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Melt The Ice Princess

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A long time from the death of his parents, sasuke has forgiven, but not forgotten. Will a mission handed to him by his rival fare well?

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(No, I only own Raiso and Amaya. This interpretation of them, anyway. This story is all mine.)

The oracle

Chapter two

Melt the Ice Princess

“I work with you, not for you, Raiso.” Itachi snarled. He steeled his dark eyes with irritation. “That means we’re partners. /Equals/. You can’t order me around like I’m some lower-caste minion.” The handsome brunette man on the receiving end of this diatribe barely flicked a glance up at Itachi, enmeshed in a pile of paperwork the equivalent size of an igloo. The White Mountain shifted to the side of the mahogany desk precariously as the grey-eyed man moved it away from the workspace.

“Please, go see to Amaya then.” The first word was slightly mocking, and Itachi bristled. Raiso looked up at him, raising an eyebrow. “ Before she strangles a cat, Itachi….” He said, subtly emphasizing the beginning of the second sentence. Itachi was about to retort, but upon realizing that this was likely something the girl would do If she was bored and alone for too long, he simply cursed under his breath and followed Raiso’s orders, leaving the indigo-walled room.

Six years later, he still had the habit of cursing whenever Raiso gave him an order that he ended up obeying against his will or better judgment, though the room he walked away from was no longer the same shade of indigo, instead being an interesting shade of light green. Going to greet his brother at the gate was one of those times. He wanted to kill Raiso, strangle him, be violent, but he could not. Damn the woman Riku and her curse…


Eleven years after the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Sasuke still disliked calling Riku a demon, and considered the Massacre a mystery. Whatever had killed his parents was not a thing foremost in his mind at the worst or the best of times, his goals in life to recreate the Uchiha clan and to be as strong as or stronger than the revered brother whom had saved his life from the thing that killed everyone else. He knew his brother stayed with Raiso Marise. He knew Raiso had power and influence in the mist. He knew, too, that the Marise family was as old as the Uchiha’s at the very least. What he didn’t know was…

“Raiso’s what?!?! ” Sasuke demanded of his best friend, eternal rival, and village leader, Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto laughed to see the astonished look on Sasuke’s face.

“Raiso… is… the… Mizukage.” He responded slowly, chuckling as comprehension dawned.

“N… No he isn’t…” Sasuke stammered. “Who in their right mind would make Raiso Mizukage? He’s not a bad person, but he’s nothing like you…. He couldn’t rule a country…. He couldn’t care enough to rule a country; it was hard enough for him to care about… One… person….” he trailed off. He never said her name either, and Naruto didn’t press the issue, knowing by now, what things Sasuke would not- could not? He was never sure- talk about.

“However incompetent you think he is- Yes, I know that word, Sasuke shut up- at ruling a country, I do not expect you to say it in his presence. Seeing as you know the man best, I’m sending you to work out a peace treaty between our two lands. The land of fire and the land of water must fight no longer. I don’t want another war.” Sasuke nodded, but was still having trouble trying to comprehend the revelation Naruto had given him.

“I’ve heard that his daughter can convince him of anything, but she’s a tough one to get close to. Although, if anyone could get into her good graces, it would be you, Uchiha Sasuke. You always did have a way with women…” Naruto continued. “Well, I wish you the best of luck. Dismissed.” Sasuke nodded and took the mission scroll and passport from Naruto, then disappeared. Outside, the raven pocketed the information and wondered at the age of Raiso's daughter. He’d known her when they were young, and seen her briefly, when he’d been twelve, but he’d never asked. Amaya hadn’t seemed the type then who was swayed easily, he’d thought her to be rather bizarre, actually, but the mission was the mission. He closed his eyes, and an image returned to him, clear as day.

Damned if the girl wasn’t sexy though….

As a woman, she would be even sexier….

Sasuke lifted a hand to his black hair. The front of it swayed in the wind, and he smiled. Even if the mission were unreserved ignominy, it would not have been time wasted. At the very least, he could see his brother and idol again. With that thought, Sasuke was content, His smile reaching through the depths of his unfathomable black eyes. And if the mission went well… Sasuke’s lips curved in his trademark woman-melting smirk. If the mission were a success, he would have Amaya wrapped around his finger, and by extension, Raiso and the land of the mist. The Uchiha symbol was a banner proclaiming his pride emblazoned on his clothes. He’d rejected the offer of ANBU when he’d been informed the members needed anonymity. Those whom he killed would know him, and they would know him well. The last thing you saw when Sasuke killed you was his back, and the emblazoned Uchiha crest.

Don’t even think that his hand could spare you.

Uchiha Sasuke offered few people mercy.

He felt eyes on him, and his smirk grew. Whomever it was had better not underestimate him. As he jumped onto the rooftops and made his way out of town, he did think idly to himself,

Do they know what they are getting into?


Little Sasuke: Why am I melting women? ~blinkblinkblinkblink~
Raiso: ~trying not to laugh~'Cause you're so damn cute...
Sasuke: ~blinkblinkblink~... ~wide blinking cute eyes confusion~
Raiso: come along, Sasu-kun....
Little Sasuke: 'kay....
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