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Where next

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Vincent demands answers

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“What the hell is this place and why are we here!” Vincent shouted at the man who was blockaded in by the creatures. Vincent wanted to know what was going on and he wanted to hear what would happen to them. If they were all damned then at least they could prepare for death to come and go down fighting.

“Silent Hill.” Alex said resting against the window frame. “I died here thirty years ago in the fire that ravaged the town. This town is a product of nightmares and people who should have been sent to hell but then again hell is probably too good for most of us.”

“What do you know of damnation and more to the point why does this involve any of us?” Vincent looked at him with cold red eyes.

“I know that since you all found your way here each one of you has had reason to consider the weight of your crimes.” Alex looked at him coldly. “The weight of each of your crimes.”

“Some are more than others.” He said coldly looking at him. “How do we get out? Are you feeling charitable enough to tell me that yet?”

“Charity? No that’s a virtue this place never has had or will have.” Alex sighed and looked out of the window as if remembering a better day. “Anyway you won’t be allowed out. She won’t allow it.”

“She?” A million thoughts immediately ran through the vampires mind. She being? Jenova, Lucrecia? Who! “Who is sh…” But Vincent had to stop his questions when he realised that he was back in the room alone, black ash settling on the desks where bullets had ripped through the strange creatures was the only indication of him not being alone for those minutes.

He looked around the rest of the area and headed in to what looked to have once been a staff room. He picked up the school reports and flipped through until he found the report card for Alex. The young man was eleven when the report was written out and Vincent spent some time reading the report card. His parents were considered outcasts for some reason and the teacher had spared the child no rein in letting him know about it.

Alex it seemed was quiet but intelligent and his father was a friend of the owner of Nathan’s Drug Store. The father had lost his wife when she had an affair and he had bid her to leave. Vincent read this with interest, as he did not understand what it had to do with his level of education. It seemed that since mother had done wrong it was considered that father and child had too. The raven haired Vincent shook his head and picked the paper up and headed over towards the exit.

As Vincent was investigating this the Turks were stuck slowly moving towards the church. They took the path through the graveyard and out towards the smaller church as the one in town seemed too near the school and if they could perhaps find a way out of Silent Hill they might even be able to escape it once and for all.

Reno stumbled between the others and headed up the slope slowly. Elena was starting to worry that much more of this would send one of the group over the edge and the last thing anyone needed was to see a fight between the Turks. She looked over the edge of the graveyard and spotted high standing angels praying up to the sky for the deceased lying around them buried to remain in peace. Elena shuddered, what if they were not laid to rest in peace and came back?

“Come on rookie.” Reno nudged her with his boot at the back of her leg.

“Sorry Reno.” She smiled a little and moved forwards.

“You look much better when you smile.” The redhead said as they moved onwards.

“Insatiable flirt.” Rude shook his head and laughed as they moved on and the injured Turk to put one foot in front of the other until they came to the Church door.

The church itself was surrounded in the strange half-fog and half-ash that fell constantly. There was a road that ran adjacent on a higher bank and an old Land Rover sat with all its doors open and no sign of life. The road and Church path met on a makeshift car park, which was gravel mixed with mud. Elena and Tseng left Rufus and Rude to scout the area and check the abandoned vehicle.

“If nothing else we could try and get it working?” Elena suggested to the head of their division and was met with a nod.

Tseng wanted to be home, it wasn’t the violence that bothered him it was the prolonged fear that they would not be returning to their own world. Midgar might well be a ruin and other areas still had fractal violence but it was home. They moved to the vehicle and he stopped Elena before she got there.

“What’s wrong Tseng?”

“I would suggest you don’t look.” He said calmly even though his Turks knew violence and had done so much of it themselves some things he never wanted another living person to see and this was one of them.

Elena trusted his words and Tseng popped the lock to the Land Rover and opened the door. His hand was already moving so he could catch the body of the man at the drivers’ wheel. Tseng just needed to clear the drivers’ seat and planned to drive around the corner and dump the bodies. He moved the body on top of what he guessed must be his dead wife’s and then started the engine.

The others waited as Tseng pulled the car around and got to the dumpster around the back of the car parks toll booth. Pushing the bodies into the dumpster the others dived in the car holding Reno steadily between them. Rude and Elena settled with him and Vincent opted to follow them on foot. He would be able to move just as fast anyway.

“We’re in the central area and we need to get out on to…” Tseng looked to Rufus who had in short hand with a rather nasty looking leaking pen made what he could of the town map.

“Sandford Street and the T-junction for Nathan Avenue.” Rufus told him as he looked out of the window. “Don’t bother stopping. Run everything that gets in the way over.”

“Yes Sir.” Tseng nodded and put his foot down. Elena looked at the Land Rover and could smell old rotting corpse in it but at least they were making a decision to get the hell out.

If there was one thing Tseng liked to do it was drive and after several near misses with Sephiroth. Kadaj and his gang amongst other tales the chance to put his foot down never went amiss. He sped through the suburb and around the outer road of the lake and into the area they asked for.

Reno felt a jolt on his body and opened his eyes as Tseng ploughed through two or three of the strange monsters. He cursed as he clipped one at a bad angle and the vehicle swerved. He pulled them around and headed straight down the road out which he had been told would lead to Brahms.

“Tseng!” Elena screamed as she saw through the fog what the others were seeing now too.

“Stop!” Rude yelled at him and the brakes were hastily applied as the end of the road came to them and the front wheels stopped just shy of going over the fallen away road. To greet them there was only a sheer drop into what looked a bottomless fall as the ash and fog made visibility so poor.

“Fuck…” Reno moaned as he was thrown forwards and landed halfway in the front.

“Sorry Reno.” Rufus gently eased him up and kissed his Turks forehead. “Just stay with us okay?”

“Doing my best boss.” He nodded as Tseng swung the car around.

“Where should we go then?” Tseng asked as they headed back to the town.

“I would suggest the hospital.” Elena and Rude spoke at the same time. The redhead was bleeding through his bandages and at least until they could establish contact with ShinRa they had a focal point. Vincent appeared behind them following along. The only sign that the vampire was still there was the occasional glimpse of red movement.

“Go the Alchemilla Hospital its closer on the central plan here.” Rufus pointed out. “We need him resting.”

“Sir with all due respect…” Reno panted. “I just wanna get the hell home.”
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