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Together Forever

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Benjamin Levi Madden or better known to others as Benji Madden, age 17 is in a major problem. His twin brother Joel Ryan Ruben Madden has been lying in a coma for 8 years and his mother, Robin Madd...

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The Scream of Benjamin

Ch. 1
Together Forever

Benjamin Levi Madden, age 9

Joel Ryan Ruben Madden, age 9

Benjamin and Joel twins of the Madden family, Benjamin known mostly as Benji. Benji was the oldest of the twins. They have a little sister named Sarah Madden and an older brother Josh Madden.

Benji ran down the steps and looked around and looked back, “Joel!” He walked up to the kitchen and walked in, “Mommy, Daddy… Where’s Joel?”

Mrs. Madden, Robin, looked at him, “He’s still upstairs sleeping honey.”

Benji smiled, “Ok mommy!” He turned and ran out the door

“Benji!” she called him back

Benji stopped on the bottom step. He walked up to the door and opened it, “Yes mommy?”

“Your brother is sick. You need to leave him alone. I’m taking him to the doctor pretty soon” She smiled

Benji sighed, “But mommy I…”

“Do what your mother says!” His dad screamed

Benji jumped, “Ok!” He ran off and scrambled up the steps

Robin looked at him, “Dave! Why did you do that?”

He looked at her, “You don’t understand.”

Benji peeked in Joel’s room, “Brother?” He whispered and stepped in, “Mommy said not to bug you.. so I wont.. I will just sit right here…” He sat on the floor and set paper and a crayon down looking up at Joel

Joel laid there sleeping deeply, breathing really heavy. It must be his throat

Benji grabbed a black crayon from his crayon box and took out a piece of paper. He looked at Joel, “I’m making you something to take to the doctor.” He looked down and started drawing. He started to hum and rock back and forth

A few minutes later Benji sat up and looked at Joel, “Finished!” He stood up and put the picture by Joel

The picture had a grown up, a female, their mom, and two kids on each side of her, the twins. He wrote their names above the stick people, Joel, Momy, Benji.. and at the bottom was two words, Togeter 4 evr, it was misspelled but you could tell what it was.

Benji smiled and kissed Joel on the forehead

The door opened

Benji looked over

Dave was standing there, “I told you to listen to your mother!” He walked forward and smacked Benji in the side of the head

Benji toppled to the floor bawling

Dave grabbed the picture Benji made. He looked at Benji, “You, Joel, and Mommy huh? Well guess what!” He tore the paper apart.

Benji looked up as the pieces fell. He held onto his head tears streaming down his face

Dave grabbed Benji and tossed him across the room, “You never listen!”

Joel sat up watching eyes wide, “Daddy st…”

Dave spun around and smacked Joel and Joel flew off the bed and his head smacked into the wall

Robin ran in “Joel! Dave stop!”

Benji sat up and looked at Joel

Joel laid there unconscious and head bleeding

“Joel!” Benji screeched

Benji sat up in bed screaming, “Joel!” He looked
around the room breathing heavily. He swallowed and looked down, “Joel…” He covered his face and stood up and messed his hair up

Benji Madden, age 17, he changed. Punk was his style and he has a piercing on his bottom lip, well three. On in the middle right and left side of his bottom lip then another on his top lip. His tongue was also and his left side of his nose and both ears. He has tattoos covering both of his arms and some on his neck and others on his body else where. He wore black, barely anything else

He slipped on a shirt for he was just wearing sweat pants, “I’m happy it’s summer…” He walked out of the room and down the steps

Dave walked out of the kitchen in front of Benji, “Where are you going?”

Benji stopped almost tripping, “To go see Joel then Mommy…” He said watching him

Dave grabbed Benji’s shirt gently, “You know you need to be back before dark.” He said

Benji nodded, “Yes…”

Dave leaned in and kissed the side of Benji’s mouth

Benji closed his eyes tightly holding his breath

Dave leaned away and walked past him

Benji let out his breath and walked to the door. He grabbed his bag and looked back

Dave disappeared up the steps

Benji ran out of the house and started jogging down the street towards the store. He ran inside and up to the flowers. He grabbed a punch of white ones and then some red roses. He got a lot of roses and flowers. He paid for them and started out towards the hospital sorting the flowers out evenly.

He walked up to the counter in the hospital, “May I go to Joel’s room?”

The women behind the counter smiled, “Go ahead Benji.” She looked down and started writing

He nodded and started walking.

Room 103

Benji opened the door and walked in, “Joel…” He walked up to the bed

Joel laid there with object over his mouth to help him breath and needles in his arms. Benji sighed and looked down and walked up to the window putting one of the bunch of flowers in a vase on the window sill talking “Joel… it’s only been 8 years 4 months and fifteen days since I’ve seen you awake." He looked back at him “This coma your in is driving me crazy…” He walked up to him and at by him, “I’ve missed you and mom…” He moved hair from Joel’s face and leaned forward kissing his forehead a tear running down his cheek. He leaned away, “I love you bro. I am so mad at Dave for smacking you against the wall.” He ran his hand down Joel’s face, “I love you… yes I love you. And I will always think of you… till the end…” He sung to Joel just from the top of his head. He leaned in and kissed Joel’s cheek crying. He put his forehead against Joel’s, “Dave hurts me Joel.. I need you brother. I’m tired of being hurt…” He ran his hand down Joel’s face again crying


Benji sat up and looked over

Another teen stood there. He was 16, he was like Benji. Though instead of brown hair and brown eyes he had black hair and blue eyes. His hair was cut short and up in spikes. He also had tattoos all over his arms and on his right arm it was all decked out in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos. He wore black and was very tall and skinny. He smiled slightly holding a thing of flowers to his chest watching Benji

A smile came to Benji’s face, “Billy…”

Billy smiled and walked up holding out the flowers, “Black, red, and white roses…” He looked at Joel, “Do you think he will like them?”

Benji looked at Joel, “Why do you always ask if he will like what you bring?”

Billy looked at him, “Because.. I really miss him Benji…” He looked down, “I want to give him the best…”

Benji nodded, “Thanks.”

Billy nodded

Benji grabbed the roses, “You will always be my brothers best friend…” He closed his eyes trying to fight tears, “Even if he doesn’t come out of this, we will be… Together… forever…”
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