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Someone's heart will be broken but another will find love

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Disclamier: Here is Beast Boy and Rave to say, Beast Boy runs to middle of stage while Raven sulks to stage, spotlight on him to reveal him and her in cheerleader costumes.

Beast Boy: Jacey does not own the Titans, but she mightan!

Raven(in a monotone voice): She does own Jamie, yay, shakes pom. Why did you make me do this? (growls as eyes go a little red.)

ME(shows up in same costume as Raven,): cuz it's fun, (hold pom pom but they blow up.) YAY EXPLOSIONS (cartwheels away as Raven smacks self in forehead)

Beast Boy: This is fun Rae, (begins to moon walk,) come on get funky (does worm.) (Raven sighes and walks away)

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around for a moment forgetting where she was until she saw Richard sleeping in a chair next to her bed.

“I should let him sleep,” she thought as she remembered he had woken up every time she had woken from a nightmare. Holding her until she drifted back to sleep. She slowly rose from the bed and started towards the stairs when she felt something pull her back.

“What are you doing?” he muttered as he pushed her back on the bed and slowly opened his eyes.

“Richard, it’s morning” she replied, “I was just going to get something to eat.”

“Ok,” he responded as he got up from the chair and stretched before following her up to the kitchen.

Jamie entered the kitchen and saw that the other titans were already there.
“Good morning Miss Jamie,” Alfred greeted her as he handed her a plate of food.

“Morning Alfred,” she said as she grabbed some juice, sat down in an open seat and started eating.

“Long night Master Dick,” Alfred questioned noticing Richard was still half-asleep.

“Yeah, I’ll just have some coffee,” he grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down next to Jamie. Jamie quickly finished her food while Richard dozed off next to her and Kori.

“So Miss what do you have planned today?” Alfred asked as Jamie set her plate in the sink.

“I have to go to thank Xavier,” she began to explain in a hushed voice so no one would hear, “for saving my life and check out the ballroom.” She began up the stairs happy that Richard was sleeping at the table and the other titans were to busy talking to each other to notice her and snuck up to her room.

She slipped into a pair of jeans and threw on a blue tank top with a red track jacket over it. She put on her jewelry and smiled at her new charm. Jamie grabbed her cell phone, flipped it open, and dialed a number.

“Hello?” the voice answered sounding a bit tired.

“Hey did I just wake you?” she asked innocently even though she knew the answer.

“No,” he lied wondering what she wanted, “what’s up?”

“I wanted to meet you at the ballroom,”

“Ok,” he answered.

“See ya in an hour,”

“Sure,” he said while he yawned, “I love ya.”

“I love you too, Roy” she giggled as she hung up the phone. Jamie jumped on her bed reaching for the house phone and dialed another number.

“This is the Redd residence,” a proper voice answered.

“Probably the butler,” she concluded before continuing, “Is Xavier there?”

“Hold on a moment Miss,”

“Hello?” Xavier answered still unaware of who was calling.

“Hi, this is Jamie Grayson. You know the girl you saved last night. I was wondering if you could meet me at the ballroom?” she asked, “so I could thank you properly.”

“You really don’t have to,” he reassured her sensing the nervousness in her voice.

“No, I want too,” she confidently said.

“Um ok I guess I’ll see you soon,” he accepted, happy to get to see her again.

“Bye,” she said before hanging up the phone. Jamie quickly grabbed her sunglasses and her purse filled with her cell phone and the two communicators. She was about to open the door when she stopped knowing Richard and the others would hear her and Richard would insist on coming with her. She turned around and looked around the room for another exit. A smile crept on her face when she saw the perfect escape.

Richard finally woke up and looked around the room noticing everyone was here but Jamie.
“Alfred,” he asked as he continued to look around the room, “where is Jamie?”

“I believe she went up in her room to get ready to go out sir,” he said glancing at the window with the others and watched as Jamie jumped down from the window edge and ran to the garage.

“Um Richard,” Kori began as the Gar and Victor tried to hold their laughter.

“Hold on a minute,” Richard snapped at her concerned where Jamie was.

“But,” She started again trying to get his attention.

“Just wait,” she huffed and decided against telling him, “Go where?” he asked staring at Alfred. Alfred was silent for a moment until he heard the engine of her bike as she revved up the bike.

“I believe in the garage,” he answered with a smirk. Richard looked out the window to see Jamie on her motorcycle as it flew out of the garage. He got up and took off running towards the door while Gar and Victor began cracking up.

“JAMIE, JAMIE MARY GRAYSON GET BACK HERE,” he screamed as he opened the door trying to catch up to the bike but it was already gone.

“She is so grounded when I get her,” he grumbled as he past the grinning Alfred, angry Kori, reading Rachel and laughing Gar and Victor and made his way upstairs to change.

She stood in front of the ballroom looking at the broken windows that had been boarded up. Her eyes glanced up to the balcony. She shivered a bit remembering the horrible event that had happened last night.
“Hello,” a masculine voice whispered. She jumped a little and turned to see a pair of brown almost red eyes looking at her.

“Oh Xavier you scared me,” she exclaimed before hugging him.

“Oh sorry,” he apologized scratching the back of his head.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving me,” she said looking into his eyes.

“You don’t have to thank me,” he explained.

“I do,” she protested. “If you didn’t catch me then I would have fallen to my-to my-my,” she tried to finish but began to cry a little. Xavier wrapped his arms around her and held her while she cried.

“Shh, it’s ok,” he tried to calm her, “I caught you.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just my parents well died this way,” she managed to explain through her tears.

“I know,” he comforted her continuing to hold her as her crying came to a slow stop.

“I’d catch you every time,” he whispered quietly wanting her to hear but knowing she had not. She stopped crying, slipped off her sunglasses, and looked up at him as he smiled at her tear stained face.

“She still looks beautiful,” he thought looking at her piercing blue eyes glistening from the tears. She began to wipe away the tears but he continued to hold her.

“I see you have found a new man,” a voice sneered.

The two parted to see a girl, with long black wavy hair that ended at her hips and dark green eyes. She wore tight jeans and a taut black jacket.

“Who are you and what are you talking about?” Jamie asked glaring at the girl.

“I am Jade Nguyen,” she answered with a big grin offering her hand to shake but both Jamie and Xavier declined. Rumor was Jade was nothing but bad news, she was just a little, what’s the word ah yes, criminal. She dropped her hand down and continued, “Roy didn’t tell you what happened last night?”

“What happened last night,” Jamie gritted through her teeth.

“He kissed me,” she smugly answered.

“You’re lying,” Jamie growled attempting to lunge at her but Xavier held her back.

“I think you better go now,” he warned Jade who began to walk away.

“This is just my day,” she grumbled as Xavier let go of her. He sighed; it hurt him to see her in so much pain.

“Your too good for him,” he attempted to make her feel better, but when he looked at her, he could see the tears forming in her eyes again. “Please don’t cry again.” He wrapped his arms around her again engulfing her in another hug.

“Am I interrupting anything?” a voice asked causing the two to once again part.

“No Roy, I was just thanking him,” she explained not looking in Roy’s eyes.

“I’ll wait over here,” Xavier said pointing to a nearby tree. She nodded as he walked away.

“Hey baby,” Roy tried to hug her but she pushed away.

“Don’t baby me,” she angrily spat at him looking at the ground.

“What’s wrong Jamie?” he voice was filled with concern.

“Did you kiss her?” she questioned trying to keep the tears from coming.

“What are you talking about?” he replied surprised at the answer.

“Jade, did you kiss her yesterday?” she asked once again, closing her eyes to keep the tears from falling.

“It was an accident Jamie,” he tried explaining to her as she shook her head, “I thought she was you.”

“You thought it was me,” she choked out.

“Jamie I am sorry, please forget about it,” he tried to hug her but she put up her arms stopping him.

“I thought you love me,” she started, “but if you could so easily mistake me for someone else then obviously you don’t really know me. You should have known from the kiss, Roy you must have felt something when you kissed her to not notice.” She looked him in the eyes letting green met blue one last time, before slipping her sunglasses back on and twiddling with her charm bracelet.

“Jamie don’t do this,” he tried knowing what she was going to say next.

“Roy,” she leaned in and kissed him one more time before pulling away and whispering in his ears, “Good-bye.” She opened his hand, dropped the necklace, charm and communicator in his hand, and closed his hand

Roy watched as she walked away wishing he could go back in time and fix this mess.

“Um, can you give me a ride home?” she sniffled as she reached the tree Xavier was waiting.

“Yeah,” he said leading her to his car. Xavier opened the door for her as Jamie got in her turned and looked at Roy for one last time before getting into the car. Xavier closed the door and glared at Roy for hurting Jamie. The car drove off leaving Jamie’s first love behind.

“She is in so much trouble when I get her,” he grumbled as the car neared the ballroom.
“Here we are sir,” Alfred said as the car came to a stop. He had recruited Alfred in helping him. Richard jumped out of the car and surveyed the area. He found Jamie’s bike but Jamie was nowhere to be found. Then he spotted Roy. He walked over to the tree Roy was near; as he neared, he noticed that Roy was looking down at something in his hand.

“Hey Roy,” he shouted running up to him.

“Hi,” he mumbled not looking up but continuing to keep his gaze down.

“Um, have you seen Jamie,” he asked trying to see what was in his hand.

“She went home,” he answered sadly.

“Why did she leave without her bike,” he questioned as he finally caught a glimpse at was in her hand. He noticed the shinning diamond of her arrow charm as he waited for an answer but Roy just continued to stare at his hand.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” he said closing his hand and finally looking up. Richard noticed his eyes glistened with a few tears.

“Sure,” he promised as he walked back to the car.

“She went home,” he explained, “but I have to drive her bike back. I’ll see you at the manor.” He hopped on the bike and headed back to the manor knowing Jamie would need him.

“Thanks for the ride home,” she said as Xavier helped Jamie out of the car.
“No problem,” he closed the door behind her, “If you need me just call anytime.”

“Xavier, you are a really good friend,” she answered with a hug. “Thank you again.” They parted from the hug and she walked away giving him a wave before entering the manor. She opened the door quietly keeping her eyes down; she really did not want to talk to the others about what had happened. She turned the corner and hit something.

“Sorry,” she muttered, looking to see who she ran into.

“Are you ok,” Bruce asked noticing she was still wearing her sunglasses. He could just tell something was wrong.

“I’m fine,” she assured him, hoping he would not press the subject any more.

“I am here if you need to talk,” he said as she ran up the stairs

“Where is she?” Richard asked as soon as he entered the manor.
“Went to go think,” Bruce, told him knowing he would know here she was. Richard sighed as he headed up to the one place she would be.

She felt the tears fall down her face as the winter air blew through her hair and the snow fell on her head.
“Hey,” he said as he sat next to her on the roof.

“Hi,” she whispered looking out at the night.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” he questioned her watching the tears fall from under her sunglasses.

“I broke up with Roy,” she muttered taking her sunglasses off, wiping some of the tears, “he-he- well”

“You don’t have to tell me. I’ll kill him no matter what,” he growled. She began to laugh as he smiled. He loved to see her laugh; her blue eyes though still glistened with tears had some happiness in them.

“Do you want to talk about anything else?” he asked hinting at the events of last night.

“No, can we just sit here,” she mumbled looking out at the stars as she shivered a bit.

“Yeah,” he grabbed a blanket he brought and draped it over her, “thought you’d need this.” She smiled as she looked at him; he wiped the rest of the tears away. The two just sat on the roof looking at Gotham as the snow fell.

The two sat there in silence enjoying each other’s company. Jamie eyes began to close a little. Today’s events were really tiring she moved her head on his shoulder as she fell asleep. He did not dare wake her knowing this was the only time she was relaxed. Richard moved his hand and grabbed his communicator.
“Hey BB can you help me on the roof?” he whispered trying not to wake her up. In a few minutes, Beast Boy appeared on the roof.

“Dude,” he said a bit to loud before Richard pointed to the sleeping Jamie while he lowered his voice, “what’s up?”

“Help me get her inside,” he explained as Beast Boy morphed in a pterodactyl. Richard carefully put her on Beast Boy’s back before climbing down to the window while he followed. He grabbed Jamie off his back before Beast Boy morphed into a humming bird and flew in the manor morphing back. Richard carried Jamie to her bed and made his way downstairs.

“What was the wrong with Jamie?” Kori asked concern since Richard had came home.
“She broke up with Roy,” he told the team who stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him flabbergasted at what he had just said.

“Just say the word man,” Victor said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Yeah we will totally get him,” Beast Boy exclaimed as he tried to crack his knuckles to but only hurt his hand.

“You don’t even know the whole story,” Rachel monotone voice piped in; she was the voice of reason at the moment.

“She’s right,” Richard muttered as he sat down, both Victor and Gar looked at each other before they too sat down looking at the ground wishing they could help Jamie ease the pain away.

“Some way to start her year,” Rachel commented again, “first she gets attacked then breaks up with her boyfriend.”

“Poor girl,” Kori sighed thinking of ways she could help Jamie. The room became silent all wanting to help Jamie.

“Let’s just get some sleep,” Richard suggested. The teens nodded and headed off to bed.


Next morning

She punched the bag taking all her anger out on it. Jamie stopped when she noticed some sand was falling out of it. Looking around the room, she grabbed a towel wiping her forehead before taking a drink of water. Throwing the stuff down she looked at the trapeze set up and smiled.

“Oh, Bruce you know me too well,” she chalked up her hand and climbed up to the swing. She started easy just jumping from bar to bar.

“Time for fun,” she thought as she flipped in the air before grabbing the bar. She swung back and forth on the same bar building up her power before letting go and somersaulting twice before grabbing on to the other bar. Jamie was beginning to relax when flashbacks of the last two days flooded her mind. She took a breath pushing the thoughts behind.

“Just perform the quad,” she told herself trying to relax again. She swung building up her power again. When she was satisfied she let go and began the quad. She was finished the third somersault when the thoughts came back to her mind.

“Focus,” she started to do the fourth, coming out she went to grab the bar but her hand missed. She began falling when she looked down she noticed that she had forgotten to set up the net. She closed her eyes as she fell not wanting to see the ground when she hit it.

“Am I dead,” she asked aloud as she opened her eyes.

“No,” he said, he was lucky that he happened to come down to the gym right when she missed the bar. Richard sprinted when she say her fall and managed to catch her.

“Thanks Richard,” she said, thanking her lucky stars she did not get hurt.

“What were you doing, practicing without a net or anybody watching?” he hissed as he set her down.

“I was doing fine until, until” she started but could not finish; the tears began to form.

“Until what,” he asked his tone was harsher then he meant it to be but he could not believe that she would be so stupid to do something like this without a net.

“I started having flashbacks from the past two days,” the tears rolled down her face, she didn’t even try to stop them. Richard pulled her into a hug as she continued to cry.

“Jamie I will make everything better,” he said as her crying began to stop, “but I need to know what did Roy do.”

She looked up at him her blue eyes shinning with tears. “I should just tell everyone at once,” she muttered.

He nodded and the two headed towards the kitchen where the rest of the teens were, as soon as she entered the room everyone stopped what they were doing and looked her. She took a deep breath and wiped the tears away before beginning, “I guess you all heard about me and Roy breaking up. So I’ll just tell you why.” They noticed that her voice was shaky and she no longer had that natural glow.
“Um,” she started again, “He kissed another girl, because he thought it was me,” she looked up to see Victor, Gar, and Richard clenched their fist in anger, “but we were bond to break up, you know something was missing,” she tried to reassure them though a part of her wanted Roy to be beat up. “So that it, I am going to go take a shower now.” Richard nodded as she walked up the stairs.

“So now can we go beat him up,” Gar asked wanting to hurt Roy for doing this to Jamie.

“No,” Richard answered which surprised everyone, they all thought Richard would be the first to hurt Roy, “His punishment is losing Jamie and he knows it.” The teens all looked at each other knowing that Jamie was special and any guy would be lucky to be with her. They also knew that Roy did care for her and now they knew she might never love him and that would hurt Roy the most.

A wicked smile crept on Victor’s face as an idea came to mind.

“I’ll tell Bee what he did,” he whispered to Gar who now smiled too. They both knew that Bee would totally punish Roy somehow for hurting Jamie, who had become a close friend. Well, Bee would hurt any boy for breaking a girl’s heart.

Jamie flopped on her bed and grabbed her cell phone; she quickly dialed the number praying the person would answer.

“Hey X, um sorry I didn’t get to call you back right away. What did you want to tell me?” she said trying to sound like her normal self but she knew her voice was laced with sadness.

“It’s not important but what’s wrong?” He really wanted to tell her now but could tell something was wrong and it could wait.

“Oh, I broke up with Roy,” she stated without any emotion, “but it was for the best.” She quickly added not wanting to worry X.

“Ok, well how about we hang out and catch a movie or something, when you get back,” he really wanted to see and cheer her up.

“Yeah I’d like that,” she smiled for the first time today, “I got to go bye.” She put down her phone and walked to her dresser where her jewelry box sat. Jamie opened her jewelry box, searching until she found what she was looking for. She picked up the ring letting the blue sparkle in the light and thoughts about X came running through her minds. Thoughts and feelings she had pushed to the back of her mind because she was taken but now they were free.

“I-I love him,” she whispered as a smile crept on her face. This was the first time she had ever admitted it aloud. Though a small part of her mind told her, she was only saying this because of Roy. Her heart argued that it knew that it felt a spark with Xavier the moment they met, the moment they touched, the moment he caught her and even though he didn’t think she heard, the moment he promised to always catch her. After all, she argued with her mind Richard and Kori are in love and they were best friends. She placed the ring back down carefully and looked in the mirror. For the first time her eyes were not filled with tears but they sparkled like they did when she first met Xavier.
His smile that made her melt, his chuckle that made her laugh, and his strong arms that held her when she hurt; her heart seemed to yell “YOU LOVE HIM,” and she knew to listen to it just like she did with Roy. Sure, he broke her heart but he did make her happy and she knew he cared but when she met Xavier, he started to drift to second place. Now, she just hoped Xavier felt the same way.

He smiled as he hung up the phone, sure he was sad that Jamie was hurt but he knew now was his time to show Jamie that he was right for her not Roy. When her brown eyes stared into his, he felt warmness. Her smile could make him jump over a building, and when he hugged her he felt like he could fight Superman and win. “Yes,” he thought, “from the first time I met her I knew she was the one.” The one that filled the part of his heart that was empty because his mom died. Of course, it was only half filled because he could not truly have her but now she could be his.


He sat on his bed his head in his hands the shades pulled down and the lights off. Sure, he had screwed up before but never like this. Before if he cheated on a girl he did really care about the outcome, after all, he was a playboy but Jamie was different. She was his first true love. When she smiled, the room lit up, his heart skipped a beat, and when her soft lips touched, his, his knees turned to jelly. In fact, he even had thoughts of how he was going to propose to her. Now she was gone, he was going to miss everything about her, especially her eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. He remembered the first time he saw her, when she smiled at him and her eyes looked into his, they connected and his heart seemed to scream, “THIS IS THE ONE.” However, the last time he saw those eyes they weren’t filled with happiness like they use to be but filled with hurt and betrayal caused by him. He hurt Jamie, how could he be so stupid but when he kissed Jade he did feel a spark, almost the same spark he felt with Jamie but this spark was filled with more lust. He did not love Jade did he? No, he could not love her, she was bad news but she was like Jamie in so many ways. He felt like he was pulled towards her as if she was a magnet.

“NO, NO NO,” he shouted he loved Jamie but he broke her heart. She would never take him back. Jade, his mind wandered to her. It seemed like his heart and brain were split in two. One side for sweet innocent Jamie that was beating him up for hurting her and the other side for mysterious wicked Jade that was cheering him on to pursue her.

“Ugg what should I do,” he asked himself looking at the things Jamie had given him. The diamond seemed to have lost its shine. His thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang.

“Hello,” he answered mournfully.

“Hey Roy,” a seductive voice purred.

“Jade, what do you want,” he growled she was the reason Jamie was gone.

“Just wanted to talk,” she said. He looked and Jamie’s things his mind and heart debating on what to do.

“Fine,” he sighed, Jamie was gone and he could not get her back.

“Meet me at Li Café,” she told him before hanging. He quietly hung up the phone and looked up.

He got up from his bed and picked up Jamie’s things. Roy carefully opened his top dresser drawer and placed the items inside. A tear fell inside before he closed it and grabbed his jacket to meet Jade.
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