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Gerard Way

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Chapter 62-

“Where does this leave us?” I repeated, stepping forward towards Gerard.

“I don’t know Gerard, why don’t you tell me?” I snapped.

Gerard looked down at his feet shamefully.

“Did you mean any of it?” I said spitefully.

“Any of what?” Gerard asked.

“The ‘I love you so much Rachel, you mean everything to me’ bullshit.” I mocked.

“Of course I meant that!” Gerard said in a shocked tone.

“And this is how you show me.” I shook my head, turning my back to him.

“Do you not fucking understand that people make mistakes?!” Gerard growled.

“Mistakes?!” I screamed, turning around quickly.

“That was far from a mistake Gerard, you knew damn well what you were doing, and where it was heading.” I said angrily.

“If I were to go and fuck Frank, I’m sure you would carry on about it.” I added.

“Frank is fucking different!” Gerard yelled.

“Hurts the same though.” I said softly.

Gerard’s eyes and mine locked.

“You’ve fucked up way too many times Gerard.” I said slowly, my eyes not leaving his.

“And I’m not going to take it anymore.” I said quietly, biting my lip to stop the tears that threatened to fall.

“I’m sorry Gerard, but it’s over. I can’t deal with this anymore.” I said, walking off and pushing past him.

I didn’t bother to look back; I wouldn’t be able to see him anyway. I couldn’t even see where I was walking ahead of me because of the tears that stung my eyes.

But as I walked quickly out of sight, one thing was for sure,

I could feel my heart breaking, because there is only one boy I have ever loved truly with all my heart, and he broke it.

And that boy was Gerard Way...
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