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Chapter 6

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Ecstacy Ch 6

I almost freaked out when I woke up wrapped in Frank’s arms, but then I remembered the night before. I’ve never opened up to anyone like I did with him. It kinda scared me. I slid out of his arms and went into the bathroom to pee. I could hear laughter coming from the back room. I walked back there to find Lindsey, Stef and Maxie.

“Hey girls” I said as I sat down on the couch.
“I never though I’d see the day where I would see you and Frank cuddling” Stefanie said
“Yeah well a lot changed last night” I said.
“What do you mean?” Lindsey asked
“He knows about… yeah. We’ve started over. Plus I didn’t want to be alone last night” I said.
“You told him?” Maxie asked. I could tell that she was shocked.
“Yeah. For some reason I felt I needed to. I feel comfortable and safe around him. I did even when we fought. We actually have a lot in common. “I said
“Well im glad. At least now we don’t have to hear you all fighting 24/7.” Lindsey said
“Personally I think them fighting was just their fucked up way of flirting” Max said.
“No it wasn’t. I don’t like him like that. Plus he isn’t my type at all” I said
“Bull fuckin shit. Frank is like the poster child for your type of guy… cept usually they are taller.” Stefanie said
“Think what you want but I am telling you there is no romantic feelings between Frank and I and there never will be” I said looking away from them. I knew they could see right through the lie.
“God now you sound like Georgia” Maxie said
“Speaking of Georgia, where did her and the others go?” I asked
“They stayed on MCR’s bus last night” Lindsey said. We heard a knock on the door frame
“Hey sorry to interrupt girl chat, but the driver wanted to tell you that we are stopping for gas and food” Frank said
“Good. I need cigarettes and coffee” Maxie said
“God you are definitely a Way sibling” Frank said laughing
“Bite me short shit” she said to him. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.
“No thanks Baby Way, you’re not my type” Frank said
“I bet Katie is” Maxie, Stef, and Lindsey all said. I immediately threw my hands over my face to hide the blushing. Thankfully they bus came to a stop.
“That’s our cue to run now before she beats us” Stefanie said as they ran out of the bus
“You learn to ignore them” I said as I slipped on a pair of shoes.
“It’s ok. I live on a bus with Mikey and Gerard. Actually its Mikey you gotta watch. He likes to stick things in the toaster” Frank said
“So that’s where Maxie gets it from” I said smiling. I grabbed my hoodie and put it on before we walked off the bus
“I want to thank you for last night. It really meant a lot to me.” I said
“It’s no problem. Like I said im always here if you need someone to talk to.. or just need someone.” He said hugging me
“Am I dreaming or did I just see you two hugging” Gerard said
“No you’re not dreaming” Frank said
“Luna I told you something was up with them” Gerard said as he ran away
“You know that’s all we are gonna hear from now on.” Frank said to me
“Great. Maybe we should just go back to fighting” I said playfully pushing him
“Nah, I kinda like getting along. Plus admit it, ya know ya want my sexy body” he said as we walked in the store
“In your dreams Iero” I said before walking away from him
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