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Turning Around

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Disclaimer: I don’t own My Chemical Romance and all of the members in the band.

Walking past a newspaper stand, Frankie saw the Hot Mamas magazine in the corner of his eye and said “Oh hey, Gerard ur, I’m just gonna get the urm… Italian cook book,” Frankie improvised. Hopelessly. “Err…be right back.” Frankie said sharply and dashed off towards the HM magazine.

“I didn’t know you cooke-“Gerard started when he saw an amazing girl by the newspapers. She was medium height, slim, had long black hair with purple tints and was wearing a black and blue shirt with purple skinny jeans and black converses. He looked away sharply when she looked at him. Suddenly, she was walking towards him. Gerard felt nervous.

“Hey”, the black-haired-beauty spoke.

“HUmmanah” was all that Gerard could let come out of his mouth. He flushed beetroot.

“Okay…” the young girl laughed kindly. “I’m Anna” and she put out her hand.

“Hi, sorry, I’m Gerard” Gerard replied and shook her hand. Frankie turned around to say something to Gerard but saw how well he was getting on with a girl. Frankie was impressed. Then, Gerard had the feeling a nosy parkers eyes were on him so he turned around sharply and faced Frankie. Frankie was shocked that Gerard turned around so quickly and sharply turned around himself, carelessly causing chaos by knocking the “weird” magazines stand over causing himself to collide with two dogs. Ouch. Gerard closed his eyes in embarrassment.

“Oh my god” Who is that?” asked Anna with a smile on her face

“I ha-have no idea” Gerard said.

“Hey, would you, urm, possibly, like to…go out sometime? Say tonight? At 7??” Anna asked, looking into his deep brown eyes.

Gerard felt a flush of…happiness. A feeling he hadn’t experienced for months. A feeling that was torn away, but had, somehow, returned. He felt as if someone actually liked him for who he was, and that was all he needed.

“Ye-yeah, I’d like that” Gerard said with a warm smile, also something he hadn’t experienced without faking for months.

That night, in the dead of midnight, Gerard carried his routine, once again. But this time differently. He walked slowly to the bathroom. Opened the cupboard, grasped the razor and said


Then he threw it into the trash.

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