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07 Screaming Lullaby

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Joel Combs is the football captain loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone. How will he react when he finds that Benji Madden cannot stand even his presence? AU/BDSM/Twincest

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Author: Strings393
Fiction Title: Wicked Tickles
Chapter Title: 07 Screaming Lullaby
Pairing: Benji/Joel
Rating: PG-13/NC-17 in later chapters
Genre: AU, BDSM, Twincest
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual Reference
Summary: Joel Combs is the football captain loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone. How will he react when he finds that Benji Madden cannot stand even his presence? AU/BDSM/Twincest
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything except the plot. The title 'Wicked Tickles' came from the site Wicked Tickles. I own the song Benji sings in here; /Screaming Lullaby/. I made it up off the top of my head (which is most likely why it sucks) purely for the purpose of this chapter.

{RIGHT! So how about a semi-formal introduction, hmm? I am the Legendary Strings. bows I'm kidding. I'm not that legendary, but I can joke. As you all know. I am currently writing a fiction called Wicked Tickles. I'm sorry to inform you, but I am taking two AP classes this year, so the story won't progress as fast as it did in the summer. For those that don't know, an AP class is a college level class for high school kids like me. I'm only fifteen and I'm taking two; AP World History and AP Art History.

These classes are extremely time consuming. I'm supposed to be doing work for AP World as I write this now. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I'm trying my hardest to write chapters and have them up for you lovely people. You'll be happy to know that in my AP Art History class, instead of paying attention, I pretend to be writing notes on the lecture when in all reality, I'm writing the next chapter for one of my stories. Currently, it's chapter seven of Wicked Tickles. I shall not reveal anymore than that.

I just wanted to take this time out and explain the lack of updating and apologize sincerely for it. I love you all for taking the time out of your lives and reading what I have written for you. What's more encouraging is your feedback. I love how positive you all are. I would list you all and thank you personally that way, but sadly, I'm pressed for time.

Once again, I'm sorry for the extremely slow pace and thank you so, so much for reading my works. Mad love.


The next day at school, Benji and I acted like nothing happened. We didn't go farther than making out because he didn't want to give me too much too soon. We didn't really acknowledge each other all day until after I was coming out of English with my usual crowd of friends. It was the end of the day, so a lot of kids were already outside by the time we got there. Voices met our ears so we stopped talking and looked for the source of the constant "FIGHT!" chants we heard. We saw a tight group of people cheering on whoever was getting their attention. Over to my left I saw someone talking to Benji. He and his friend's expressions turned from concern to pissed as they all dropped their shit on the spot and hauled ass towards the fight. I ran after them, causing my friends to follow me. We made our way to the front of the crowd and watched as Greg beat the shit out of some punk kid that apparently was one of Benji's friends. Benji and the rest of his friends had jumped in on the fight to help him out.

"BREAK IT UP!" I yelled. My friends and I started pulling kids apart. We got hit a couple of times because of misperceptions, but eventually it was down to me struggling with Greg. "Back the fuck off!" I shouted and shoved him away.

"Fuck off, Combs." Greg snapped.

"What's your problem, man? Huh? You think you look cool when you fight other kids? You just look like a jackass."

"He had it coming!"

"Why? What the hell did he do?"

"He's weird!"

"Oh. What a legitimate reason." I said sarcastically.

"They're all fags and all fags deserve to die." Benji, his friends and I froze. Pure fury coursed through me. Without thinking, I pulled back and swung, not knowing I could pack a punch that would send Gorilla Greg to the ground. Everyone stared at me as I glared down at Greg and I didn't blame them; I was usually that nice kid that would never hurt anyone and was sweet as could be, but let's face it...I was pissed off beyond all reason.

"You piece of shit." I sneered and walked away. When I passed Benji, I asked him if he wanted a ride. He declined and went back to get his stuff and walked home. To tell the truth, I don't really know why I hit Greg. I could have been because I disliked him so much and that seemed like a good reason to take a chance, it could have been because he insulted Benji and his friends or maybe it was just because he insulted Benji. I wasn't sure. Did I do the right thing? Was it right to hit Greg rather than let Benj take a swing? Maybe I should have hit him again. Hell if I knew what to do. My friends just stared as I walked past them to my car. I drove in silence for a while, thinking about the prior events until I needed to take my mind off of it. I reached over and turned on my radio, grinning at what I heard come out. The Clash. Benji left his tape in my car. I sighed. Maybe I should return it to him. Eh. Maybe after this side was over; I was really liking this song. I caught a few words and started to sing along. "White riot, I wanna riot, white riot, da-da-da-da-da-da!" I sang, not being able to comprehend the British slur. I chuckled at how stupid I probably sounded and turned my car around towards Benji's house. I had my fill of driving around aimlessly and the last song on Side A was done. I fought my urge to flip it over and blast Side B. At a particularly long light, I got fed up with the radio playing the same songs over and over, so I flipped the tape and pressed play. It was silent for a while until I heard a single strum of a guitar and then Benji's voice.

"Um," he started, clearing his throat, "if you sign me now, it'll be cheaper than later, so...yeah. Here's Screaming Lullaby." I turned up the volume with curiosity. The sound of a calm, but sad acoustic guitar wafted out and then his scratchy vocals.

Quiet child
Hush your cries
Dry your tears
Wipe your eyes
Hold on, child
Keep close to me
I'll keep you safe
As they scream

They scream us a lullaby
They scream us a song
They shout out their love to us
Hush little child
It's nothing
This is nothing

Dear, sweet child
Close your eyes
Drift away
Listen to all my lies
Innocent child
Victim to pain
There's no hope
And they scream again

They scream us a lullaby
They scream us a song
They shout out their love to us
Hush little child
It's nothing
This is nothing

They scream us a lullaby
They scream us a song
They shout their words of hate to each other
But you are asleep
You can't hear
That's all that matters

I knew instantly the song was for his sister. My heart immediately went out to them. I didn't know that Benji was so musically talented though. I smiled, but it still made me sad that the song was about something so heartbreaking. After the song, I rewound it so he wouldn't know I had been listening to it. When I pulled up to his house, he was sitting on the front steps with Sarah, helping her with homework. I got out of my car and smiled, holding the tape behind my back. "What are you doing here?" he asked. I noticed that he had a swollen eye and my smile turned to a frown.

"Greg didn't do that, did he?" He shook his head.

"Dad overheard me telling Sarah about it. So he had his way with me; told me I shouldn't be fighting at school and that I was a fag for trying to get that close to other guys." I bit my lower lip.

"I came to return this." I said, holding up the tape. He reached out and took it, peering at the reels inside. "I rewound it for you." He nodded.

"On the wrong side, genius."


"Did you like it?" I decided to keep playing stupid just to be safe.

"The Clash? Yeah. They're awesome." He smiled.

"You suck at lying, but I'll let you slide." I bit my lip again. "I'm glad you like them though. I figured you would."

"Benji! I have a question!" Sarah said from the steps.

"History forces me to help her or my guitar gets taken." He went back to help her, but a sweet-faced woman came to the door from inside.

"Benjamin, Sarah...come inside and wash up for dinner." she said in a motherly, yet stern tone.

"Yes, mama." Benji muttered. I grinned and said good bye.

"Benjamin...tell your friend he can stay for dinner as well."

"He's fine, mama. He was just leaving." Benji called back to her through the now ajar door.

"Nonsense! I'll set another place." she shouted back.

"Mama, Dad's going to be home tonight. I don't think it's the most opportune day to have guests."

"Well! It seems to me like your father's just going to have to behave himself now won't he?"

"Ma..." he started.

"Benjamin, don't backtalk your mother." He immediately shut up and looked at me.

"Want to stay for dinner?" he asked.

"If it's going to be trouble, then I can leave."

"If mama says you're staying for dinner, you're staying for dinner. Despite if I give you the choice or not. I just thought I'd be courteous." I smirked and walked inside his house. It was very cozy for it's size; very quaint. The smell of a home cooked dish drifted from the kitchen and into my nose.

"It smells really good Mrs. Madden." I complimented. Benji got another chair for me to sit in at the table and just as Mrs. Madden placed a plate at the head of the table, a door slammed, causing me to jump. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Benji grab Sarah's hand and kiss it in a comforting manner, telling her without words that everything was going to be okay. I thought of the song and nearly let a tear escape me. Mrs. Madden bravely went to the door to tell her husband that they had company and there was a shout of fury. A small argument blossomed, and Benji looked like he was ready to jump out of his chair and have a little intervention of his own when needed. A disgruntled Mrs. Madden and a very angry looking Mr. Madden walked through the doorway of the dining room we were in.

" Joel. Joel, my dad, Rodger Madden." Benji introduced firmly. I stood and held out my hand which his father shook.

"You see that, Benjamin? This boy shows his elders respect! You could learn a thing or two." I shot a quick apologizing look at him which he accepted and brushed off within seconds. Instead of retorting like he normally would with other people, Benji kept his mouth shut. So this was dinner with the Maddens. This was a lot different than dinner with my family, but I knew the seriousness of the situation. Mrs. Madden tried to start conversations with her husband, but he ignored her and asked me questions instead. Which I answered, feeling awful that Mrs. Madden was just put down like that. After dinner, while I was helping bust the dishes, I apologized to her, but she explained to me that it wasn't my fault. I suppose she was right. Her husband was a total dick head. I didn't blame Benji in the slightest.
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