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Sister's Love vs. Brothers Revenge

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Chapter 4
Sister's Love vs. Brothers Revenge

Mandy ran up to the door and ran in not bothering to shut the door.

Hilary looked out the kitchen door,” Mandy?"

Mandy ignored her and ran up the steps and into a room, sense it was her Grandma's house, and slammed the door.

Hilary ran up the steps after her skipping some steps. She ran up to the room, “Mandy?" she turned the doorknob. She pushed the door open. Hilary looked at the bed.

Mandy was under the covers.

Hilary walked forward, “Mandy?" she sat on the edge of the bed, “What’s wrong?"

The lump shivered under the covers.

Hilary put her hands on her back, “Mandy, tell me. Please?"

Mandy slowly took the covers from her head and looked at Hilary. She held the sheets to her mouth.

Hilary smiled at her warmly to give her more comfort.

Mandy sighed calming down and put the covers on her lap, “I went somewhere and..."

The phone started ringing.

Hilary grabbed the phone, each room had a phone by the bed. She put it to her ear, “Hello?" she said and waited,"Oh..." She said and sighed,"Ok... I will. Ok. Well see you." She hung up and looked at Mandy, “I need to go to work today to fill in for Missy." She sighed, “So what did you wanna say?"

Mandy watched Hilary for a minute and said, “Nothing."

Hilary blinked, “You can tell me..." She said reaching for Mandy's hands

Mandy jerked her hands away, “Go to work Mommy. I'll be fine." She said looking away.

"I could call back and tell them I..."

"Go mommy." Mandy said fiddling her thumbs.

Hilary sighed and nodded,"Alright. Bye." She bend down to kiss Mandy on the forehead.

Mandy jerked away again.

Hilary blinked and stood up then left.

Mandy sat there looking down.

Next morning

Mandy got shook awake

She opened her eyes looking up at Sarah Madden. She blinked, “What are you doing here?" She asked sleepily.

Sarah smiled, “Your grandma and mom are at work... So... I'm babysitting you!" She said

Mandy blinked and sighed still half asleep.

Sarah picked her up and made her sit up on the edge of the bed, “I need to go the school library." She smiled, “And you're coming!"

Mandy smiled rubbing her eyes thinking,"Duh you're baby sitting me..." She yawned

Sarah smiled, “Lets go!" She grabbed her hand and they headed to the library.

At the library.

Mandy looked at Sarah,"Why are we coming to the school library." She asked

Sarah looked at her,"Cause I need to use the computers. The other library's suck." she smiled and walked into the library.

Mandy followed. She looked at Sarah who was looking around weirdly,"What's wrong?"

Sarah shrugged,"Nothing really." She said

Mandy nodded

Sarah walked up to a computer and turned it on

Mandy blinked. It started getting cold. She looked at Sarah.

Sarah sheivered,"It's cold." She looked around,"I can even see my breath..."

Mandy looked at Sarah,"No..."

Sarah looked at her,"What Mandy?"

"He's going to kill you..."

Sarah watched her,"Who?"

"I don’t know... But he is!"

Sarah looked around and whispered,"Mandy... run..."

Mandy looked at her,"Sarah?"

"Run!" Sarah screamed

Mandy took off running with Sarah behind her.

The door slammed shut.

Sarah hit the door,"No!" she screamed and slammed her fists into the door.

Mandy looked around the window! She looked at Sarah,"Sarah! The window!"

Sarah looked over. She snatched Mandy's hand and took off running to the window. She pulled it open and picked Mandy up.

"I won't fit!" Mandy screamed

Sarah put her top half through the window,"Yes you will!" she shoved her through the window.

Mandy rolled a little and stopped and crawled up,"Climb through!"

Sarah looked at the window,"You crazy I won't fit!" She looked back at the computer desk as it sounded as if something hit it,"Mandy! Call your mom." she fumbled in her coat pocket and tossed it out the window.

Mandy grabbed it and started dialing.

Sarah grabbed a chair,"Back off Mandy!" she swung the chair at the window and smashed the window.

Mandy listened but no one was picking up the phone,"Come'on mommy!"

Sarah pulled herself up and started through the window

Something grabbed her legs

"Oh my god!" she screamed and started getting pulled back.

Mandy dropped the phone and grabbed her arms.

Sarah tried to look back. She put her hand back and pushed on what had her. She pulled her hand away and there was blood all over her hand,"What the fuck!" she looked at Mandy,"Call your damn mom!" she screamed

Mandy, still holding her arm with one hand grabbed the phone and dialed her cell phone number. After awhile Hilary answered,"Mommy!" Mandy screamed before she could say hello.

"Mandy what's wrong!"

"Sarah and I are at the school library and Sarah is getting attacked!"

"Oh god! I'm coming stay there!" She hung up

Sarah screamed in pain,"It's scratching me! Get it off!"

Mandy dropped the phone again and grabbed her shirt.

Awhile later Hilary pulled up and ran around to Mandy,"Mandy!" She looked at Sarah,"Hold on!" She ran around the school to the library.

Sarah's legs dropped and Mandy's grip loosened and Sarah fell through the window.

Hilary was looking around

Nothing was there

"What the fuck had me!" Sarah screamed. Her legs were bloody and so was her stomach from the glass.

"Benji..." Hilary whispered.
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