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Open To Interpretation

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Kakashi Knows One person who won't condemn him for allowing himself to love again.

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\/The Oracle\/

\/Chapter Three\/

\/Open to Interpretation\/

“Everybody wants to know why, like I can describe why I love him. Why I chose him over everyone else.” She shakes her head, pink hair cascading around her like a waterfall of cotton candy and she fixes her friend with the deepest stare he’s seen since the moment Sasuke apologized for nearly almost—( he never sounded very sincere )—killing him. “They act like I can just give it a name and make it so that they’ll understand. They want him to try to explain himself, like there’s something wrong with it. It’s love, though, Naruto; I know it is. The way I feel when he just looks at me is worth risking my life, my honor, my very being, just so that he’ll do it again.”

Her voice has grown and she almost wishes she could look every one in the shop in the eye as she speaks—she knows they’re listening to every word she says, so there’s no reason for her to be quiet any longer.

“But I do.” A smile breaks through on her face, and she clasps her hands about her, trying to imagine her arms are his. “I love him, and there’s nothing anybody can say that will make that different. If we have to, we’ll leave. Nobody wants that. They just want him to suffer the consequences as if he’s some common, petty criminal and not the love of my life. As if he did something wrong.

“He didn’t.”

The Kunoichi spun on her seat and stared deeply into his eyes. “I know why I think so. Why do you . . .?”

“Because,” says Naruto, shrugging as he takes a gulp of water. “You look happy. And if you’re happy, then he must be doing something right.


Kakashi shook his head to clear it. A woman stood in front of him, a dead woman. He decided, quite simply, that this was a dream. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she looked up at him. Though it had been years since he’d last held this woman, she felt natural in his arms.

“You’re getting married, Kashi-kun?” she asked, her green eyes focused, but not upset. Kakashi nodded.

“Yeah, Riku, I am. It’s not because I don’t love you. I still do-” she silenced him with a finger to his lips.

“I’m only here to reassure you that I’m okay with it, so that you can move on from me.” Her head tilted in her typical cute way. “I don’t have a problem with it, and anyone who does can go jump in a ditch. You loved me, but when I was alive, you never told me so. Don’t tell it to me now. Tell the woman who wants to spend her whole life with you, and have no regrets about what happens next.” She smiled, removing her finger from his lips and wrapping her arm back around his neck. “I love you, Kakashi, but she loves you too. And you love her. I’m happy for you.” Nothing in her demeanor suggested otherwise, and Kakashi smiled, pulling his mask down and kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes out of respect for Sakura, and the silver-haired jounin smiled at her for it, replacing the mask. Pulling away from him, she ran a hand through her long brown hair and winked, disappearing with a small bow and flourish. Kakashi shook his head. Some things would never change.


Sakura looked radiant, Kakashi thought as the woman walked towards him, and, not for the first time, he thought, exactly how lucky he was to have those two women to love him. It was also the last time. Later, when Sakura raged over his dead body, lashing out at anything in sight, Kakashi in spirit wondered where in the world his mind had been to not notice the ambush that was all too clear. It was the day Naruto would protect the village with his life in an undeniable way; the day Tsunade gave hers for the village only to be protected by said man; it was the day Naruto Uzumaki was for certain to be the Rokudaime Hokage. Looking back at the woman and the world he left behind, he knew exactly what he had been thinking of. His happiness and the woman he loved. He knew of at least one person who wouldn’t condemn him for that.


Sakura worked hard to save him. So hard… Her hands were covered in his blood and it made her shake, shake with fear for him, but she forced herself to remain clinical, professional. Sasuke and Naruto were with her, they helped her hold him down. His teeth were chattering, his lips cold and blue. They hadn’t caught the person who’d killed him, but everyone with him was dead as well. Kakashi looked up at Sakura. He hadn’t said it enough. Riku’d been warning him. He hadn’t said it enough. And he took those trembling hands in his own, and they were so warm, because Kakashi was so cold. So cold, like the ice that froze over Raiso’s soul. He almost laughed to be thinking of that man as he lay dying, but he felt another hand on his head. Not Sasuke’s hand, not Naruto’s either. As though the thought had summoned him, Raiso was there. Kakashi raised those warm hands to his lips and kissed them. Sakura… tears fell down her cheeks unchecked.

“S-s-Sa kur-ra…” He stammered out. She made to hush him, but Raiso firmly shook his head and silenced the girl. Kakashi drew strength from a man he had always hated, from the firm, alleviating pressure of his hand. There was no more pain. “I-I lo-love you….” Sakura sobbed.

“I Love you too, Kakashi….” Afterwards, Sakura was inconsolable. Raiso took her aside and spoke to her for some time, before she threw her arms around him. Kakashi was vaguely amused. So Rai’d had the utmost respect for him.

Yeah, right.

Being dead took a while to get used to.


Little Sasuke: Kakashi's Dead!!!!!
Raiso: Why. Why must you do these things to him? why do you let him watch?
Riku: ~softly~ It's his life. You don't think he has a right to know?
Raiso: Not so young, no. I think he should be allowed to choose when he is old enough to understand and say no , I don't want to know, Or yes , Tell me.
Riku: Oh, you mean like me?
Raiso: ~flinches~
Riku: ~picks Sasuke up and kisses his forehead~ Come now, little one. We are going to watch the next scene.^^
Raiso: ~muttering~
Sasuke: 'Kay... Is it bad?
Riku: I dunno yet.^^
Raiso: -___-;
Sasuke: Am I in it?
Riku: I don't know that either, dear.^^ ~kisses his forehead again~
Sasuke: ~blushes~
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