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You Stole My Heart But I Had It First

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The next day, Alex was sent out of hospital. He spent the day trying to contact Sienna. She wouldn't reply.
'Please, i know you think your bad for me, but, im bad without you - Alex'
'I'm not comming back, i've done something so terrible. Your fuckloads better without me - Sienna'
'If i was better without you, would i be messaging you?'
'I dont know, but Alex, believe me, your better off without me, you have so much talent, i want you to go express it, forget about me is
what i desire, ive reached the all time low, just, forget me'.
Alex's mind was suffocating him with thoughts, wonders and regrets. He saved that messaged in his mind, forever. He walked around
hoping to crash into her. Instead, he landed in direction of Max.
"Hey, whats wrong with your face?" Alex asked.
"Just, don't ask Alex, just don't"
"Um, okay, what happened, in the mall?"
"I dont know, you just crashed, after yelling"
"Wow, i'm fucked"
"Yeah, because of one person"
"No, dont act all stupid like Ronnie, its Sienna, she did play you a joker"
"You didn't hear what she said"
"Do i want to? It would have no importance to me anyways"
"I should go, i'm not meant to be out here anyways"
"Um okay, but Max, i feel like i should thank you"
"Me? I didn't do anything out of the ordinary"
Alex shrugged as Max left. He continued looking for Sienna. He suddenly stopped at a halt. 'What am i doing? Max is right. But, no. I can't,
i need her' A certain sight helped Alex lose hes train of thought.
"SIEENNAA" Alex ran to her as fast he could.
"Alex, i told you, forget me"
"How could i forget you? Thats impossible. I wasn't able to say anything in the hospital because, i had no strength"
"Still, i did that to you" Her fingers wiping the invisible on hes cheek. He placed hes hand around her wrist.
"Why? Why couldn't you stick to one? Instead of making me suffer" He stared into her lush green eyes. She looked down, she couldn't
bare that we was just staring at her. But with one finger on her chin, he lifted her head up. "Tell me" She breathed.
"I don't know, i guess, argh, i told you yesterday"
"I know you did, i want to hear it again. So you can hear my reply"
"Tell me"
"Uh .. i was, desperate, for you"
"And you told me, so why did you go back to Ronnie? I just can't understand you anymore" He let go of her wrist and her hand fell of his
"Its Ronnie, i couldn't keep away"
"More than one guy, what, is Max in mind too? Hes quite the cute one" Alex wasn't joking.
"No, please Alex, don't get angry, i want peace between us since i can't talk to you anymore"
"Oh, ohh, so, you don't want to talk to me, but, your going to talk to Ronnie"
"No, i am not going to talk to Ronnie, hes gone, this time, really gone, now seriously Alex, you should just leave me, forget"
"I wish i could, but im damn crazy over you" He had his hands on her waist as he kissed her. She had the urge to back him off, but she
didn't want to. They stopped. Alex's eyes didn't open and he wasn't balanced.
"Alex, are you okay?" Sienna asked as she held the tip of hes hand so he wouldn't fall down. He didn't answer, he just mumbled. He was
close to falling, but Sienna caught him. She waved her hand over hes head to give air. He didn't move. She placed her ear at hes heart. It
was barely pumping. She swept the hair from hes face. He was starting to sweat. "No, Alex, please, not again" She said with him just
laying there in her lap. "I'm sorry, please, wake up" She was half past crying. The smart thing to do by now would ofcourse be, ring the
ambulance, but she didn't want to do that, it would mean leaving Alex, and letting him off her lap. She wished he could stay there forever,
After about an hour, Sienna as half asleep, she was just lying there, with Alex lying on top of her. She woke up as she felt a shake at her
knees. It was Alex, he wad woken up. It took him a while to lift hes upper body up, but as soon as he did, Sienna hugged him. He got
scared untill he realised who it was. Her cuddling made him warm, like the sand on a sunday afternoon. He delicately laid a kiss on her
lips. "Please, don't do that again" She whispered into hes ear. He let hes hand onto the her cheek. "I wont, i really wont". They sat in
silence, just holding each other. Sienna suddenly lifted her head off of Alex's chest. She turned her head to face him, they're eyes
connected in a strong hold. He saw the fear as her eyes widned.
"Sienna .. whats wrong" He asked her as she looked down, he was still staring at her. She looked up, and didn't see Alex. No, she saw
Ronnie. Hes silhouette. She shook her head.
"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" She was pulling her hair. Alex just looked up at her in worry, fear. She was still screaming. So Alex stood up and held
both her hands tightly to the side of her body.
"Breath" He slowly said. She closed her eyes and breathed. In .. and out.
"In .. and out, in .. and out" In .. and out. She opened her eyes, not one glance at Alex. She couldn't. But, she looked at one side, and saw
a shadow in the figure of Ronnies slim shape. Under the arm strength of Alex, she hugged him. Tightly. Her tears allowing her make up
to smudge on Alex's shirt. Not that he minded. He stroked her hair. She was so warm in hes arms, she doesn't want to let go, let alone,
open her eyes. But, she did, she took a one shot look above Alex's shoulders, the shadow was coming closer. She let go of Alex, which
caused him to let go to. Her eyes and her mouth wide in shock.
"It's not a shadow" She didn't move at all. She didn't even blink.
"Huh? What? Huh?" Alex was surely lost. So he faced the direction she was. He saw it to.
"You see it, i mean, him, don't you?" Sienna asked, still not moving one bit.
"Yeah, but, who?"
"It's Ronnie, please" She turned her face to look at Alex. "Lets go, please, i don't want to see him"
"It's too late" A voice not belonging to Alex said. Sienna didn't look back, she knew who it was. But not what he wanted.
"Ronnie, what do you want?" Sienna finally turned around.
"Do you really need to ask, i mean seriously, isn't it obvious?"
"I'm sorry Ronnie, i can't, i just, can't"
"Is it that you can't? Or that your being forced not to, or just don't want to, Sienna, tell me how you really fucking feel"
"Just go away"
"Tell me"
"GET THE FUCK LOST!" And with that, she ran away. Alex was just about to walk away when Ronnie offered him a drink.
"A drink? What the fuck, nah, i'm alright"
"No, c'mon, take it"
"I don't know, to kill the thirst" Ronnie smiled. He looked so innocent, you just had to give in to that smile, even if your a guy. So, Alex
took the drink, he was hesitated to drink, but he managed. One sip, and he dropped dead. Ronnie went down on one knee and left a box
on Alex's non beating chest. "I'm sorry Alex, i really am. I didn't want to do this to you, i fucking didn't want to, but, Siennas one of those
girls" Ronnie didn't feel so good about himself. He was angry, he was really a nice guy, but, falls to easily. He did, what he did, because,
he had too. If he couldn't have Sienna, neither could Alex. He took one look down at Alex, then ran away. Hoping to not run into Sienna.
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