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Chapter 7

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Ecstacy Ch 7

It has been as few weeks since the night I told Frank I was raped. We have been hanging out more. Mostly just when the others aren’t around. We are both getting teased for getting along now. Everyone thinks we are gonna get together. We were all sitting in Ecstacy’s dressing room. Us girls were attempting top get ready for the show. Georgia was finishing my makeup. I was the last one, but I was already dressed. I was wearing a pink and black plaid skirt with spandex shorts under it so I could move onstage and not have to worry about anyone getting a free show. My top was a black baby doll t-shirt that had a skull with a pink bow on it. After Georgia finished my makeup I started stretching for the show. I put on my headphones and started listening to Ian’s band. I did this before every show. It was a way to get relaxed yet pumped.

“Katie wanna go warm up vocals” Luna asked. She was our back up vocalist
“Yeah sure” I said as she helped me up. We went in the hall and started out usually vocal warm up. We were just about finished when she stopped singing
“What’s wrong” I asked
“I don’t know. I just got a weird feeling, like something is gonna happen” she said
“You are so fuckin weird” I said laughing
“I know” she said, I could tell whatever she felt was bugging her
“It will be ok. We are all fine” I said
“I know. It was prolly nothing” she said just then the others came filing out of the room
“It’s show time girls… to the stage” Molly said. I jumped on Mikey’s back and made him give me a piggyback ride to the stage
“Thanks Mikey” I said poking him before I started skipping around everyone. I was in a really good mood. Stefanie joined me in skipping. We were given a 2 minute heads up. We started to give each other hugs. We had to give each girl a hug. With this tour though the My Chem guys joined in it before we went onstage. Frank was the last one for me to hug.
“Good luck out there. I’ll be watching you” he said kissing my cheek before walking off with the others. Molly started pushing me onstage.

“What’s up? How the hell are you all!” I yelled into the microphone. The crowd screamed weakly
“Aww come on I know you can do better than that… how the hell are you all” I said. They screamed even louder.
“That’s better. We are called Ecstacy. Lets get this shit started!” I said as the girls started the first song. All through the show I was dancing and jumping all over the place. The show was going amazing. It was definitely the best show on the tour so far. The next thing I knew Frank, Ray, Bob, and Mikey all came on stage dressed as superheroes. You couldn’t see their faces but you could tell it was them. Frank was Spiderman. Bob was Batman. Mikey was superman, and Ray was dress as Robin. They were dancing around the stage. I tried my hardest not to laugh while singing but it didn’t really work. After we finished the song, Gerard walked on stage dressed as wonder woman. I lost it there as did the other girls. I was laughing so hard I was crying.
“ok Everyone. We wanted to tell you all the tomorrow is Katie’s Birthday. Since they have no show tomorrow we had to fly in especially for this one. So let’s wish her a happy birthday” Gerard said in a girly voice. Everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. I just shook my head and laughed. Once they finished the guys ran off stage.

“Let’s give it up for our superheroes” Luna said into her mic.
“Ok everyone this is our last song. Then My Chemical Romance is coming on” I said. The crowd started screaming.
“Yeah if they can get out of those tights quick enough.” Lindsey said to me which made me start laughing again. I put all of my energy into the last song. I ran off stage as soon as we finished
“Girls that was fucking AMAZING!” Molly said
“Did you all know the guys were coming out” I asked
“We knew they were coming out but we didn’t know they were dressing like that” Maxie said
“ I don’t know Ray was kinda lookin good in those tights” Stefanie said. She then covered her mouth. Us girls just stared at her.
“Did I just say that out loud?” she asked
“Yeah ya did hunny” I said patting her head
“Don’t tell anyone, we were supposed to keep it quiet for a bit” she said
“Wait, I thought you were just saying her was hot, are you two together?” Georgia asked
“Yeah we are” Stef said
“Since when” Lindsey asked
“Yesterday afternoon before he went onstage” Stefanie said
“So me and Georgia are the only single ones” I asked
“Actually Bob and Me are official as of this morning” Georgia said.
“So when are you and Frank getting together” Maxie asked
“I told you guys me and Frank are not getting together. You all should be lucky we are getting along” I said then walked away from them. Little did I know at that same time the My Chem boys were having the exact same conversation with Frank
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