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The Thrill of Power

by Diviniti

Harry Potter is a Nephilim, with a lust beyond measure, for Nephilim gain power from binding women to their core. Perhaps this was the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not. Join Harry on a journey to powe...

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Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me or is being used for profit. I do not approve or encourage any of Harry's actions.

Warning: Sex, described graphically. Dont like, dont read. Harry isnt a saint; he isnt a Seraphim, so dont expect him to be mr. nice guy. He will have his sugary moments with other girls, but he will also take certain women by force. If you cannot deal with it, turn back now. I do not encourage anything written here.


“Harry there is something we should discuss,” Tonks said. “It has to do with the Order. You asked me to get all of the information I could, and I did. I’m afraid that Ron and Hermione have been informing Dumbledore of your actions for the past year.”

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” Harry said.

“I’m so sorry, Harry. I always had a nasty feeling that they meant more to you than you meant to them. I don’t think Ginny is in on it, or the rest of the Weasleys, but certainly Ron and Hermione.”

“How could they? I’ve… always only wanted the best for them. Fine. Fuck them,” Harry snapped angrily. He stood up and began pacing, plotting his sweet revenge.

“Harry, do you want to talk about it?” Tonks asked.

“Tonks, how would you like a new slave girl?” Harry said.

“You mean Hermione?” Tonks asked incredulously.

“Yes, Tonks, as I have told you, I am forming a harem. You cannot deny that she has grown into a beautiful young woman. And neither can you deny that your sexual tastes are rather large. I need to get revenge on her, and this is the perfect way.”

“Will you become even more sexy if you fuck her?” Tonks asked, looking at him hungrily.

“Yeah. For now, however, we need to find a better home. I have received notice via owl that I am now the Head of the Black Family, as Sirius gave his inheritance to me. I am in control of Grimmauld Place, and I am going to chuck a few people out. Come.”

Tonks moved towards Harry, who grabbed her and he traveled to Grimmauld Place, using a power that came with his status and Head Black. He sat in a deserted room. “Tonks, scout the house and tell me if Dumbledore is here.”

Tonks came back five minutes later and told Harry that Dumbledore was indeed not there.

“Okay. Change yourself to look like Ron, and tell Hermione that you have something to show her. Bring her here.”

A few minutes later, ‘Ron’ and Hermione entered Harry’s room. After they entered, the door shut behind them and Harry cast a silencing charm upon the room. “Hermione,” He greeted with false warmness.

“Harry? Tonks? What are you two doing?” Hermione cried in surprise.

“Tonks, gag her with your panties,” Harry said coolly as he performed a Leg-Locker Curse on Hermione.

Tonks pulled out a pair of wet panties, which she ties around Hermione’s mouth. The brunette’s eyes widened in horror, and she made to scream, but all she could taste was Tonks’s juices, which made her even more disgusted.

“Hermione, Hermione… you have not been a very good friend to me, have you?”


“Save it, bitch. I am not going to be a very good friend to you either. Tell me, Hermione, have you ever had sex?”

Hermione shook her head frantically. The gag slipped enough for her to scream, but Harry simply slapped her and redid the gag tighter. “I’ll take that as a no. Hermione, I know you have been ratting on me. For what in return, I care not. I am only here to punish you, and I have a feeling that the best way to punish you would be to show you what you truly are – a dirty slut. Don’t cry, Hermione, try to enjoy it.”

“Tonks, remove her clothes.”

Tonks smiled wickedly and ripped off Hermione’s shirt and pants. She was wearing a plain white bra and knickers. Her skin looked incredibly soft, and although her boobs had nothing on Tonks’s, they were nice and pert. Her ass was rosy and cute, and Harry looked forward to seeing what was between her legs. He moved forward to handle the bra and knickers.

He lay the struggling-but-bound witch onto the bed and chained her to each corner. Her legs were forced apart and Harry could see her pussy beneath her unshaved pubic hair. Hermione was crying now, for she was not like Tonks. This was her worst nightmare; to feel so inferior and dirty.

Harry removed his clothes as well. “Hermione, I am going to make you mine. After I do this, you will be my sex slave.” Harry spoke with a commanding, magical voice, using his full power as a Nephilim.

Harry moved on top of Hermione, savoring the feel of her soft skin. He didn’t enter her; he just squished her, making sure that she knew that he was completely in control of the whole situation. He moved down to her pussy and lubricated it with his tongue. Hermione cried as she moaned in pleasure despite herself. “Hermione, just move your head. Do you want me to fuck you?”

She said no.

Harry moved on top of her so that the tip of his engorged member was pricking her pussy but not entering. “How about now?”

Still no.

“Too bad, bitch.” Harry slammed his member all the way into her hole, smashing through her hymen. He nearly swooned in the pleasure of it all; she was so tight. She found a way to scream through her gag, but Harry took no heed. Instead of giving her time to adjust, he just battered away at her, crushing his member all the way inside of her over and over again. She was tight… it felt so good to steal her virginity.

Harry finally climaxed and got off of her, leaving her in a weeping mess. “That felt good, didn’t it? I know it felt good for me.”

Harry removed her gag.

“Harry how could you? I hate you! I HATE YOU!”

Harry used his powers to elevate her lust. “I know it hurt. Let me ease your pain.”

Harry gently went down on her, tenderly licking her walls. He was going to make her orgasm whether she wanted to or not. Her pussy tasted so sweet… it was a shame she was doomed to being his slave. She could have been his queen had she not chosen the wrong path.

She climaxed once, soaking Harry’s face in liquids, but Harry continued. Tonks ripped off her pants and sat atop Hermione’s face, forcing the brunette to pleasure her pussy. Tonks rubbed Hermione’s breasts as Hermione’s face was shoved inside her dripping pussy.

After Hermione was about to come to a second orgasm, Harry stopped and told Tonks to stop. He positioned his member over Hermione’s mouth and told her that if she sucked it well, he would allow her to climax. Hermione nodded, desperate to finish her orgasm, and took Harry inside the mouth.

Harry positioned himself above her in such a way that he could lick her pussy at the same time, and he pounded into her mouth, with his now six-and-a-half inch member, making her gag, but she didn’t protest, because all she knew was that if whatever beast atop her stopped invading her pussy, she would die.

“Hermione,” Harry said after he had finished. “Would you like some more? Would you like me to please you again?”


Harry smirked. He flipped Hermione over and raised her buttocks high in the air. “Tonks, what do you think. Should I pleasure Hermione, the betraying bitch, or pleasure myself?”

“Yourself, Master.”

And so Harry pulled her buttcheeks apart and wandlessly lubricated and cleaned her hole. He stuck his member in slowly, her incredibly tight anal canal fighting him every millimeter of the way.

She tried to scream, but her face was now back in Tonks’s pussy.

Harry fucked slowly at first, giving her ass time to get used to his member, but soon he was pounding away, his hands squeezing her cheeks extremely tightly. She wouldn’t be able to sit down properly in a week.

“Did that hurt Hermione?”

“Yes…” she moaned.

After he had stopped, he unchained her and allowed her to stand up. She immediately made for the door, but it was locked. “Why did you do this, Harry? I’m so sorry for betraying you, but… I never thought you were capable of such cruelty. You really hurt me.”

“Hermione, you are my slave. You will not tell me how you feel or what you think. If you exceed at bringing me pleasure, I will make you Tonks’s equal. You will live with me here in Grimmauld Place. When I am horny, you will be fucked. When you are horny, you MAY be fucked, depending on your behavior. This can be a punishment or a reward, Hermione, because I know you loved the feeling of being fucked. Do you know why? It is because you are a whore. A cock-loving slut. A sex slave. Do you understand?”

“Please Harry-”

Tonks pinched Hermione’s nipple. “You are Harry’s. You will answer his questions or receive punishment.”

“I understand!” she squeaked. Tonks released her.

“The fourth floor of Grimmauld Place is mine. You will come here to sleep, and whenever I summon you.” Harry gave her a bracelet. “This will burn when you need to serve me. When you are not needed, you will be with the other Order members, acting normal. You will not let Ron touch you. You are mine. You will not speak of any of this to anyone, or you will suffer the consequences.”

Hermione nodded.

“You will put more time into grooming yourself. Here, I will give you money, and you will buy yourself expensive beauty products. Everyone will stare at you, but deep down, you will know that you are Harry’s, and only his. If Tonks asks you to do anything that does not contradict something I have said, you will obey.”

Hermione nodded. What other choice did she have?


Harry woke up that morning, with Hermione and Tonks both by his side. Harry was tempted to spend all day fully exploring all of the possibilities with a Metamorhmagus and a sex slave, but he had work to do. He had to work on his next target; Fleur. He knew that she was a powerful witch and veela, and would give him a significant boost in power. Being a veela, the tactic he used on Hermione might not work, and Harry didn’t want to take any chances. He would seduce her, slowly and carefully. Well not too slowly…

Harry sent Hermione down to gather information while he woke Tonks up with a healthy dose on humping. He really could help it, especially since she had decided to give herself the figure of Jennifer Lopez.

Hermione returned to tell them that Fleur had returned to France to spend some time with her sister and parents. A house with three part-veelas… interesting. He decided to only go for Fleur though, since Gabrielle was only twelve and Fleur’s mother was married.

Harry sent the girls down, allowing himself to have some time to formulate a plan.

He finally decided that Fleur would be a bit more of a challenge, and he needed to hone his skills first. What he needed was to fuck a fangirl or two, and he had just the perfect idea of who to use for the power increase. He needed a convenient woman.


“Hey Ginny.” Harry said. He ran up to her and cupped his hand over her mouth so she didn’t make a noise. In doing so, he got very close to her. “Not here, let me explain.”

Harry led her away to his room.

“Harry, why are you here?”

“Because, Ginny, Privet Drive got too much for me. Can you keep my secret? I… I like you a lot, Ginny, and it would mean a lot to me if you could be my friend.”

“Really?” she asked, wide eyed. Harry reassuringly rubbed her shoulder, causing her to moan very slightly. This was too easy.

“Yeah, Ginny. I mean, I know that you, unlike Ron, haven’t been spying on me. You are smart, charming, cunning, and… beautiful.”

“Oh Harry, I think you are wonderful too! I’ve always thought so! I would love to be your friend!” she said, giving him a hug. Hmm… she was smaller than Hermione when it came to tits and ass, but her hair and face was beautiful. She was still growing, Harry knew, and her mother had giant breasts. Harry knew that soon Ginny would have the beauty and the body. She would never be as sexy as Tonks, and but she would give Hermione a run for her money.

“Ginny…” he said, pretending he was viewing the hug the same way she was.

“Harry. Please, I need to know… do you like me?”

“Yes, Ginny, my sweet. May I kiss you?” Harry grew sick with all the false honey spewing from his mouth. Still, she would give him a power increase that he needed desperately. He had to get as much work done before Hogwarts, so when he entered Hogwarts he would be powerful enough to stand his ground. There were only a limited number of girls who he could screw without going out in to the Wizarding World and risking getting seen. To put it bluntly, Harry when after Ginny because she would require very little effort for to get in bed. Harry knew that she was not a weak witch when it came to magical power; perhaps she didn’t have an independent brain, but she would provide him with an equal amount of power as Hermione did. Plus, if the Weasleys ever went against Harry, he would have leverage. He laughed at himself; sure he was heartless, perhaps inhumanly, but then again, he was a Nephilim, not some wide-eyed boy-who-lived.

Ginny nearly fainted.

Harry moved in to kiss her, surging his Nephilim power into her.

“Merlin, Harry, you’re so sexy… you’re… so… manly and…”

Harry chuckled. He had her. “I think you are a beautiful young woman, Ginny. Tell me, have you liked me for a long time?”

“Yes, heavens yes.” She breathed.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could both give in to our desires for each other? I mean, I know you want me, and I want you. Have you ever wondered if that is enough?”

“Enough to… have sex?”

“Yes, lovely Ginny.”

Ginny fainted.

“Damnit, you wench.” Harry had a hard cock, and no conscious female nearby to help him. Harry had been practicing Legilimency, so he snuck into Ginny’s mind, and gave her a wet dream of him fucking the hell out of her pussy. She woke up later, the area in between her legs soaked, the scent of sex wafting up to Harry’s nose.

“Harry, what… oh my god! I fell asleep,” Ginny said frantically. Looking down, she yelped, turned red, and frantically tried to cross her legs so that Harry wouldn’t see what she had done. She looked at the door, embarrassment overtaking her.

Harry stopped her. His cock was paining in his pants, and Ginny would look so pretty with her lips enclosed around it. “Ginny, do you remember what I told you?”


“About us giving in to our desires. Do not be afraid. Come, lie down. Let there be no embarrassment, for we are humans, and humans have needs. You are a horny schoolgirl and I am a horny schoolboy. We both like each other and respect each other,” Harry lied.

Harry laid her back on the bed, and she was trembling, not out of fear, but out of anticipation and lust. Harry slowly undressed her and slowly kissed every inch of her body, causing her to shudder and moan. She attempted to grab his head and move it down to her desperate virgin pussy, but Harry smirked, continuing to tease her breasts. He wanted her to faint in anticipation; to want it so bad that she would do anything for his penis. He let her undress him, and she made to mount him, but he stopped her, continuing to slowly lick her body, but now brushing his throbbing manhood against her nether regions, just enough to get her to squeal and to sweat. Her arms circled around him and she tugged him into her – hard, but Harry continued to tease her. He would slowly get closer and closer to her pussy, and then leave to caress another part of her body. He didn’t just stimulate her breasts; he stimulated every part of her body, from her earlobe to her thigh, but didn’t let her force him inside of her.

“Ginny. If you could have one wish, what would it be.”

“Fuck me,” she moaned.

“I will not fuck you right now. If you want to be fucked, you have to earn it.”

Ginny took the hint and sucked desperately at his cock, licking it, kissing it, worshiping it. She was good, Harry had to admit. Not as good as Tonks, who could change her mouth to be a perfect cock taker, but Ginny did have a very nice mouth, that was velvety, hot, and wet. She was wild and untrained, but he could change that over time.

Harry pulled his cock out of her mouth before it shot off a load. He grabbed it with his hand, and pumped hard, spraying his sticky, hot cum all over her face. “Do you like my cum?”

“I love it, Harry. I want it inside of me. I NEED IT!”

“Okay, you have earned it. Everyday, you will be given a chance to earn pleasure. If you are good and follow my rules, you will experience pleasure of a kind that many people never know in their lives. Now I want you to lie down and spread your legs wide open.”

“You’re still hard?”

“I am Harry. Before you lies the evidence that I can please you the way you need.” Harry moved on top of her. He rammed his cock into her pussy, groaning in pure delight as he realized that she was tighter than Hermione. Once again, he didn’t take it easy of her virginity. He was on top of her, dominating her as she screamed in pain and pleasure. He took his thrusts slow, but deep, allowing her pink canal to fully form a tight sheath around his throbbing mass. He shoved it all the way in and then kept it there.

“Oh my god.. oh my god… Harry…” Ginny said, moaning like a perfect little slut. It took all of Harry’s restraint not to just work his hips like a machine and thrust as rapidly as he could. “Finish me. I am about to cum, FUCK ME!”

“Who do you belong to?”

“Harry Potter.”

“Who’s wish is your command?”


Harry nodded, and finally continued to pump, spearing her, and reducing her to a quivering mass of female flesh. She was very vocal when she had her orgasm, and Harry was turned on by it. Harry picked her up like a doll and flipped her on her knees. He angled his cock so it would hit her g-spot. He owed Tonks a thank you for showing him how to find it. He pumped in and out, his hands squeezing her butt and legs and he pumped from behind. He then inserted one finger into her rectum, and began to wiggle it, causing her walls to expand. Soon Harry had two fingers inside her ass pumping wildly and bringing her to knew heights of ecstasy as her moved his cock extremely fast, in and out of her pussy. He was turned on by her feminine screams of pleasure. It was a good thing he had cast a Silencing Charm around the door. He exploded into her, as she let the waterworks open.

She collapsed onto the bed, unconscious. Harry wrote a short note, telling her she would now be living in Hermione’s room, and would be part of his harem. He, of course, did give her the choice to not join, but then she would be unable to have his now seven inch member. He knew what she would choose.


Harry continued to make plans in his mind. He had a few weeks until Hogwarts started up, and he needed to be, at the very least, a superb Occlumens, decent Legilimens, and good duelist. He spent four hours each day practicing dueling with Tonks, and when he poured his new magical energy into his newly learned spells, Harry could beat the skilled Auror. Still, he would be torn apart by Dumbledore. He needed more raw power and more knowledge. His daily training could provide the knowledge… new females would provide the power. The question was who? Harry didn’t want to induct complete strangers into his harem, but he did want some sexy, powerful witches. He wanted to do a new woman each day, but he wanted to also take care in who he inducted, as they would be in a way, bonded to him, and he to them.

The only girl who he could think of who didn’t go to Hogwarts who he wanted to bond to was Fleur, since she was a powerful part-veela, who happened to be extremely beautiful. She had given him hard-ons since he was fourteen. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a schoolgirl or a sex-starved woman, so Harry knew that seducing her would have to be done slowly, and subtlety. Being a Veela, she may be resistant to his power. At the very least, he wanted to be hotter than any guy she had ever been with when he went after her, and although he was at the moment very well muscled, he still had a bit of the ‘child Harry left over in him.

He needed to fuck a few girls to get ready for Fleur, but the question was who? He didn’t want to end up with twenty useless schoolgirls in his harem. He would rather have twenty powerful, sexy women, even if it took longer.

What he needed was pure, no-strings-attached sex, without the Nephilim bonding. He knew that would only provide him with say, 20% of the power that bonding the female to him did, but there was always the option of inducting them after he had more time to make a decision, and receiving the full benefits.

And so, Harry made a plan to get out into wide world, and experience the thrill of one-night-stands. He would form his harem carefully, but he had to maximize his power as well. God must have really fucked up when making the Nephilim… angel that benefits from one-nighters… Oh well, Harry thought. He didn’t have any complaints.

-A/N- Leave me a review if you have anything to say, whether you liked it or hated it. But please, before you complain, Ginny will be one of many. If you dont like her, rest assured that she will be fairly low amongst the pecking order of Harry's Harem, especially once he gets to Hogwarts. I mean, just think of her as a redhead, who is fairly powerful, obsessed with Harry, and smart, but sometimes is unable to think for herself. She isn't that worse than any other girl, and she is a better choice for Harry than say, Lavender Brown.

Thanks for all the reviews and suggestions! Let me tell you some of the things I have decided on for sure.

I have thought a lot about having Harry pay the Black Sisters a visit, either Bellatrix or Narcissa, but I dont think that Harry has ever seen them as attractive women before, so Harry wont randomly be deciding, "Oh! I want to go fuck Bellatrix's brains out!" It is highly likely that at some point during the story, one of the two pairings would happen, but it would have to involve some event that puts Cissa/Bella in the same room as Harry, for whatever reason. I have a couple ideas in my head about how to make it happen, but I do not think it will be happening over Harry's summer.

Fleur on the other hand...Harry will be after her, as soon as he accumulates some additional power and experience.

I do have an age limit of say, 45 and under, so no Minerva. No Molly either.

A few of you said I should really flesh out the sex scenes in more detail. I did a little more detail here, and in the following chapters, the smut is even more detailed. If you wish to, go ahead and tell me how I'm doing with the sex scenes, since I'm a beginning adult author.

With Ginny, I would love it if someone could give me a clear, thought out reason why they hate her. I mean, she's not my favorite, but realistically, JKR says she is pretty and decently powerful, and she is right there next door to Harry. If you can convince me that Ginny is dung, I will kill her off, how about that for motivation, you Ginnyhaters!

So, until next time. I'll try to update every other day at least.
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