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Smother Me

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Bob had a shitty ex girlfriend. She cheated on him, and it left him scarred for life. He meets Lilly, the new girl from England, and before they're even friends, he knows he wants to be with her fo...

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Bob sat in the front row of his chemistry class. He had almost fallen asleep when the door opened and a small girl walked in. As she talked to the teacher, Bob checked her out. She couldn't be any bigger than 4'11" 81 pounds. Her curly black hair fell at the dead center of her back, and made her creamy white skin tone stand out even more.
"Here, take the seat next to Robert." The teacher said as she pointed to the empty seat next to Bob.
"I'm Bob." he said as she sat down.
"Oh, I'm Lilly." she said as she turned to look at him. She had a British accent, and Bob found himself instantly mesmerized.
"Let me see your schedule... Maybe we have some classes together." Bob said. Lilly handed him her schedule, and said nothing. "Wow, our schedule is identical, except for our home rooms. If you want I can show you around."
"Oh, Thank you! Now I know I won't get lost!" Lilly said, relief in her voice.
Bob loved how quiet her voice was. Actually, he loved everything about her... No... he loved her.
"Of course, because I won't let you." He replied, a sly grin spreading across his face.

"Gerard, Mikey, Frankie, Ray, this is Lilly. Lilly, these are the guys." Bob proudly introduced Lilly to his best friends at lunch.
"Pleased to meet you all." Lilly said with a smile.
"You always that quiet?" Frankie asked.
"Well... yes... I suppose I am." Lilly replied, her cheeks turning crimson with embarrassment.
"That's okay, a week with us will change that!" Gerard quickly butted in. Lilly laughed.
"If you don't mind, I'm going to go get a soft drink." Lilly said as she turned to walk away.
"A what?" Ray asked, a puzzled look on his face. Lilly turned to face him and laughed.
"Oh, sorry, a soda, or juice." Lilly replied before leaving.
"She's from England." Bob dreamily informed his friends as he watched her walk through the cafeteria to the soda machine.
"Well... thanks for the report captain obvious, but while you were up on cloud nine, we all made that observation." Mikey said with a laugh.
"Does she ever speak above a whisper?" Gerard asked.
"Is she really that quiet?" Bob asked. Gerard shook his head and laughed.
"Yeah she is." He replied. Bob thought for a minute then shrugged.
"Then I guess not." Bob replied. He was the only one that didn't seem to notice.
"So, when are you going to pop the question?" Mikey playfully asked as he reached across the table and punched Bob‘s arm.
"Don't be stupid... I don't know yet." Bob replied. There was an uncomfortable silence as the friends tried to figure out if Bob was serious.
"You know... She'd be Bobbert's first real girlfriend since-" Frankie started.
"Drop it!" Gerard said, looking harshly at Frankie. Frankie was referring to Bob's ex-girlfriend, Lisa, who had cheated on him... with the entire football team. Frankie shrugged and looked at Bob, who seemed to not have noticed the mention of his ex.
"Drop what?" Lilly asked from behind Bob. God, was she ever tiny. They'd never be able to know if she snuck up on them.
"Oh, nothing." Bob replied as he knocked Ray's things off the seat next to him so Lilly had somewhere to sit.
"What the fuck man?" Ray shouted as he jumped up and gathered his things into one pile. Lilly laughed as she reached down and helped Ray.
"You're a colorful bunch of people. I can tell I'm gonna get on well with you all." Lilly said as she sat down and opened her can of Coke.
"So, we all have a band... You wanna come watch us practice after school today?" Bob asked. Gerard scratched his temple as he looked at Lilly’s unsure expression.
"Why, that sounds delightful, but I'll have to call my mum and ask her first." Lilly replied, not looking up from her soda can.
"We'll have you home before dinner." Gerard butted in, hoping to salvage the situation.
"It's not dinner I'm worried about... It's tea time. It's supposed to be right after school." Lilly replied.
"You have tea time?" Mikey excitedly asked.
"Every day." Lilly replied.
"Oh, that's SO cool. I love British stuff!" Mikey said. Lilly laughed.
"I hear that a lot."
"So, do you wanna come or not?" Bob asked.
"I told you, I have to-" Lilly began
"Oh, live a little!" Bob replied.
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