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New Year's Eve

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A fun party but what's the twist?

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“Mail call” Cyborg shouted through out the tower.

“I got,” Beast Boy quickly snatched the mail away from him.

“Man, you never get anything” Cyborg sighed as he walked back to the couch.

“Junk, bill, junk,” He explained as the tossed the envelopes on the table, “junk, not for me, ju-ooohh a fancy invitation.” He quickly ripped open the large red envelope. Inside was a blue piece of paper with gold stars around it and everything written in gold. He began to read the invitation aloud as the team gathered to listen.

“You are cordially invited to a New Year’s MasqueradeBall. Host by Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, and Lawrence Redd.”

“Awesome a party,” Beast Boy cried as he threw the envelope up in the air. The team watched as he danced around the room.

“Actually,” Raven said as she caught the envelope, “it’s addressed to Jamie and Richard.”

Beast boy stopped dancing as he ears dropped.

“Actually,” Jamie interrupted with a smile, “Richard and I have to host. The invitation is for the whole team.”

“Yes,” he shouted as he began to moonwalk around the room.

“These are so boring,” Robin groaned as he looked at the invitation.

“It will be fun Richard with everyone there,” Jamie said, “plus you know that you have to go.”

Beast Boy stopped dancing and walked over to Raven.

“My lady,” he held her hand and kissed it, “will you do me the honor of going to the ball with me?”

Raven blushed as she nodded her head before taking her hand back. Starfire and Jamie giggled at the sight. Starfire looked at Robin with her big emerald eyes. Robin sighed he knew what he had to do.

“Um Starfire,” he choked out nervously.

“Yes Robin,” she said as she fluttered her eyelashes.

“Do you um want to be my date?” he managed to finally say.

“Of course,” she replied with a kiss on his cheek. He blushed as the team tried to hold their laughter.

“I have to work to do,” he muttered as he walked to his room.

“Well that was interesting,” Jamie said between giggles.

“Oh,” Starfire gasped as she thought about the party, “we must go to the mall of shopping to buy clothes!”

“Ok,” Jamie shrugged as she grabbed her purse and jacket.

“Joy,” Raven muttered sarcastically as the followed the two out the door.

“So Cyborg who are you going with?” Beast Boy questioned as he hit him in the arm.

“Bee,” he answered without a second thought, while he flipped open his communicator to ask her.

The girls had just come home from shopping and were exhausted as they placed their bags on the floor. Jamie winced in pain, her shoulder was killing her.
“Well thanks for the fun day,” Jamie said as she grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and headed towards her room. She opened the door and sat down on her bed placing the ice on her shoulder. She felt the bed vibrating and began searching for her cell phone.

“Found it,” she thought as she flipped open the phone.


“Hey Jamie,” a smooth voice said through phone.

“Oh hey X what’s up?” she answered cheerfully. Jamie had really missed X during her winter break.

“Nothing, I was wondering if you wanted to come to a New Year’s Eve party my dad is hosting?” he nervously asked.

“I would love to but,” she started as he sighed on the other end of the line, “ I can’t my dad is having a party too.”

“Oh, well bye” he sadly said.

“I am sorry,” she replied before hanging up the phone.



The ballroom was beautifully decorated with gold and white streamers wrapped around the wall molds. The marble floor sparkled as if specks of were gold were in the floor. Gold trimmings were wrapped around the banister of the main staircase at the entrance of the room and red roses were in a large glass vase at the end of the stairs. Guests crowded the dancing floor dancing to the waltz while some laughed and chatted while sipping champagne.

Rachel and Garfield stood by the food. Raven wore a dark blue strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. The dress was hitched up a little in the front to reveal the black layer of the dress. She wore black gloves that ended at her elbow and a silver mask with a black trimming around it and blue and black feathers on the top. Little gems of purple and blue adored the mask. Her hair was gathered in a bun. Garfield had a velvet green dress jacket with a white shirt underneath and black pants. He wore a white mask with dark green paint around the eyes and a green and gold twisted roping around it.

Victor and Karen were on the dance floor. Bee wore a light yellow dress with spaghetti straps. Small flowers decorated the top of the dress with silver thread connecting them all. The bottom of the dress of puffy and ended at the floor. She wore her hair down and had black mask with yellow paints and feathers on the top. Cyborg had a blue jacket with black dress pants. He wore a mask that was half blue and red with gold trimming.

“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,” the mc, said trying to get their attention. Finally everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up to the mc as he continued, “I would like to introduce the hosts of this wonderful party.” A big spot light shone on the top of the stairs and everyone turned their attention to it.

“Mr. Lawrence Redd” A tall man with short brown hair and hazel eyes appeared at the top of the stairs. He wore a simple black suit with a red rose and a simple black mask. He slowly walked down the stairs as the guest applauded; he stopped and stood by the end of the stairs.

“Mr. Oliver Queen” A man with medium blonde hair and light green eyes appeared at the top of the stairs. He wore a white suit with a pink rose and a dark green mask, “and Ms. Dinah Lance,” a woman appeared next to him with wavy blonde hair and pale blue eyes in a stunning black dress that tightly fit her body and a dark blue mask with black feathers coming off the side. Oliver offered her his hand as they walked down the stairs together and stood by Lawrence.

“Mr. Bruce Wayne,” Bruce appeared at the top of the stairs dressed in a black tuxedo his black hair gelled perfectly and his blue eyes scanning the crowd through his black mask as he smiled. He walked down the stair as women tried to calm themselves and stood next to Dinah.

“Mr. Xavier Redd,” Xavier appeared, dressed in a dark red almost black tuxedo (A/N you know the ones from like the Renaissance) with a masks that was half-red and gold with a black trimming around it. He smiled causing a couple girls to gasp as he walked down the stairs and stood opposite the adults.

“Mr. Richard Grayson,” Richard appeared at the top of the stairs. He wore a red tuxedo with a white shirt. He wore a black mask with silver paint around the edges. “and Ms. Kori Anders.” Kori was at the top of the stairs her red hair up in a bun with a few loose curls framing her face. She wore a strapless light purpled dress with that glistened in the night and the puffy bottom part of her dress reached the floor. She wore a light purple mask with gold and silver paint decorating the mask. She took his hand as they walked down the stairs.

“That will be the couple of the night,” a guest whispered to his wife who nodded in agreement. The mc continued as the two stood by Xavier.

“Mr. Roy Harper,” Roy wore a dark yellow tuxedo. His mask had gold painted diamonds on the eyes and red in the empty areas. It had a black trimming. “Lastly Ms. Jamie Grayson.” Jamie appeared at the top of the stairs everyone’s eyes were on her. She wore a blue dress with gold accents. The dress had a red ribbon that cris crossed on the top half of her dress. The dress had long selves that flared out with gold netting on top of the blue. Her hair was in curls with a blue ribbon holding half up. She wore a royal blue mask with silk on over it and small flowers sown on the silk with small pearls, her stunning blue eyes sparkled in the spotlight.

“No that’s the couple of the night,” the guest whispered as they watched Jamie and Roy walked down the stairs smiling. Jamie walked over to the mc as he handed her the mic.

“I hope you all enjoy your time her,” her sweet voice was carried throughout the room, “I am glad that you decided to spend New Years Eve and the first day of the New Year with us.” The crowd clapped as Jamie continued, “Tonight we would like to start a new tradition. Gentlemen you must find your maiden by midnight so you can kiss her at the beginning of 2008. Let the fun begin,” the music came back on as Jamie handed back the night and walked over to Roy.

“May I have this dance?” Roy asked as he held his hand out to Jamie. She giggled as she accepted and the two may their way to the dance floor. The guest seemed to part allowing Jamie and Roy to dance in the center of the floor. The two moved as one both in sync with each other. Bruce watched the couple.

“They looked so happy,” he conclude seeing Jamie and Roy smile at each other as they seemed to float on the dance floor.

“You look amazing,” Roy whispered into her ear and she snuggled into his chest.

“Thank you, you look handsome,” she answered looking into his emerald eyes before leaning in to kiss him. The couple didn’t even notice that the spotlight was on them. Everyone in the room seemed to look at the couple and smile.

“Aw young love,” Oliver chuckle as he patted Bruce and Richard on the back.

“Yeah,” they both grumbled. Kori smiled as she led Richard to the dance floor hoping to divert his attention away from Jamie. Bruce watched as both Richard danced with Kori next to Jamie and Roy. The song ended and the couples parted while clapping before another song started. Roy and Jamie started to dance again when someone tapped Roy’s shoulder.

“May I cut in?” Xavier asked. Roy looked to Jamie and nodded before guiding her hand to Xavier’s.

“Hello,” Jamie sweetly said hoping to start a conversation.

“Hi, enjoying yourself?” he asked, something was familiar about her but he just could not put his finger on it.

“Yes I am are you?” she smiled at him hoping he would not realize that she was his best friend.

“Yes,” he answered, “You know my best friends name is Jamie.”

“Really, I would tell you that my best friends name is Xavier but I’d be lying,” she answered with a giggle. Xavier chuckles back as he dipped her. The two continued to dance in silence, though they were still smiling, until the music stopped.

“Thank you for this dance,” Xavier said as he bowed.

“Your welcome,” she laughed while she curtsied. Xavier was just about to ask her if she wanted to grab something to eat when Roy walked up and handed her a drink.

“We have to eat with the mayor,” Roy told her as the grabbed her hand gently and lead her away. She turned her head and smiled at Xavier as she walked away with Roy. Xavier watched as she sat down at the head table.

“I know her from somewhere,” he thought but dismissed it quickly and headed towards the table.

“This is amazing,” Kori whispered as her and Richard continued to dance. Richard said nothing but put his head on top of hers. The two were finally having a normal couple moment; it seemed nothing could ruin the night. He looked up at the clock 11:50 p.m. only ten more minutes.
“This really is the perfect night,” he thought as he held Kori down preventing her from floating.

“Sorry,” she giggled as her feet once again touched the floor. She looked around the ballroom and smiled seeing both Rachel and Gar and Karen and Victor dancing the night away. Kori looked up to Richard smiling too.

“Looks like everyone is having a good time,” she commented then she noticed Richard quickly scanning the room.

“Where is she?” he muttered as he continued to look.

“Jamie is fine,” Kori reassured and kissed him to calm him. It worked Richard grinned as they parted and the two continued to dance.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said looking out at the stars sparkling in the night sky. She had left the party and was now leaning against the balcony.
“Not as beautiful as you,” a voice whispered behind her as she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her.

“That was so corny,” she giggled as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I know,” he answered pretending to be hurt hoping she would try to make him feel better. It worked she turned around and kissed him. He leaned forward as she used the rail for support. The two parted and opened their eyes to see each other. She smiled at him as her black hair moved with the wind. His eyes widen a bit as he stared into her eyes.

“I have to go help someone,” he said as the quickly left her on the balcony alone. She grinned happily, “That was perfect.”

She sat on the rail of the balcony feeling the night breeze as her black hair flew in it. She felt a rush as the breeze hit her face and she breathed in the winter air.

“What are you doing out here?” a voiced asked. She turned to see whom it belonged to and smiled when she saw whom it was.
“Just needed some air,” She replied closing her eyes again and feeling the breeze.

“I know what you mean,” he said as he moved towards the railing, “some people in there are just so boring. They should just stay home and count their money,” he finished as he leaned against the railing. She laughed as she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“He is so handsome,” she thought, “he looks so mysterious in that mask.”

“You don’t have to stay out here,” she said, “You should go back have fun at the party.”

“I am fine right here,” he answered as he looked into her eyes. He moved his hand towards her and gently pulled the ribbon out of her hair letting it gracefully fall.

“You look better with it down,” he told her as she blushed.

Suddenly a crash was heard from the ballroom, it startled her and she lost her balance. She thought was going to fall to her death when a strong pair of arms pulled her back up. He held her for a bit longer than he should have as she smiled at him.

“Thank you,” she whispered into his ear before kissing him on the cheek and walking back to the ballroom leaving him wanting more. He touched his cheek and sighed, “Now I really wanted her,” he thought as he looked back at the shimmering stars.

“Ok everybody,” Jamie said over the mic, “We have a minute so gentlemen find your ladies.” The guest hurried around the room each finding the special someone they wanted to share the first kiss of the New Year with, Jamie smiled and handed the mc back his mic as she made her way to Roy.
“Hey,” she whispered seductively into his ear. He turned and smiled, knowing he was lucky to kiss the prettiest girl at the ball.

“Where have you been?” he asked as he picked her up into a hug.

“The balcony,” she answered with a giggle. Green met blue as the two smiled and stared at each other.

“10,” Garfield brought Rachel closer to him

“9” the crowds shouted

“8” X watched Jamie with Roy.

“7” Oliver and Dinah smiled they were together.

“6” Karen and Victor inched closer to each other both a little nervous

“5” Bruce was hiding behind a pillar from a crowd of women.

“4” Lawrence sipped his champagne missing his wife that he had lost when Xavier was born.

“3” Kori and Dick held each other.

“2” the music stopped Roy and Jamie looked at each other smiling happy to be with someone they love.

“1” The couples kissed as steamers and confetti were thrown around them

“HAPPY NEW YEARS!” All the couples parted except one, they were making out in the middle of the dance floor.

“JAMIE,” Bruce and Richard bellowed causing the couple to finally part.

“Happy New Years,” he murmured as he held her not willing to ever let he go. She smiled at him as he picked her up enough so she could rest her head on his shoulders. Jamie saw Xavier as he smiled at her. She smiled back before kissing Roy on the check and closing her eyes for a moment trying to remember everything before things changed.

Xavier walked to the back room and took out his cell phone. He quickly dialed the number and waited.
“Please pick up,” he said hoping any minute she would and he could tell her. He had to tell her somewhere inside him he knew she felt the same way.

“Hey you’ve reached me I am not by the phone leave one after the beep and I’ll get back to you.”

He sighed wishing she had picked up, “Hey it’s X um Happy New Years, call me when you get this.”


The party had ended and now only the hosting families remained.

“Well that was fun,” Richard commented as he slid his mask off. He had a weird feeling but pushed it to the back of his mind.

“Yeah,” Kori said as she snuggled against his chest. He smiled but something was bothering him and he could tell something was bothering Bruce too.

“Come on Kori,” he guided her to the back room. Jamie smiled as she sat on Roy’s lap playing with his hands.

“Tonight was perfect,” she whispered into his ear.

“Yeah,” he responded but she could feel something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” she asked hoping to make him feel better.

“I am just tired,” he reassured her with a yawn and a kiss on the cheek. Everyone was enjoying the quiet when the windows busted open. The room was quickly filled with men in black and orange masks.

“What’s going on?” Bruce demanded, there was no way he could go Batman the Redds were still here.

“Give us the girl,” one ordered as he pointed to Jamie. Roy pushed Jamie behind him.

“You have to go through me,” he grunted before the men started to attack. One tried to grab Jamie from behind but Bruce grabbed it and through it across the room.

“Run,” he whispered to Jamie as he punched another. She nodded before running up the stairs losing one of her shoes in the process. The men and Dinah were holding off the men the best they could when Robin and Starfire dropped in. Starfire hit one in the stomach with a starbolt and noticed that sparks had come from the man as he fell.

“Their robots,” she shouted to Robin as she hit 10 with a giant starbolt. He nodded as he smashed more with his bo staff until he was near Bruce.

“Where is she?” he whispered as he kicked a robot sending him flying.

“She ran upstairs,” he responded punching two robots. Robin nodded and headed upstairs.

“HELP!!!” He followed the scream to one of the balconies. There he saw Jamie surrounded by at least twenty robots as she inched closer to the railing.

“I’m coming,” he began hitting the robots. Jamie stood on the ledge trying to find an escape. Robin continued to fight the robots, only a few were left but one grabbed Jamie’s leg. She tried to shake it free but lost her balance and began to fall down the building screaming. Robin quickly ran to the ledge and jumped off. He dived down trying to grab her before she hit the ground but it looked like he won’t be able to reach her in timr. He grabbed his grappling gun and shot it hoping by some miracle he would catch her but she was falling to fast. He turned away not wanting to watch his sister die but he heard no thud. He turned to see that Jamie was in someone’s arms. He lowered himself down to see Xavier holding her bridal style as she sobbed into his shoulder.

“Shh it’s ok,” he cooed, “you are safe now.”

“I can take her,” Robin told him as he lifted the sobbing Jamie into his arms and carried her away.

“It was Slade again,” he growled at the computer screen in the Batcave.
“Why does he want her?” he turned to Bruce.

“I don’t know,” he whispered for once the great detective had no answers. He turned to see Jamie sleeping on a bed in the cave, they set it up for her knowing she was scared someone would try to get her in the manor. She seemed calm in her sleep but her face was still stained with tears. It had taken a good two hours before she finally stopped crying.

“No, no” she murmured in her sleep tossing and turning. Both Richard and Bruce walked over to her as she shot up from the bed new tears welling up.

“We are here,” Richard reassured her as she buried her face in his chest.

“No one will hurt you,” Bruce added patting the young girl’s back.

“It was like mom and dad’s death all over again,” she whispered through the tears. Richard held her and gently rocked her hoping to calm her

“But I won’t let anyone hurt you,” he promised as she stopped crying.

“I won’t either,” Bruce added as he wiped away a tear from her face. The two continued to hold her close as she began to slowly drifted back to sleep. Bruce slowly got up as Richard tucked her back.

“Are you going to sleep here tonight?” Bruce asked even though he already knew the answer.

“Yeah,” he said looking at his sister, “she’ll probably wake up a couple more times.” Bruce nodded as he head back up the stairs.

“Slade won’t hurt you, Jamie. I won’t lose you again.” he swore as he moved her bangs away from her face.
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