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Chapter 1

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Ecstacy Chapter 1

I was sleeping peacefully in my huge comfortable bed. That was until I was rudely awaken.

“Katie we are going on tour” Stefanie and Lindsey screamed as they jumped on my bed. I groaned and pulled the comforter over my head. I regretted drinking as much as I did last night.

“Come on sleepy head its 1 in the afternoon. Plus Molly has called and immediate band meeting. Everyone is waiting for you.” Stefanie said
“why did I agree to move all into one house again?” I mumbled as I sat up
“because you love us oh so much. Now come on we have to hear tour info. Plus there is coffee” Lindsey said. She knew coffee was my addiction. We walked downstairs to the kitchen where everyone was sitting
“figured you may want and need these” luna said handing me coffee and some Tylenol. Which I took gratefully. I sat on the counter and waited for Molly to start the ‘meeting’
“ok girls as you know we got an offer to tour with a huge band. Their opening band dropped off last minute so they contacted us. Their tour starts in two days but we would have to leave early tomorrow morning by plane” molly said
“what band” Lindsey asked
“My Chemical Romance” Georgia said
“are you serious? ” I said looking at Maxie
“ yeah Gee and Mikey called me this morning practically begging us. I couldn’t say no” she said
“ how long is the tour” Stefanie asked
“3 months here in the U.S. and Canada and then 3 months in Europe, Australia, Japan, and some other places overseas.” Molly said
“can we afford that?” I asked
“ Mikey and Gerard said its all taken care of that their record company is paying for it all” Maxie said
“I’m in” Luna said. The others nodded along
“Katie what about you?” Molly said
“yeah yeah im in” I said
“alright its set then. I’ll call the airlines and you all go start packing” Molly said
“ Molls its only 1:30 we have plenty of time to pack” I said
“ you always say that and you’re never done, now go” she said pushing us all out of the kitchen. I went upstairs and actually started packing. I had no clue what to pack since we’d be gone for 6 months so I packed a bit of everything. I figured I could always buy clothes if I needed to. By the time I finished it was 4pm
“Mother Dearest I have a question for you” I yelled for molly. We would joke and say she acted like our moms.
“What is it?” she said
“how the hell are we gonna get our equipment there if we are taking a plane and have no trailer?” I said
“good question. Shit I forgot about that” she said
“well where is the first show?” I asked
“California. I better go call the band” she said then left. She came back a bit later saying we were taking a private jet so we had to leave tonight at 8pm. Our equipment would go with us. I went to Maxie’s room.
“Hey.. Done packing yet?” I asked
“yeah but ready to kill my brothers” she said
“what’d they do now?”
“I don’t mind filling in for the other band, but the private jet, our own tour bus, paying for our hotels, its all too much”she said
“I know it is. We will find some way to repay them I promise. How are they anyways” I asked. I met Mikey and Gerard years ago before they got huge. Its been a few years since Maxie and I have seen them because of both bands tour schedules.
“Excited to see us. Excited to see the band perform” she said
“KATIE” I heard Lindsey yell from down the hall
“yeah” I said walking out of Maxie’s room only to have Lindsey tackle me
“guess who is taking us to the airport” she said
“ouch... get off” I said pushing her off of me
“ your brother and Evan are taking us” she said. Evan is Ian’s band mate and best friend. Him and Lindsey just recently started dating.
“God you are hopeless child” I said getting up
“ I know. Oh and Ian said dinner better be ready.”
“His ass knows how to cook.” I said. We hung around the rest of the day. It was 7:30 and Ian and Evan still weren’t here to pick us up. Molly was freaking out
“calm down Molly.. This is Katie’s twin after all. Should’ve know he’d be late” Georgia said
“Hey I take offense to the” I said
“ you should Ian is a pain in the ass... wait so are you”Luna said. I playfully hit her
“yeah yeah leave me alone now” I said. Just then Ian and Evan showed up. The ride to the airport was pretty boring as was the plane ride. I kinda zoned out and was writing some lyrics down. I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I knew Stefanie was waking me up saying we had landed. We got off the plane to be greeted by Mikey, Gerard and some big dude who I found out was named Worm
“Little Katie has grown up... well not height wise” Mikey said. I punched him in the arm
“OUCH you hit like a dude” he said rubbing his arm
:”its ok Katie, our guitarist is a midget too” Gerard said
“ ok guys enough short jokes” Maxie said.
“ can we just go already. I have to pee and I refuse to use public restrooms.” Luna said
“yes Beautiful we may leave. Ladies your equipment will be taken to the venue. We just need you bags and we will head to the hotel. You can meet the others in the morning” Gerard said making Luna blush which she tried to hide. We got our luggage and headed for the taxi’s. it was me, Maxie, Mikey, Molly and Georgia in one van and Gerard, Luna, Worm, Stefanie, and Lindsey in the other. Mikey and Molly were talking up a storm.
“Why is it I have a feeling my brothers are gonna hook up with one of the girls” Maxie whispered to me
“because you know your brothers and we both know the girls. Its bound to happen” I said
“ I know. I mean look at Mikey. He has never opened up to a girl that quick. And I know you saw the way Gerard made Luna blush” she said
“ I know. But you know neither one of the girls would hurt them.”
“I know its just weird. I mean they are my brother”
“ I know the feeling” I said. The conversation stopped there since we had pulled up to the hotel. By now it was almost 4am
“ ok girls. There is 3 room. We are in the room next door if you need anything. The whole crew is getting together tomorrow at noon for lunch. You’ll meet the guys then. Night” Gerard said giving us all hugs. Mikey did the same.
“How are we gonna do rooms” I asked we ended up drawing names. It was me, Molly and Georgia in a room, Lindsey and Luna in a room, then Maxie and Stefanie in a room.
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