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Ch. 2

Benji walked out of the room ten minutes before 3:00 in the after noon. He left his house at 6:00 a.m. He always loved spending time with Joel. Billy stayed with Benji until noon, he had to leave cause of his job at Hot Topic. Benji walked past the desk, “See you later Lori.” He said waving

The women behind the desk waved and looked down at her book

Benji started down the street

Waldorf Cemetery

Benji walked through the gate and started across the graves. He looked around then forward. He walked up to a tombstone. It had a heart in the middle with two rings hooked together. One side had his dads name. Dave Aaron Madden and his birth date and a line and space for where they can put the day he dies and then on the other side was another name, Robin Lynn Madden. Her birth date and a line and there was the date of death. March 12th, 1996. After Benji and Joel’s birthday.

Benji bent down and put the flowers in a vase in the ground and put his hands together and rested his forehead on the tip of his fingers praying. After a few minutes Benji looked up at the stone and put his hand on it, “I’m sorry mother… I couldn’t help you.” Tears came to his eyes, “Joel going into the coma hurt you so bad…” He closed his eyes


Thunder struck outside

Benji, 9 years old, screamed covering his ears collapsing to his knees in the hall. He looked up then stood to his feet, “Mommy the thunder is scaring me without Joel here…” He said and walked up to the bedroom door

He heard a noise behind the door. Like something hitting the wall. He blinked and turned the door knob slowly and started to open it. He looked in

Robin sat on Dave and both were naked but covered with the blanket. She was moving strange like on top of Dave. Both made grunting sounds and moaning sounds

Benji’s eyes widened, Benji didn’t understand what was going on

Robin bent down screaming and moaning.

Dave moved with her, holding her legs apart

They started kissing wildly, trading tongue

Benji leaned on the wall not able to take his eyes away, he was baffled, he didn’t understand what they could be doing

Dave put his hand down by the side of the bed and it slipped between the mattress

Benji blinked watching him, what could his father be doing

Dave pulled a large knife out from between the mattress

Benji’s eyes went wider and his mouth dropped as he tried to scream, but nothing came out

Dave brought the knife up and behind Robin’s back

Benji shoved the door open all the way screaming, “Mommy!”

The knife was shoved into Robins back. She let out a scream and fell to the side

Benji covered his mouth screaming

Dave looked at Benji and quickly got up and started towards him

Benji screamed again and took off down the hall

Dave snatched Benji and slammed him against the wall. He bent down, “Calm down Benji. Calm down.”

Benji started sobbing and crying screaming, “Why did you do it! Why did you stab mommy!”

Dave moved his hand down Benji’s face whispering, “It was for the best. Lets take you to bed Benji…”

Benji started crying harder

Dave picked Benji up and started walking with him

Benji whipped away his tears and looked at Dave, “Why did you do it daddy…” He mumbled still sobbing

Dave looked at him moving hair from his face, “Benji it’s ok. Mommy is just… Sleeping.” He smiled

Benji blinked, “But… you stabbed her…” He wiggled around in his arms, “You killed her! You killed her! You killed her!” He screamed over and over

Dave kicked Benji’s door open and tossed Benji on the bed, “You better not tell you little brat! You better not!”

Benji screamed

“Daddy don’t!” Benji screamed facing the sky in the cemetery. He grabbed his head and looked down crying, “I’m sorry mommy! I didn’t want to lie to everyone mommy! I didn’t want to!” He fell to the side crying covering his face.

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