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Pretty as a Picture

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Drawings, dreams, and rolling on Gee's bed.

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The room we were in was apparently Gerard's, as he told me later. Now that my panic attack was over, I could look around the room and recognize it as a true bedroom. There was a bed, as I had seen before, but there were also a few chairs against the wall, a huge wooden closet towards one end, and a nightstand beside his bed. The best part about the room, though, was the walls. They were covered in amazing drawings, all of them made on normal white paper. A lot of them were of things I couldn't figure out, but even those were breathtaking. Others were of objects like the entrance of the Underworld seen from the tunnel, the cemetery, the streets, even animals.

"Did you draw all of these? They're fantastic!"

I walked around the room looking at them all as Gerard watched me from his bed where he was sitting. The others had left as soon as they saw that he was alright, each of them having things to do.

As I wondered around, I saw some drawings of people. I recognized few of them, one of them being Aileen. It was just of her face; in it, she was smiling brightly, all of her teeth showing. Most of the drawings were black, white and grey, but the eyes of Aileen were colored a blue almost as bright as her own. It was a great drawing.

I saw one of Ray, Bob, and even one of Kat. I studied this last drawing and noticed how good she looked. I smiled in spite of myself and glanced over at Gerard; he was still watching me.

I turned back to the wall and my eyes got caught on a very dark drawing. It was of the cemetery. In the middle of it was a big tombstone with a willow tree on one side. I found it familiar... and then I saw a black figure hiding behind the tombstone. You could only see the top part of the face of the man and his hands as he looked over the tombstone. I gaped slightly as I realized the hidden figure was me the day I met Gerard. So he could see me after all.

I chuckled, pointing at it and looking back at Gerard. He shrugged, smiling back at me. "I just draw what I see and how I see it."

"It's amazing... the detail of everything is just perfect. The leaves on the ground and the darkness and everything... it's just how I remember it too."

"Frank..." he mumbled after a few seconds.

"Mmm?" I couldn't take my eyes off the drawings.

"How did you know... I was in trouble? I mean, Bob told me you ran in here without anyone telling you about what happened or anything."

That caught my attention. I turned back at him and said with a sigh, "I just kinda saw it in adream... I saw everything that happened from above, as if I were floating or something. I saw it all... up until you yelled... my name."

Gerard nodded, looking at the floor. He opened his mouth as if to say something but shook his head instead. "Yeah..." he finally said, "I don't know why I did it, you know, it's not something I thought about. I just... did."

"Maybe you felt me there? Maybe you knew I was watching?"

He nodded, not looking convinced. "That could be it."

"Those guys were Ruins, right? And they were looking for... for me..." I said, ashamed that he had gotten beat-up because of me.

"Yeah, they were. They can sense you... it's driving them crazy. Don't feel bad about it," he said, seeing the look on my face, "it's not your fault or anyone else's. Everything turned out okay anyways. Continue."

I sat next to him on his bed. "Well, I saw it all happen, and I woke up when you... I woke up. And I came running here to see if you were okay or not even though-"

"Thanks." He glanced over at me, looking embarrassed.

"No problem."

"No, really, it means a lot to me. Nobody really cares about me, since they know I can heal on my own, they just leave me alone. I hate it... well, except for Aileen, she's an angel, but she can't always be there."

"You've been attacked before?" I asked in horror.

He let out a laugh. "Of course. I'm the one that does all the walking around the streets because of my powers. I can heal, but nobody can take the pain away..."

It was terrible to hear him talk like. I felt my usual useless self, not knowing what to do or say to make things better, if that was even possible. "I...I'm sorry, Gee..."

He smiled and looked at me. "Gee?"

I blushed. "It just escaped; if you don't like-"

"No; I like it," he cut in, still smiling.

I felt my cheeks burn even more. "Okay. Well... when I get my powers, I'll help you. Iswear I will. No more going on suicidal missions alone," I said jokingly, but serious about my promise.

"That is if you get any decent powers," he joked back. "You might get some shit-ass ones and we'll have to lock you up in the vault."

My mouth dropped open. "You guys really do that to people?"

Gerard started giggling hysterically, reminding me of a little girl. I found it incredibly cute, which was odd. "Of course not! What do you think we are?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, trying not to laugh too. "Anything is possible down here..." I muttered.

Still laughing, he said through tears, "You should have seen your face... priceless!"

Just as I was going to punch his arm for making fun of me, he jumped up from the bed, avoiding it. I chased after him as he jumped over to the other side of the bed.

"You can't run forever!" I taunted.

"From you? Of course I can; you're legs are short!"

"Oh no you didn't! My short legs are going to give you the ass kicking of your life!"

From the other side of the bed, he squeezed his eyes shut and stuck his tongue out at me. We were acting like children and we both realized it, but in that moment it was what we needed to release stress.

I jumped on the bed, catching him off guard, and pulled him back towards me as he tried to turn around and run.

We were on the bed rolling around and struggling to get free, still laughing and making fun of each other.

At one point in our fight, I was on top of Gerard and I was holding his arms against the bed, but they were so stretched out that my face was only a few inches from his. As we breathed heavily, worn out from our struggle, Gerard said, "You're pretty strong for being so short."

"You're only 2inches taller than me, Gee!"

He laughed, his eyes sparkling again. I stared into them, the smile slowly disappearing from my face as a strong feeling rose inside of me. I was frozen. Hypnotized, as I looked into those deep green eyes that were looking up at me. I couldn't look away, move or even speak.

We laid like that for what seemed like forever until he calmly said, "We should go outside with the others."

Finally being able to look away, I said, "Oh, yeah, right. Let's go then." I jumped off of him and started straightening my clothes and hair, and I saw him doing the same.

My heart was racing and my breathing was heavy... why the hell was I so nervous?

Okay, by now some of you are probably like, "Where the hell is the Frerardness?!". Be patient, please. I'm trying to make this like a "real" story. Right now everyone is still confused about their feelings. Besides, I think the plot of this story is interesting enough to keep you happy until something does happen between our two lovelies. =)

Next chapter... time to show some magic!

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