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Mandy’s Dangerous Visit

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Ch. 3
Mandy’s Dangerous Visit

Hilary ran up to her mom’s door pounding on it screaming, “Mom! Open the door! Hurry!”

Mandy looked down the street towards their house

Hilary’s mom swung open the door, “Hilary? What happened?”

Hilary shoved past her and put Mandy down, she swung around and slammed the door. She stood there staring at the floor with both hands on the door. She was gasping for air and sweating.

Her mom grabbed Hilary’s shoulders and walked her over to the couch

Hilary walked looking at the floor

Mandy watched them, “What was in the closet?” She asked

Hilary’s mom looked back at Mandy, “In the closet?” She asked. She glanced at Hilary, “In the closet? What does she mean?” She sat Hilary down

Hilary shook her head mumbling, “We are still not safe… She will kill me…” She started crying

Her mom sat by her, “Who?” She asked trying to look Hilary in the face

Hilary looked at her, “Megan…” She said, more of a whisper

Mandy watched her mom bawling like she would if she got in trouble or get hurt. Mandy looked at the door and tilted her head, “Daddy left us. He made us leave.” She said to herself.

Hilary opened her eyes and looked at Mandy “Billy…” She said to herself. She stood up and walked over to Mandy, “Your daddy, what did daddy want you to tell me?” She asked grabbing her shoulders

Mandy looked at Hilary in the eyes, “I don’t know. He was going to tell me while I told you. He never told me.”

Hilary’s hands dropped

Mandy got tears in her eyes, “Is that bad?” She asked as if she were in trouble

Hilary blinked, “No, no.” She said and hugged her, “Everything will be just fine. Daddy will visit again.”

Mandy nodded slowly still sobbing a bit

Hilary looked at her mom, “Don’t worry mom. But can we sleep down here tonight?”

She nodded, “Yeah…” She turned and started up the steps. Her bedroom door closed

Hilary watched the steps then picked Mandy up and walked over to the couch. She set her down thinking, “When I was running with her, she didn’t seem this heavy.” She smiled and laid beside Mandy, “Good night Mandy.” She kissed Mandy’s forehead

“Good night Mommy.” She snuggled up to Hilary and soon fell asleep

Hilary closed her eyes and dug her face in the back of Mandy’s head and hugged her tighter and fell asleep.

The next morning

“Hilary wake up…”

Hilary looked up hearing Billy’s voice, “Billy…”

She saw her mom

“Billy? Hilary it’s me, your mom…” She said

Hilary sighed and sat up, “Hi mom…” She said looking away

Hilary’s mom stood up, “Mandy is eating cereal in the kitchen.” She walked into the kitchen

Hilary sighed and stood up and started walking towards the kitchen. She got to the door and stopped looking down. She placed her hand on the door tears going to her eyes, “Billy, I finally saw you again. Why did you leave me…” She started crying softly, she whipped the tears away and walked into the kitchen, “Morning Mandy.”

“Morning mommy!” Mandy said smiling at her and continued eating her cereal, she stopped and looked at Hilary, “I woke up last night. I saw daddy.”

Hilary looked at her, “He’s ok!” She said her hope building

Mandy nodded, “He told me that he will be back tonight and he will tell us what he wants to.” She nodded again eating again

Hilary smiled and looked up, “Thank God.” She said closing her eyes

Mandy stood up and whipped off her mouth, “I need to get ready for school. I’ll walk tonight ok?” Mandy looked at Hilary smiling

Hilary nodded slowly, “Now remember. Don’t go with any strangers or anything ok?” Hilary asked smiling

Mandy nodded picking up her bag, “Alright mommy.” She walked out of the kitchen and walked up to the front door and looked back calling, “See you after school!” She walked out

Hilary called after her, “Ok! Bye honey!” She said

Mandy got to school and ran up to Amber Lewis and smiled, “Hi Amber!”

Amber smiled and looked at her, “Hi Mandy! So what’s up?” She asked walking

Mandy walked beside her, “Nothing, just daddy visited me last night again.” She smiled

Amber smiled, “Why does he only visit you at night?” She asked

Mandy blinked and looked up, “I don’t know…” She sighed, “He likes privacy maybe.”

Amber laughed, “Yeah maybe. Or maybe he’s scared of your mom.” She smiled

Mandy laughed but it was obviously fake, “Yeah…”

Amber blinked and sighed, “At least he is visiting.”

“It’s not that.”

Amber blinked and shrugged like what

Mandy sighed, “Mommy said daddy was dead. But I see daddy every night. What’s up with that?” She said looking down

Amber blinked, “I have no idea…”

Mandy sighed and looked at her forcing a smile, “Well lets go…” She walked through the school doors

School ends

Mandy walked out with Amber. She ran down the steps and looked at Amber, “Bye Amber and see you tomorrow!” She took off running

Amber waved, “Bye Mandy!” She yelled after her and took off running another way

Mandy is walking and she looked around humming to herself, “Move your body girl… hmmm hmmm hmmm… Move your body girl…” She smiled and laughed at herself.

After awhile Mandy looked up and stopped seeing a house with burnt walls and police line in front of it. It was a really pretty before it almost burnt down she could tell. Mandy blinked seeing something at one of the windows. She walked forward and went under the police line, “Who was that…”

She got up to the door and pushed on it a little and it swung open. She walked in and looked around. She looked at the burnt sliding doors the broken and burnt step and the railing that was burnt as well. She walked forward up to the hallway leading to kitchen. She started walking. She looked at a burnt gas jug. She blinked and looked at the kitchen, “Did someone try to burn this place down?” She stopped hearing something run down the steps. She looked back, “Hello?”


A voice came from all around the hall

Mandy backed up, “Daddy?” She waited and turned around and took off running and ran up to the front door.

Something fell in the kitchen

Mandy looked back

An arm came around the corner

Mandy blinked, “What…”

The body dragged itself around the corner and started down the hall. It was crawling on its side using one arm. A knife was in its chest, and its neck was not straight, looked broken. It looked up at her blood dripping from its mouth. Blood dragged behind it leaving a trail. Its pants were ripped and torn and the body was white, blue skin colored. Not normal colored. It gurgled blood looking at her still coming. The knife dragged along the floor ripping at its skin more.

Mandy blinked, “Who are you!” She screamed. She backed up against the door and opened it and took off running down the street screaming, “Mommy!”
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