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Do You Even Know What You're Saying? Or Are You Just Saying It?

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Saturday again. It's been a week with Sienna. It felt like way longer, since he didn't see her much. After seeing Ronnie in the foodcourt,
he looked around for Sienna, he couldn't find her. But, someone else found him.
"Alex, yeah?" The guy said.
"Yeah thats me" Alex replied.
"I'm Max, one of Ronnies friends"
"Oh god stay away from me" Alex got fustrated.
"No no, i'm not going to be like Ronnie, and stalk you, i'm here to let you know a bit about Ronnie"
He shivered a bit and became nervous. He felt like breaking down. He was about to run away but hes legs couldn't manage to do that.
Instead, he dropped down to the floor. Max bit hes lip. He started to poke dear Alex.
"Alex, dude, you awake?" A crowd starting forming around them. Max didn't like crowds, he was too small to handle it. What Max or
Alex didn't know is that Sienna and Ronnie were walking around together. They saw the crowd and decided to come in closer. Since
Max was short, they didn't notice anything. They came in closer to the middle and realised who it was.
"Ohmygod, Alex" Sienna dropped to her knees and grabbed one of Alex's hands. "Alex" Tears were coming out from her eyes.
"What happened?" She looked evily at Max.
"I don't know, he suddenly just, fell down, i didnt touch him"
"Why were you even with him?"
"So i can tell him just how fucking stupid he is for being with you?"
"Excuse me?"
"Yeah, you just jump from guy to guy like your a frog jumping from lily to lily, make up your fucking mind"
"My life isn't your business"
"But your life involves my best friend who i don't want to get caught up with your concieted heart"
Sienna opened her mouth to say something, but she quickly closed it and looked down at Alex. She put her ear to his heart. It was only
slightly beating. She whispered 'I'm sorry'. Not like he heard it or anything. But she did mean it. But, how many times should she mean it?
Once. Your meant to learn from the first sorry. She doesn't deserve forgivness. Look what her schemes caused. The one she said she
truely loves dropped dead to the floor. Well, not completely dead. A tear from her eye dropped and crashed onto Alex's heart. She stood
up and tried to melt her tears.
"Ronnie. I can't take this" She came up closer to him. "I don't know you anymore". She turned around and sniffed her tears and
focused her attention back to Alex. Ronnie just stood there, hes bones didn't have the strength to move. Hes just been eternally damaged.
Max looked up at hes friend. He knew just how much he was killing inside. He came up and stood next to Ronnie.
"Dude, sorry but, i told you, you should have just left her" Max didn't hesitate to speak, but he shivered. He felt so idiotic for saying that
now. Ronnie didn't look at Max. He shoved hes hand into hes thigh deeply. He was angry. He breathed sharply. Max got really nervous,
he stood as still as a stunned mullet. He wanted to move back but he was scared of the outcome. So, he slowly moved hes arm. Ronnie
noticed and quickly sprung at him and attacked him. He bought him to the ground. Grinding out all hes anger on him. He punched, swayed
and grabbed. He suddenly stopped and sat on top of Max. He looked into hes eyes to realise just how scared he was. Max felt horrible.
Ronnie stood up.
"Max .." Ronnie said slowly. But Max slid back while still on the ground. Looked up at Ronnie, then quickly shot up and ran away. He was
beyond terrified. Ronnie knew everyone was looking at him, except for Alex ofcourse. He just ran away, about to break out and cry.
Sienna watched the final footsteps she would ever see of Ronnie. But, she had importance aimed at Alex.
"Will someone call the ambulence? Fucking hell. No help these days. Geez" Sienna complained. It got everybody motioned.

After about 20 minutes of sadness the ambulence arrived and took Alex to the hospital accompanied with Sienna. They took him in a
seperate room and helped him. He was then left on the hospital bed barely able to move. Once the doctor left the door Sienna ran up to
"Is he alright?"
"He'll be fine, he just needs heaps of rest, its just stress" The doctor walked away. Sienna sneaked into the room.
"Alex, i'm sorry. This is all my fault" He didn't reply. He just stared at her. "I know your not willing to talk to me, i know i want you too, but,
i think, i should just stay away. I'm bad luck. I do everything wrong. Your just .. too good for me. I really did love you at the start, when
we were unseprable, i had the biggest crush on you that i could ever have. When you had that meeting, we weren't together, i felt, that
there was someone else, and i had no chance. Because, why else would you leave me. Then Ronnie bumped into me, and i thought i
fell in love with him but i was just .. desperate for you. When i came back, i felt confident, and made my move. I needed to hold you
forever, i still do. But thats not what you need. You need, better. Thanks for the greatest friendship i could ever come across. Alex, i'm
sorry. I love you" She kissed him one last time and walked out of the room. Alex wanted to say something before she left but he had no strength.
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