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Life Seems Great

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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band.

February 8 2005

Gerard woke up. “Hmph” he said as he slowly opened his eyes. “What the shrimps?”. Gerard was confused when he saw everything upside down. He figured out that he was hanging upside down from the ceiling, his foot tied to a rope.

“FRANKIEEEE!!!!!!!” Gerard screamed as he scrabbled and struggled to set himself free. Eventually he did and landed with a painful thump. “Ahh, shit” Gerard mumbled as he rubbed his head which throbbed with pain.

Gerard heard someone snigger, and three more sniggers, and then one final snigger. Frankie and Mikey both said together, “Sleep well?” That set Gerard off.

“FRANKIE! MIKEY! You little arse-” Gerard shouted as he ran like the wind after the two pranksters down the stairs and into the kitchen. When he finally found Frankie he grabbed his underwear, which had ducks on them by the way, and put it over his head. “Hehe” Gerard giggled.

“Gerard! Oh my god, oww!” cried Frankie. Then Gerard found Mikey and did the same.

“Oh come on! No! Oww!!” cried Mikey. Gerard brushed his pale white hands together and smiled triumphantly as he grabbed himself a cup of coffee. Ray and Bob walked into the kitchen, startled by what they could see.

“Wha-” Bob began.

“At” Ray ended. They were just staring at the pair that was desperately fighting to get their underwear off their heads.

Ray and Bob both looked at Gerard.

“Morning” Gerard grinned.

“Hey Bob, have you thrown out the goddamn trash yet??!” Ray asked with annoyance when he almost burned some toast.

“What every single bin in the house? Why is it my job to be the TrashDude?” replied Bob, also with annoyance.

“It’s been 6 fucking months! Have some hygiene dude!” said Ray

“Then why don’t you do it!” Bob snapped.

“Hey Gee, whose magazine is thi-” Anna was cut short by the two idiot pranksters as she came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Frankie?! Mikey?! What the hell happened?” Anna cried as she glanced over at Gerard who was still grinning.

“Oh, they just wanted to see how far their underwear could stretch, well at least that’s what they initiated” replied Gerard, an even bigger grin spreading across his face.

“Huh?” Anna said, puzzled, as she helped Frankie and Mikey get their underwear free from their heads. She successfully freed them. Wow, they were pissed. But glad they weren’t now shrouded with the darkness that is their underwear. Frankie saw the magazine in Anna’s hand and his eyes bulged.

“Hey Frank you ok? You look like you’re gonna be sick!” questioned Bob.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, hey Gee, whose magazine is this, it’s definitely not mine, is it YOURS??” Anna questioned Gerard, her arms crossed.

“What the fuck! EW! Erm NO, that’s not mine!” Gerard denied looking disgusted and eyed Frankie suspiciously. Then Frankie snatched the magazine.

“Well, ha” Frankie said with a weird laugh, “I guess this is no-one’s then, erm yeah” Frankie said so quickly that it was almost inaudible and he threw the magazine behind him in a flash and smiled innocently. Everyone looked at him with questioning eyes, and laughed. Mikey was on the floor in hysterics.

“So you can’t get a girlfriend??” Mikey asked, sending himself into more hysterics. Frankie ended his laughter with a swift kick in the side. “Eaaae” Mikey whined. All the others sat down to watch TV and Gerard helped his brother up and to the couch.
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