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End The Pain!

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Ch. 9
End The Pain!

Benji laid in bed silently sleeping

Jessica opened his door and walked in and shut the door quietly behind her. She locked the door and started towards him. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, she tossed it to the side. She pulled down her skirt and let it drop, she was only in her thong and bra now. She smiled and walked up to Benji and bent down and smiled. She leaned over him and kissed him on the lips

Benji still sleeping returned it

Jessica sat across his stomach and moved her hands up his shirt

Benji opened his eyes and pushed her back, “Jessica!”

She covered his mouth, “John and my parents are out. He’s showing them around.” She moved down his stomach kissing blow his chest, “So.. we are all alone now.”

Benji closed his eyes, then he looked at her, “I don’t want to though…”

She sat up and started undoing his pants, “Yes you do.” She smiled, “I know you do.” With her other hand she grabbed one of his hands and put it on her breast

Benji blinked and watched her as she moving his hand along her breast

She smiled and released his hand and started to slide down bringing the pants down with her. She tugged them off and tossed them across the room

Benji watched her baffled and not knowing what to do, fear struck him as he remembered his father, “Jessica… no… please!”

Jessica looked up at him and moved her hand up his stomach. She kissed his lower stomach

Benji closed his eyes

Jessica grabbed the bottom of his boxers and started to pull them down slowly

Benji quickly grabbed them and pulled them up, “No!”

Jessica smiled and crawled back on top of his stomach and started kissing his neck

Benji tilted his head back closing his eyes

Jessica slide her hand down his side, she started kissing up his neck and up his jaw line to his lips kissing him

Benji returned it, grabbing her hips

Jessica sat up pulling Benji with her French kissing him

He French kissed her back his hands sliding up her stomach and both hands resting on each breast. He moved his hands along her breasts

She reached back and unsnapped her own bra and moved up against him

Benji moved his hands up and started sliding down the straps of her bra and pulling her bra off all the way

She smiled and moved her hand along his stomach and moved it down

Benji watched her hand his breath becoming heavy

She moved her hand down his boxers and between his legs

Benji groaned and moved up against her moving his hand down her back

She smiled and started to move down, she pulled his boxers with her. Pushing Benji back she tossed his boxers across the room

Benji laid down on his back watching her

She put her mouth over his dick and started moving up and down slowly

Benji moaned closing his eyes tightly

She started moving fasted with every turn

Benji put one hand on top of her head, moving with her as she began to move faster

Jessica pulled back and started to move up him

Benji kissed her when her face came up to his

She returned his kissed and slide off her thong and tossed it across the floor

Benji started to rub her breast again and pushed her up, he sat up with her, where he was face to face with her breasts, he started licking around her nipple feeling the other one

She moved against him and smiled titling her head back

Benji rolled over with her to where he was on top. He spread her legs apart and slowly entered her while kissed her

Jessica went up against him and grabbed the back of his head kissing him as well

He closed his eyes and put his face in her neck moving faster

Jessica hugged him close

Benji collapsed on top of her after a long time, breathing heavy and sweating

Jessica moved her hand down his back, herself breathing very heavy. She kissed the top of his head

Benji closed his eyes and soon fell asleep

Three hours later

A door downstairs opened and closed

Benji opened his eyes

Jessica was gone

Benji sat up and looked around, “Jess…” He grabbed his head, very angry with himself, and Jessica, “Stupid slut! Taking advantage!” He closed his eyes tightly, “I can’t believe she did that!” He paused, “But then again…” He looked down, “I did go with her… all the way…” He closed his eyes against tears rolling down his cheeks, “Oh God… am I nothing but something to be used to have sexy with.. am I nothing more than something other people should use and enjoy for their sex life?” Tears started streaming down his cheeks, “I want someone to love me! For me God! Not some toy, not some play mate! Please! Please let something happen to end this tainted love of mine, or I will be forced to murder myself to end it!” He clenched his hands tightly closed, “I will take my own life just to save myself you have nothing better to offer me! Make something in my life worth some good! Just something! I don’t care what! Please just end the pain!” He screamed and covered his face sobbing
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