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Jessica’s Arrival

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Ch. 8
Jessica’s Arrival

Benji laid on the couch watching TV, the remote hung slightly from his hand

John walked up, “Benji?”

Benji looked up at him

John leaned on the back of the couch, “My sister is coming over today, ok?” He asked watching him, “She wanted to come see me for about a month.”

Benji smiled slightly, “A month?”

John nodded

Benji nodded, “Sure!” He laid his head back down

John smiled, “Don’t worry I told her about you being here. She don’t mind.”

Benji nodded and yawned

John stood up and started walking, “Thanks dude!”

Benji nodded and waved, “Yup…” He said and reached over and grabbed his disk player from the coffee table and put on the head phones, he rolled over pushing play and started flipping through the songs, “Candy Shop…” He mumbled to himself and he smiled when he found the song. He stood up and started walking, “Hey John!”

John peeked out, “Yeah?”

“Need me to do anything?”

John shook his head, “Nope, not right now.”

Benji nodded and started up the steps, “Call when you do..”

John walked into the kitchen

Benji started to his room singing with the song, “I'll take you to the candy shop, I'll let you lick the lollypop Go 'head girl, don't you stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot.. woah!” And smiled and started laughing to himself and walked into the room

A few hours later John called up the steps, “Benji!”

Benji looked at the door and stood up from his desk, “Coming!” He called back and set aside a note book. He walked out and ran down the steps skipping steps. He landed on the last step and peeked around a corner

John looked back, “Benji, I would like you to meet my sister Jessica.”

Benji looked beside him at a girl who was watching him

She smiled and nodded

She had long brown hair that was tied back into a bun and she wore a mini skirt and a tube top, she had blue eyes, she was really pretty

Benji blinked and smiled slightly

She eyed him and smiled, “Hey.”

Benji got off the bottom step and nodded, “Hello…”

John smiled, “She’s your age.”

Benji blinked and smiled, “Uh, cool?” He laughed slightly

Jessica smiled and covered her mouth laughing

Benji smiled and looked to the side thinking, “She’s kinda like a slut…” He sighed and looked at her still thinking, “Well, like I’m gonna pay attention to her. She looks like a stuck up to.” He turn and started up the steps

John blinked, “Um, be back down here by six! Ok?”

Benji stopped and looked back, “Yeah..” He called back, he started up the steps

Jessica looked at John, “I like him.” She smiled

John blinked, “Sis… he’s been having a hard life.. ok?” He stood up and started to the kitchen, “I’ll make something for us to eat…”

She nodded and looked at the steps


Benji walked into the kitchen and sat down in his spot and looked at John, “What we having?”

John looked at him and smiled, “We are having homemade chicken noodle.”

Benji smiled, “My fav!” he stood up, “I will get the plates and everything.” He walked up to the cabinets and opened the doors taking out plates and glasses

Jessica walked in and sat down next to Benji’s chair. She looked at John, “Is this anyone’s chair?” She asked

John shook his head

She nodded and looked at Benji and laid her chin on her hand watching him

Benji set down the plates and glasses and looked at her, he stopped and backed up then turned and walked up to the counter drawer and took out forks. He looked at John, “What does she use? Fork or spoon?”

John looked at him, “I don’t know… as her.” He looked back then started mixing the food again

Jessica smiled, “I wouldn’t mind what I get. It is your choice.”

Benji sighed and grabbed three forks. He walked up to the table and set them down. He looked at her, “What would you like to drink?”

“What are you gonna drink?”

Benji sighed, “Milk…”

She smiled, “That sounds great!”

Benji turned and walked to the fridge and opened it pulling out the milk. He started filling the glasses when he got to the table

After awhile they are all sitting down eating.

Jessica looked at Benji beside her and smiled. She move her hand from her lap and towards his leg

John looked up as the door bell rang, “I’ll get it.” He stood up and walked off

Benji sighed and continued to eat

Jessica smiled

John walked in with and older women and man, “Mom, Dad. This is Benji.”

Benji looked at them and smiled, “Hello!”

Jessica dropped her hand and put it back on her own lap

Their mom smiled, “Hello honey.”

Their dad nodded, “Hello.”

Benji smiled welcoming

Jessica started eating

John looked at his parents, “Help yourselves to the food. We have plenty.”

Both parents thanked him and soon all where eating

Jessica looked at Benji, “So where is your room?” She whispered

Benji looked at her, “Up the steps the last door on the right.”

She smiled, "That was my room before my parents gave my brother the house and we moved. But I didn’t think mommy and daddy would be here.”

Benji sighed, “Fancy that?” He said and started eating

She smiled and looked forward

That night

John looked at Benji, “Get to bed, you look tired.” He said nudging him

Benji opened his eyes, “Naw, I’m not.”

John’s mom looked at him, “Dear, go ahead. You don’t need to talk with us.” She smiled

Benji smiled and rubbed his eyes, “Sure, sure. I will..” He stood up and started up the steps, “Night John and family..”

“Night Benji!” John said and turned to his mom, “He’s really sweet…”

She nodded, “Yes…”

Jessica looked at the steps and smiled
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