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Daddy Is Dead…

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Ch. 5
Daddy Is Dead…

Hilary was wrapping Sarah’s wounds on her stomach. She looked at her and then looked away wanting to tell her what was in that library with them. She didn’t have the heart.

Mandy watched Hilary

Hilary looked at Sarah, “What happened before you got grabbed?” She said and looked back down at her stomach wrapping it tight

Sarah cringed every time, “Well I really don’t remember but…” She looked around and looked at the computer desk, “Something was under that computer desk! Probably the person that grabbed me!” She said pointing

Hilary looked back and sighed, “Yep…” She looked at Sarah, “Sarah…”

Mandy stood up zoning out Hilary and Sarah’s conversation. She walked over to the desk and stopped looking at it. She didn’t go around it.

Something was back there…

She looked back at Sarah and Hilary. She looked back at the desk hearing something move. She put her hand on the desk and started to walk around the desk.

A hand grabbed her

“Ah!” She screamed and fell back

Hilary looked back, “Mandy!” She ran over and picked her up

They heard laughing

Hilary blinked and rolled her eyes and went around the desk and grabbed Amber from the desk and held her up, “Amber!” She dropped her, “What are you doing!”

Amber shrugged, “Nothing.” She smiled

Hilary shook her head

Mandy had tears in her eyes, “Don’t do that Amber!” She screamed

Amber looked at her, “Lighten up Mandy…”

“How can I! I didn’t know you were you! I thought you were Benji!” Mandy screamed

Hilary looked at Mandy thinking, “How do you know about Benji?” She grabbed Mandy’s shoulder, “She was joking Mandy. Cool off…”

Mandy pulled away and looked behind Amber. Her eyes went wide

Benji was sitting behind Amber staring at Mandy. He had his knees up to his chest. Mandy blinked watching him, “Benji…”

Hilary sighed, “Amber we had a bad day ok?” She asked

Amber sighed, “Yeah sure…” She said looking away

Benji took his hands from his knees. Blood was everywhere under the desk. His clothes were still tattered and ripped. He watched Mandy with blood shot eyes.

Mandy backed up

Hilary looked at Mandy, “Ready to go home.”

Mandy watched Benji, her hands shaking

He growled at her, sounded like a gurgle of blood.


Mandy looked at Hilary, “Yes?” She asked

“Ready to go home?” She asked

Mandy looked back at the spot. Benji was gone. She nodded, “Yes, lets go…” She turned and walked towards the door

Hilary grabbed Amber’s hand and walked up to Sarah and helped her up and followed Mandy, “Slow down Mandy.”

Mandy was outside looking at the school. She looked as Hilary ran out, “Mommy… lets go home…”

Hilary walked up and looked at Amber, “Go home Amber!” She said and pushed her off. She looked at Sarah, “We’ll drop you off ok?” She said and walked Mandy and Sarah to the car

They dropped Sarah off and went home. They got home and were sitting on the couch watching T.V. Hilary fell asleep but Mandy sat there staring at the screen. She looked down and stood up walked up to the closet. She watched the door. She reached for the doorknob and grabbed it. She let out a deep breath and opened the door slowly. She stood there looking in the living room. She grabbed a bag and pulled it out. And set it on the floor. She opened it and started digging around in it and stopped and pulled everything out but found not what she wanted. She sighed and hit her hands on her legs. She stood up and grabbed her coat and slipped it on and ran out. She took off down the street.

The closet door closed

At Hilary and Mandy’s old house.

Mandy looked at the house and walked up to it and turned the doorknob. It was locked. She looked around and looked down at the doggy door. She bent down and crawled through it and got inside. She looked around and walked around, she ran upstairs and went to Hilary’s room. She walked into her room and up to her closet. She opened it and looked up at the photo album. She bent down on all fours and jumped up and grabbed onto the shelf. She hung there for awhile then grabbed the book and slide it off the shelf slamming into the floor. She let go and fell on her butt when her legs didn’t hold up. She glared at her legs as if she was disappointed and she grabbed the book and walked up to the bed and sat down on the bed setting the book down.

She opened the cover and started thumbing through it till she got to high school pictures. Mandy blinked seeing a picture of Hannah. She tilted her head and pulled it out, “You look like mommy…” She turned it over. It read, Hannah Sangwin age sixteen. She blinked, “Is this my aunt? But mommy never told me about her.” She slipped the picture back in there. She looked at a group picture with the high school class. She put her finger on the photo and started going through the pages she stopped on Benji, “Benji… You were at the library…” She started through the photos again keeping that page. She stopped on a bigger picture of Benji and he was with Joel. Her eyes went wide when she saw Joel.

“You were in the house…” She said, “Why were you in the house, and why…” She looked and saw a corner of a paper sticking out of the photo book. She pulled on it, it was a newspaper, she pulled it all the way out, there was a picture of the house and Joel’s face. She looked at the paper and started reading saying it out loud, “Sixteen year old Joel Madden’s body was found in the kitchen of the Cornwell’s house. He seemed to have commented suicide…” She blinked amazed she could read it. She looked around the room and continued, “But his neck seemed to have been se…se… seve…severed? Severed like he had fallen on. No one can ex.. expl… explain… explain the neck but more than obvious he stabbed himself…” She stopped and looked up, “That man in the house came from the kitchen and… he had a knife in his chest…” Her face went pale

Another edge was sticking out

She grabbed it and pulled it out.

She looked at the picture of policemen and paramedics carrying a stretcher with a cover over it out of a library. She looked at Benji’s picture, “Benjamin Madden died in the library we were just in.” She said to herself, “I saw him… They both are Sarah’s brothers… Why did Benji try to kill her?” She pulled up the pages and saw another. She blinked, “Geez mom…” She blinked seeing Billy’s face on it, “Daddy?” She said and grabbed it. And started reading, “Nineteen year old William Martin died in a tragic fire. One survivor was…” Her eyes went wide when she said, “Hilary Sangwin…” She dropped the paper, “Mommy said…” Tears went to her eyes

“Daddy is dead…” She spoke softly
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