his eyes from where he had been crying to look up at the red-eyed creature. Vincent saw that the child held no fear for the larger man and he watched confused.

“Who are you?” Vincent asked when finally the child’s hands fell to his sides.

“Alex sir.” He looked at the raven haired man. Alex hopped on the desk and looked at him with a laugh before disappearing. Vincent made to grab for the child but it failed and his hand came away with a pile of black ash. “Vincent.” The same voice appeared behind him.

Vincent turned and heard a wail, the shrill childlike noise pierced right through him. For a moment it turned to a new sound and Vincent stumbled back, the sound of his own screaming from the experiments ShinRa had wrought upon his body. The noise of his wails that no one heard as he came around to find he was no longer Vincent Valentine the Turk… he was a monster… a creation. He stumbled back.

“Cursed.” Vincent heard himself whisper as black shapes surrounded him. More of the childish shapes came up around, their wails at times reminding him of the screams that Elena and Tseng had sang out on the skies that night he had gone in to rescue them from their torture.

Cerberus was fired. The materia attached to it joined the bullet and slid through a score of them towards the back wall. The young Alex watched and Vincent spotting him again aimed the gun in his direction. Again the young man seemed to vanish and appear the other side of the room.

“Give me the pleasure of taking it away.” The young man smirked and then the room went utterly black. Vincent stumbled against a desk and looked around trying to find a light source. Vincent found the main window and was about to shoulder barge his way through when he saw the young man silhouetted against the window. “That won’t save you Vincent. You’re cursed remember.”

“I will go when I say so.” Vincent said stalking that way feeling creatures clinging at his sides. He waded through and came face to face with what looked like Rude the gun went to the man’s forehead. “I want answers.”

“You came to the wrong town then Vincent Valentine.” He said looking at the vampire.
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