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Chapter 15

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cat dictionary

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December 28, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Today is Visit-A-Zoo day. I really wanted to go, and Bob and Ray did too, but Frank and Gerard-- the evil things they are-- refused to go with me. They said something about hating animals which I found so ironic because they themselves are BEASTS for not taking me. I could have taken them to visit their cousins, the wildebeests. Well, I guess it's too late for that now.

So instead I spent my day talking on the phone with Bob about how we would go about beating up Gerard and Frank. We considered inviting Ray in on this, but Ray takes our plans too seriously and too far. Though, if Gerard and Frank make us miss out on another Visit-A-Zoo day we'll definitely be recruiting him for assistance.

Comment(s): 4
Sing4Absolution: Why would you turn Ray against me!? You are a bad, bad man.
--KissMyBass: Ray needed no help from me. He's been against you from the start. You and Frank are Germany and Japan, and we are Great Britain, Russia and the United States. WE WILL PREVAIL.
---LittleDrummerBoy: Yeah, sorry, Gerard. You're a loser from the start.
----GuitarHero: I call dibs on Japan.


December 29, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

I spent a quiet night home tonight. My family and I played pictionary and watched Kill Bill I. Playing pictionary, however, is very lethal in my house. Someone always ends up crying and throwing a fit. Usually it's me, but this time that changed! No one could figure out what the hell Mikey was drawing because he is a terrible artist, and he screamed and started sobbing because he believed everyone thought he was worthless at art. I mean, he is, but he didn't have to cry about it! What a crybaby. Then my mom sent him to his room for being too irritating and my parents and I bonded over a film about a female assassin. Cute, I know.

Frank, tell Aiden he can have Mikey. I don't want him anymore.

Comment(s): 2
GuitarHero: I'll take Mikey off your hands. Aiden needs a life-partner anyway.
LittleDrummerBoy: You're such a horrible person. I LOVE MIKEY. You're too mean to him. His poor, sensitive soul cannot take your punishments.


December 30, 2007.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

Um, hi. TOMORROW IS NEW YEAR'S EVE. Do you know what this means? Well, hello: Party at Frank's! I'm so excited. New Year's Eve is my second favourite holiday. There's really nothing better than bringing in the new year by getting piss drunk and singing to bad 80s songs.

Did I ever mention how much I do not like Christmas? I really do not. However, my aunt so kindly bought be a cat dictionary. It's exactly how it sounds. What the hell does someone do with a dictionary of cats? I can't even own one! My mother hates them, that rabid woman. So now I can just look at them. In a dictionary.

Comment(s): 2
Sing4Absolution: You can buy me a cat!
--LittleDrummerBoy: If I can't have a cat, no one can. So no, Gerard, I will NEVER, EVER buy you one.
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