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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA/Kimblee love story)Prolouge The Day we met...

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I made this originally on quizilla and decided to place it on here to luvs to you all my peeps

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I couldn't do it. It was 12:49; I was ignorant. Human transmutation was forbidden....that it was with massive consequences. I need to prove them wrong. Gathering bits and remains from Lior I preformed the procedure within my home. Do not blame me when I finally leave this life....I wanted revenge against the state. The Homunculus was a faliure, at the cost of my lower torso, but I needed him to fulfill my wishes. A former State Alchemist, capable of mass destruction. But what lays before me is a wailing disfigured being, It constantly spewing blood. Fara, My beloved forgive me....for I fear that I may never lay my eyes among you again....

It was 2:00 in the morning. I've been traveling for some time. My name is Arron. Just Arron. I wish I could introduce my full name, but I have been alone since my birth.
(Height: 5'7)
(Hair:shoulder length, brown)
(eyes:red like the others,my people)
(Alchemy: experienced)

It was cold out tonight. I wrapped my cloak around myself, my eyes roaming around the distant areas. I was outside a little town, I do not care for the name, when traveling throughout it I heard a deeply disturbing scream. I heard it around an hour ago, still no signs from what may have caused it. The wind began to blow, causing the chilling air to sting my eyes, when a peircing wail escaped from the nearby ruins of a home. Bright flashes erupted from this area, followed by a sorrow cry. Something was in pain. I wanted to run, but my curiosity overtook my better half and I approched the debris, unprepared for what I was about to see.

I made my way through the scorched doorway and my eyes glimpsed a man lying on the floor boards. I approched him to see if he was still alive when I noticed is lower half was gone, and I gasped and almost fell when I saw what was laping up some of the blood that escaped from the body. It was a mound of body parts, moving widly, the head thirsting on the red substance. It was as if it didn't notice me, but then a scream escaped from it;I thought my head would split open and I fell down to my knees. I must have hit the floor hard because it finally glanced over at me and began to make its way to I was still in shock from the scream and at the thought that it was even moving, when it clamped its teeth within my neck. I tried to scream from the pain, but all that happened was me choking up blood. I wasn't to worried though for in that instant, my alchemy kicked in on its own as it always has since I was a child. Something happened then. The alchemy hit it full on, but instead of destroying it, it fused with the being. The horrid thing griped tighter to my neck as it began to take form. I wish I knew what happened next, but I passed out at that instant moment. I knew that when I awoke, I'd be alive, the wounds gone but that was all I was expecting..... I was wrong....

Pain shot through every fiber of my being. I could finally move and think on my own, my body finally finished. I stood there, naked, my blck hair falling down my back, the blood running down my mouth. I popped my neck and looked down upon the girl. She was spralled out on the ground, the bite marks healed but scarred. She looked beautiful laying there and the taste of her blood was still on my tounge. It drove me mad. I lent down and ran my fingers through her hair, gripping and pulling her head up from the ground. I bent over and licked away the blood left on her neck, when she moved beneath me. She was awake. I heard her gasp as she stared up at me. I could see my reflection there in her gaze. Nothing was changed. Then I noticed something. Her eyes were red....she was an Ishbalan. I smirked at her, running my hand down her cheek, then gripping her chin. She seemed to have calmed down,but she was blushing madly. I couldn't stop myself; I laughed at her. -Lets see what makes her tick-
?-? (me: don't tell me you don't know who it is yet?

I felt something wet against my neck. I opened my eyes to see man with golden eyes and long black hair staring back at me. He was so close that I paniced a little, I wasn't really sure what I should've done. Then I looked him over and I realized he was naked. I could feel myself blush as I stared back at his face when I realized he was smirking at me. He ran his hand down my cheek, then griped at my chin. I was going to smack his hand away, but I noticed the blood on his face. -Was it possible he was that thing that attacked me earlier?-
_Who are you? It took me a while to finally speak. He smirked at me again and he gave me this look that sent chills up my neck and spine. Suddenly he grabed the neck of my cloak, lifting me up from the ground, and he slammed me into the remaining wall. I gasped out for air from the impact and I tried to move away, but he trapped me placing his hand firmly against my stomach.
????_Why don't you tell me your name first. He pushed his hand and a jolt of pain ripped through my entire body. The wall behind me exploded as I screamed out. I fell to the ground and clutched and the spot where his hand was, it felt as if it was on fire. I looked back towards him to see that he was laughing to himself.
????_Intresting.... He grabed at my arm and brought me up so I was standing back on my feet, then he pulled me close so that are face were at level.
_The names Kimblee, kid.

That was the first time I met the Crimson Alchemist. It happened about 5 months ago and we've been traveling together since then. I would've ran away after that night, but I found it harder to accomplish. It's not So bad, though. In a way I enjoy being with him,I'm not really sure why.....I guess I might never find out. All I know is that today, Kimblee wants to go to this strange military base and sign up. When I asked him why He told me He wanted to get back at the damn bastards and what better way to do that then to make their lives a living hell.... sigh That's my Kimblee....
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